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Bulletin Board

Team IRC Channel: #ubuntu-youth on chat.freenode.net.
News: Click here for the latest news regarding Ubuntu Youth.


Welcome to the Ubuntu Youth project! We are a team of Ubuntu users under or around 21 years of age. As well as being the most dedicated, Ubuntu Youth is the largest youth-based team of Ubuntu users. We strive to prove that you don't need to be a "geek" to be able to run Ubuntu, or any flavor of Linux. It just takes a bit of dedication.

This team works towards guiding young Ubuntu users. We offer a mentoring program for enhanced training with the Ubuntu OS and many elements that are essential to Ubuntu, such as the Ubuntu Wiki and Launchpad.

The Ubuntu Youth Team is in place to welcome new, youthful people to the Ubuntu community. We teach them the basics of using IRC, the Wiki, Launchpad and answer any questions they might have to resolve issues they have with Ubuntu. Once they are happy with their knowledge of Ubuntu they will then, hopefully, start helping other newcomers out. It's a cycle which connects young people and helps them to learn, socialise and teach.

About Us

The Ubuntu Youth team aims at:

  • Giving other young Ubuntu users support in a friendly peer environment.
  • Helping in Mainstream Ubuntu teams and Contributing to the Ubuntu Community!
  • Helping young people who wish to be devs through their "baby"-steps.

Current Tasks

Currently we are in the process of revamping the team's project(s), goals, and direction. When all is decided, the tasks and projects will be listed here.


The group has meetings on a regular basis, all members should attend if they can. Guests are also welcome to sit in upon the meetings.

You can view more information about the meetings, including the upcoming meetings agenda and logs of past meetings over at the Meetings page.

Joining the Team

Are you interested in becoming a member of Ubuntu Youth? Then click here for all of the information on how to join this wonderful team.


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