About Me

  • My name is Will Smith and I am a native to Utah and currently live in Bountiful while working in Salt Lake. 24 years old and happily married to the perfect woman. I work for Larkin Mortuary in downtown and am an undertaker as well as the ISManager.

Interest in Ubuntu

  • Like everyone I work a lot with Windows based machines. I was coming up on the fourth time of having to reinstall windows because of being slow, or conflicts with hardware or other software. The real frustration was that there was no rhyme or reason for the slowdown. No virus or bulky software. I began to realize that windows just doesn't play nice with non-microsoft stuff. I wanted another solution that was open-source and played well with others. After a lot of looking, and asking, I rested upon ubuntu. My first experience with the ubuntu live CD was positive and I really liked it. It worked out of the box, found my hardware. Had great software and was very user friendly. In addition, it didn't have the microsoft "strings attached" attitude. I was hooked very fast and have been using it ever since.


Ubuntu Goals

  • Participate in ubuntu forums by posting 100 times per month.
  • Continue to participate in LOCO Utah Team
  • Continue to introduce others to Ubuntu and other Open-Source Software.


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