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What is the UUTT

UUTT is the shortcut for United UWN Translators Team. The aim is to provide constantly good translations of the UWN in every language. We try to unite the translator groups of different languages. To reach this goal, we want to bundle our ressources and share our knowledge.


The UUTT has a Launchpad team. The local teams are called uwn-(country code). That means the german translation team is uwn-de for example. Those teams are subteams of UUTT. That keeps the structure clear and makes it easy to find the responsible teams and persons for each language.

How to join the translation work

If you want to found a new team, please register it on Launchpad.

After this, you can contact me (Daniel Rentzsch). I will send you invitation to join UUTT on Launchpad, so that your new team is subteam of UUTT.

Work of the local teams

The experience is that 1:1 translations of the UWN are not very useful and effective. Not every part of it is interesting for the local community. It is recommenced to pick out the interesting topics out of the UWN, translate them and mix them with local news. Thatfor you should create a list of local news portals in your language.


  • Step 1: from thursday to monday you collect links to articles and maybe also blogs.

  • Step 2: from monday on you pick out interesting topics out of the UWN and translate them. In addition to that you start writing summaries for the collected links.

  • Step 3: on thursday you go on writing and translating. After you finished that, you check the text and care for the appearance.

  • Step 4: on thursday evening you publish it. It's recommenced to publish it on a local site or at least give a message there. Otherwise it will not reach the local readers.

Team guidelines

  • It's recommenced to divide into translators and native writers. Of course one person can do both, but usually someone will specify himself on one part.
  • For better communication the head of the team should have a database with contact details. Care for the privacy!
  • An IRC channel can help to discuss things on the current issue
  • For the writing of the newsletter itself we recommence Gobby.

Translation guidelines

  • translations AND parts which are written by local people with informations that might be useful for the specific area
  • create a dictionary with words that are often used


Launchpad team: https://launchpad.net/~UUTT Mailing list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Ubuntu-news-translations