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Objective: define the goals of the project for Lucid cycle

Current RoadMap : http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/RoadMap

  • Role Models
  • Communication
  • LoCo teams


  • Doodle poll for 2nd week of December meeting (Lyz).


  • not enough visibility
  • perceived focus: concentration on "problems" / "complaints"
  • clarification on channel
  • cc council to help with goverance safe channel
  • Forums
  • Move content back to official ubuntu site
  • Monthly meetings
  • Conferences (call for papers)
  • Formal leadership team process



  • Create a safe channel.
  • Define governance process for safe channel with the CC.


  • OBJECTIVE: Clarify the purpose of the #ubuntu-women channel.

  • SUCCESS CRITERIA: A set of channel guidelines clearly communicated to #ubuntu-women participants.


    • Discuss a set of guidelines for general discussion channel about the Ubuntu Women project (Laura Czajkowski).
    • Document the agreed set of guidelines (Laura Czajkowski).
    • Set the channel topic to the guidelines (Lyz).
    • Start logging channel (Lyz).
    • Provide a set of factoids that reference the channel guidelines (Lyz).
    • Communicate guidelines outwards (Jono Bacon, Amber Graner, Laura Czajkowski).

  • DRIVER: Laura Czajkowski

  • OBJECTIVE: Create a safe space IRC channel.

  • SUCCESS CRITERIA: A safe space IRC channel that is governed by the Community Council.


    • Create a safe space IRC channel (possibly #ubuntu-women-safe) (Amber Graner).
    • Document governance policy for the channel (Amber Graner / Daniel Holbach)
      • Channel guidelines are documented and available
      • Logs are private but available to the current Community Council membership.
    • Provide private logging facility ()
    • Document channel guidelines (Amber Graner).

  • DRIVER: Amber Graner.

  • OBJECTIVE: Appoint a leader of the Ubuntu Women team, complete with codified expectations around the role.

  • SUCCESS CRITERIA: A delegated leader in place for a set term length, complete with documented expectations around the role.


    • Documenting expectations of the role (Amber / Laura).
    • Gather input from the CC regarding the document (Elizabeth).
    • Identify a leader:
      • Open a call for nominations:
        • Create a wiki template (Amber).
        • Announce the process (nominees place their entry on wiki.ubuntu.com/<someplace> and have two weeks to do so) (All to blog, and post to ubuntu-women list).

        • Contact CC for a recommendation from the submitted nominations (Elizabeth).
  • BLUEPRINT: <link>

  • DRIVER: Elizabeth.




    • Item.
    • Item.
    • Item.
  • BLUEPRINT: <link>


  • People unsure if it is a safe space.
  • Arguments often occur, and sometimes get personal.
    • CoC must be followed
    • ubottu factoid commands can be used as reminders before needing ops
      • !o4o
      • !coc
      • !guidelines
  • Low tolerance.
  • Uncertain if the channel is purely intended for positive feminist discussion.

Possible #ubuntu-women Channel Guidelines

  • #ubuntu-women is intended as a general discussion channel provided to discuss the Ubuntu Women project and its goals. The goal of the channel is to discuss methods, approaches and strategy to encouraging and inspiring more women to be a part of the Ubuntu user and contributor community.
  • The channel welcomes both men and women, from all backgrounds and with all levels of technical knowledge.
  • #ubuntu-women is not intended safe space (better wording needed -- "for counselling" or "as a support group" maybe ~elky), we provide this facility in the #ubuntu-women-safe (needs better name so as to not imply that the main is explicitly unsafe -- call it what it is. #ubuntu-women-counsel maybe? ~elky) channel. How about #ubuntu-women-sideroom which doesn't have any negative connotations for either room and stops the second room becoming the de-facto main room ~AlanBell Alan, if the second room does become the de-facto main room, then it's for a reason (it aligns with the desired features the channels users need from the group which have been robbed from the main), not a problem to be stopped ~elky

  • Debate is welcome in #ubuntu-women, but intolerance (of what? not tolerating bad things is also intolerance. do you mean "hate speech"? ~elky) and personal slurs are unwelcome. We require all participants of the channel to behave under the requirements of the Ubuntu Code Of Conduct.

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