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 * AnuragPatel (SysAdmin, Zope/Python)

Mentors for the Ubuntu-Women team

Folks volunteering for the UW-Mentor project would be those already involved in developing Ubuntu-Linux and are willing to help others improve their skills in those areas. It could be a mentor-mentee/mentees relation as per the convenience of the people involved and span across areas like :

  • technical assistance for a specific task.
  • writing locales for languages (which dont have any as yet in Debian) and sending it upstream.
  • writing technical documentation for the planned tasks.
  • packaging.
  • maintaining technical wiki pages and integrating them with the relevant sections or even translating them to other languages.

Mentor List

Please list your name, skill set, task for which you are willing to be a Mentor. (Ex: packaging, bug testing, locales, or any other technical task of your interest).

Each of you is requested to subscribe to the [ UW-Mailing list] or else please include a link to your Wiki-Homepage or Website (if any) with complete contact information (like an email ID) which is essential to enable us to communicate with you.

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