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||##kpi||[[https://launchpad.net/kpi|Write a Key Performance Indicators toolkit]] slow w.i.p.|| ||##kpi||[[KeyPerformanceIndicators]] [[https://launchpad.net/kpi|Write a Key Performance Indicators toolkit]] slow w.i.p.||

Keimpe de Jong, 33

Ureterp, the Netherlands

  • "Anything automated will break automatically"


https://launchpad.net/@@/person Name

Keimpe de Jong

https://launchpad.net/@@/language Email


https://launchpad.net/favicon.ico Launchpad Profile


https://launchpad.net/@@/language IRC

UndiFineD on IRC.freenode.net

https://launchpadlibrarian.net/7171615/ubuntulogo_s.png Ubuntu Forums Profile


https://launchpad.net/@@/language Web Site


https://wiki.ubuntu.com/htdocs/light/img/icon_cof.png Currently Using

Ubuntu 10.10

Social networking profile




http://mt-hacks.com/mtos-static/plugins/TwitterCommenters/images/twitter_logo.png Twitter



Hello, I am Keimpe de Jong, mostly known online as UndiFineD I have a collection of girls, my GF and 4 daughters.

My ICT knowledge spans over many years. My first time online was in 1988. My first encounter with Linux was in august 1995 at a hardware sale there was this guy selling Infomagic Slackware Linux 4cd's for a cheap price I just went there to buy some new antivirus (TBAV) and went home with kernel 1.0.28 I installed it on windows95 launchday.


I am a skilled PHP developer, this I thought myself. In school I had some c(++) training, but never really liked the language. I wish to learn python and conquer the world with it.


I use Linux because it is fun, kicking it's tail and then make it all better again.


I use apt-mirror to share and save bandwidth. Integrating packages in one single mirror has the advantage that you'll know it will be there. my mirror is also available online, and I would not mind if people grabbed some packages.


Since I use Linux I have converted my GF to it as well, she was a windows gamer at first but now she is hooked to how it all simply works. She now has joined me to be more actively involved, here is her profile

Why using Ubuntu?

I have worked with many different distributions in the past, at first Slackware of course, but you had to do everything manually by editing some configuration file. Since I was in school at that time I noticed that windows had become a requirement and that I had to learn about Novell netware networks. So my Pentium66 desktop migrated to windows and my 486DX100 server migrated to Novell. From 2001 I switched back to using Linux full time at home and at work. I Have played with early and late Redhat, SuSE, Fedora, CentOS, Fermi, LFS, Debian But I wanted something easier at home. Yes Ubuntu is easy. By now, our family has 6 machines, of which four are only running ubuntu.


I have been into computers since 1988. after college CS I did mostly programming in PHP. I started working for a television studio to program a call monitor. After that I started working for the European Patent Office as a Data Center manager and I have been trained in Data Center Design. Then I went to Petten to work for the European Commision as a Local Linux/Solaris Systems Administrator And after that I moved back to Friesland to work for JC-Electronics as a IT-Manager / PHP programmer to make a full company administrative system.

Life Goals

My own bug #1 is solved, I found a job as a php programmer Smile :) In my spare time I work on the projects listed below. And slowly spend time to learn Python. In the future I would love to setup a business around Linux. Especially for government and schools.


Ubuntu, Darklooks + Ambiance borders + Crystal SVG icons + redglass pointer

My Projects / Contributions


  • Discussed issues on iana-etc with Seth W. Klein
  • PerlSeti v2.1

  • 19 Layer OSI business extention model

  • 2010/08 testing: maverick beta
  • 2010/10 started: Key Performance Indicators toolkit
  • 2010/11 started: classes documentation
  • 2010/11 fulcrum: send of kubuntu 10.10
  • 2010/11 started: ubuntu-adverts
  • 2010/11 started: Speech Control
  • 2010/12 testing: natty pre-alhpa1
  • 2010/12 bug searching: cli companinion
  • 2010/12 bug searching: Ubuntu-Tour
  • 2011/01 code writing: own version of meetingology, supports multiple languages



SpeechControl outreach


SpeechControl accessibility for the desktop documentation


KeyPerformanceIndicators Write a Key Performance Indicators toolkit slow w.i.p.


