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Ubuntu Youth - Introduction

Welcome to the Ubuntu Youth project! We are a team of youths who want to use Ubuntu and continue using it. We prove you dont need to be super nerdy to run Linux/ Ubuntu, It just takes dedication! Ubuntu Youth is the best youth-based team on Ubuntu! This is because this is the only youth based team here. Use the links at the top to navigate around our pages/wiki.

This team works towards guiding young Ubuntu Users concerning their efforts and contributions to the Ubuntu Community. The main focus areas of this team are based in four main areas, the two main wikis, system documentation, and the Ubuntu Forums:

Ubuntu Forums - The Ubuntu Forums are pretty much just that, a website that is the official support forums for the Ubuntu/Linux Distro.
Ubuntu Team Wiki - This wiki is now used for organizational work, proposals and all materials not belonging to main wiki.
System Documentation - This is the documentation that comes with Ubuntu, information on it can be found at the link. It's no more involved than doing work on the wiki, don't let the name scare you.
Help.Ubuntu/Community - The main community wiki for help documents for Ubuntu. Please see New Users section for a list of resources and steps to getting started.

About Us

We aim at:

  • Giving other young Ubuntu users support in a friendly peer environment.
  • Helping in Mainstream Ubuntu teams and Contributing to the Ubuntu Community!
  • Helping young people who wish to be devs through their "baby"-steps.

Current Tasks

Currently we are in the process of revamping the team's project(s), goals, and direction. When all is decided, the tasks and projects will be listed here.


Meetings should be scheduled at least a week in advance, they will be announced to the Ubuntu Youth mailing list, so make sure your signed up. They can also be found on the Team Meetings page.

Meetings will be held in the Ubuntu Youth Team IRC channel - https://launchpad.net/@@/language #ubuntu-youth.

Meeting Agenda

The chair for the meeting will be: zkriesse




Actions of the Last meeting(Not needed yet)


Topic 1 - Setting Goals!!!...


Topic 2 - Planning a project...


Topic 3 - Membership Requirements...


Topic 4 - Wiki Meeting Log Page set up Discussion....


Topic 5 - Any concerns, questions, or ideas? Please, bring them up!


Date and Time of the Next Meeting


Chair of Next meeting

Team Leadership

Lead: MichealH
Co-Lead: zkriesse

Joining the Team

Currently the team's process and requirements for joining the Ubuntu Youth team are undergoing a restructuring phase. Any questions should be directed at zkriesse.

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