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= Ubuntu-Women has moved to, . Please join us there ! =

== Welcome ==

Welcome to the Ubuntu-Women Translation page! :-)

The Open-Source Software i18n (internationalization) world is both diverse and inclusive. Anyone, from any language/culture, is welcome to join a project, and use his or her language skills to make software and information accessible to his or her community. This is essential, if we are really to create '''free software''', software and information that crosses all barriers.

'''You''' are welcome to help translate the [wiki:UbuntuWomen Ubuntu-Women] website and wiki. :-)

Everyone starts out somewhere. I started out by translating my favourite Jabber chat program, because that project had an enthusiastic and welcoming translation community, and asked for translators. You learn as you go, and experienced translators, and leaders of language teams, are very happy to help you out.

So we welcome both experienced translators and people who have never translated before; both current members of i18n projects, and people trying things online for the first time. '''You''' are welcome.

= Where do we start? =

Firstly, we have a #TeamList below.

 * Please fill in your name and contact details (Login, Edit this page, and copy how others have done it).
 * If your language is already present, please add your name in that section.
 * if your language is not yet present, please create a new section for it (just start a new line with two pipe symbols at the beginning and at the end)
 * Don't worry about messing up the page: I'll check it every now and then and tidy it up. :-)

Next, we need to be able to talk to each other.
  * You need to be a member of the {i} [ Ubuntu-Women mailing list], for central U-W information, discussion and announcements
  * Please #ContactMe, and I will add you to the [ i18n-mentors] Google Group, where we can discuss our translations, and help each other out, without cluttering up the main list. This group is by invitation only, to keep it small and manageable, and comfortable, especially for new people, and you can ask any translation questions there, regarding any i18n project.
 * We may form an IRC channel, if people want one. Stay tuned. ;)

== Resources ==

We will be using [ Rosetta] ([ Launchpad] -> Rosetta) for translation. If that doesn't suit you, or if you don't have a reliable Net connection, you can also download files to translate offline. Rosetta is a good main choice, because it's the main [ Ubuntu] translation tool, accessible to all Ubuntu users from [ Launchpad], integrated into Launchpad so it's easily configurable by us. It is a distributed translation tool: it allows more than one person to work on the same file, and thus makes it easier to complete larger files. It has a number of features which simplify this task, and means you don't have to worry about specialized translation tools, or maintaining currency of files. That all happens in Rosetta. In my experience, [ Pootle] is the best example of this kind of tool, but i have used Rosetta before, and am happy to use it for U-W.

Once I have our translation project set up on Launchpad, I will insert here details on how to join it. ;-) This is all very new right now, so please bear with me.

You can find a great deal of translation information, including descriptions of the main i18n projects, a complete Localization Guide, comparisons of translation tools (editors, interfaces, glossary management), lists of specific resources, and howtos for new translators, at the [ Translate Wiki]. The Translate Wiki is a central resource for translators.

See especially the Localization Guide, and within that, the Translation Project howto. It's based on the TP, but includes a lot of general introductory information for new translators.

You will find lists of specific resources in Resources. ;-)

Please ask any further questions, about anything which the Translate Wiki doesn't answer for you, in the i18n-mentor group once you have joined. If you can't get a mail through to the group for any reason, please email me and/or send the mail to the main Ubuntu-Women list (see above).

We already have an introductory page on [wiki:UbuntuWomen/HowToTranslateWiki How to Translate this Wiki]. We will add to these pages as issues emerge, and/or as bright ideas visit us. ;-)

I hope this is a useful introducton to the Ubuntu-Women Translation Team. Again, welcome!

== TeamList ==

Don't worry if you don't have a task assigned to you yet: I just wanted another field in the table where we could add information. ;-)

|| '''Language''' || '''Name''' || '''Contact""" || '''Current Task''' ||
|| Vietnamese || Clytie Siddall || clytie AT riverland d0t net ĐoT au || Team-leader, setting up Rosetta, writing wiki pages ||
|| Portuguese || Susana || susana d0t pereira aT gmail d0T com || has translated main U-W page ||
|| Catalan || Maria Soler || maria d0t soler aT epsem đoT upc D0t edu || has translated main U-W page ||

Return to the main [wiki:UbuntuWomen Ubuntu-Women] page.
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