Natural Language Processing, outreach for SpeechControl


SpeechControl outreach


SpeechControl outreach


SpeechControl outreach


Accessibility outreach


Accessibility outreach


Lubuntu support


Accessibility outreach


Ready to make dutch translations


rare support


next Ubuntu support


persona project taking on the Daniella persona.


Ubuntu Advertisement Documentation Lead




UBT Support


UBT accessibility FG


UBT developers FG


plans to become a master, give classes


Planning to give classes, still writing documentation


Ready to be kidnapped on natty documentation


Outreach for the Dutch Loco


Dutch Translations, my name is in the book. I have bought the printed version :)


Always there


Dutch LoCo support, translations teamm, "fulcrum" (steunpunt) I might become more involved here, as I am present at all their meetings


Dutch Beginners Team Member, plans to become a mentor, give classes


Ubuntu server support


cdimage release testing tested majority of pre-alpha1 i386 natty narwhal in virtualbox


Ubuntu-Tour Dutch translations


UK LoCo support

CLI companinion testing

Gnome Orca

Simon Listens

Voxforge and Oranje Boekje (Orange book) membership

  • Learn Python
  • Refreshen PHP


  • Organize some classes, to teach enterprise usage.


ChrisDruif Checklist

Mentee: ChrisDruif

Master: UndiFineD

Last Contact Date: 30/01/2011



Date Completed

Wiki Page Created



Knowledge of BT IRC Channels



Identified Focus Group(s)



Launchpad Registered



Ubuntu Forums Registered



Signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct








Ubuntu Beginners Team Membership

I became an Ubuntu Beginners Team member on 2011-01-12. I would like to thank everyone involved, and especially pedro3005, phillw, Mohi, JackyAlcine, udienz and the Council and ofcourse hajour for her support.

Keimpe has been a great companion on a project that've been working on together, and the advice and guidance he's given has done more than helped me; it allowed me to learn and give back the Ubuntu way. THAT, I'm thankful for.
-- (last edited 2010-12-18 07:51:20 by JackyAlcine, Student)

As my mentee, UndiFineD showed great qualification, unending stamina and an incredible tenacity within the projects he has dedicated himself to, the Speech Control being an example. I have no doubt in claiming that he will be a priceless contribution to the Ubuntu Beginners Team and to all the teams he joins.
-- (last edited 2010-12-24 00:36:38 by Pedro Mendes)

Undefined across the various teams I see him on is always helpful and with his knowledge and patience I have no hesitation in recommending him for membership of both UBT and full Ubuntu Membership. His work on bringing in re-energising the LoCo is wonderful.
-- (last edited 2010-12-19 06:26:37 by Phill Whiteside)

I dont wanna flood the whole page by listing all his activities here. He really does a great work in both helping, testing and development. I am watching all his projects and his involvement. I do endorse his application for both UBT membership as well as Ubuntu membership and for anything he applies in the future.(Now you owe me a cookie Wink ;) )
-- (last edited 2011-01-10 12:48:47 by Mohi)

I'm new in UBT, but wait.. i think UndiFineD is UBT member! sure because he is very active. If i'm UBT board i must approved him and no reason to defer him
-- (Mon, 10 Jan 2011 12:35:57 +0000) by udienz

Ubuntu Membership

UndiFineD showed up unexpectedly during the Dutch Translation sprint for Maverick where he translated both Orca and the complex financial part of gcalctool in just two days. It was a welcome surprise that he was there to help, certainly gcalctool would not have been translated without him. He continues to be active for the Dutch Translation Team, attending meetings and submitting suggestions for many packages.
-- (last edited 2010-11-02 20:06:21 by Redmar, Ubuntu Dutch Translators (trijntje on IRC))


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