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We need two Table of Content for our magazine. One is a global and another specific to our 1st issue


This is the skeleton of our magazine, a well though out TOC is the foundation for a successful magazine

Use cases

Anna is exited about the first issue of the Ubuntu Magazine and take a look at the table of contents. She finds it incoherent and unattractive she looses desire to look at contents and stops reading.


This should include a mockup of the table of content plus a brief definition of what each element is. This projec tneesd help from many people that will decide the content plus the look of it


A mockup for review on graphical manner


First draft

Editors note

  • Intro to our magazine , Who we are(an extesion of the marketing team, members

of the community),What are our expectation of the magazine,Why we are doing what we are doing.

Team of the Month

  • Intro to the marketing team. I feel that this would be a good place to introduce the marketing team its purpose and different teams and invite other to participate.

Letter to the magazine

  • perhaps we wont have any

Screenshots of the Month

Go around and show what we feel are the best screenshots of the month They should show the different flavors and flexibility of ubuntu. The screenshots should have icons set, theme, software running etc. A step by step on how to set it up.

Meet the Daper Drake

Quick intro to Linux->Debia->Ubuntu-> Daper Drake features Mention of the flavors of Ubuntu

How 2.0

How to install Ubuntu (Show off the new installer)

How to install software Brief intro into package management, advantages (security), disvantages, Synaptic and Adept example

How to contribute A section on how to contribute to Ubuntu, We can start on how to report a bug. I think that would be nice since most error messages ask for bug reports, but I still don't know to report a bug.

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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