Unity 2D Regression Tests

This document is obsolete!

Please add Manual tests to the relevant text file in the tests/manual-tests directory of lp:unity-2d.


This is a temporary document to detail manual tests for the Precise edition of Unity2D. Should it not be possible to generate an automatic test for a bug fix, please detail a step-by-step test to check for regressions. Please also attach bug number, or commit number of fix.

In future we hope to automate as many of these as possible.

These tests require that you have the default settings enabled and are using the default theme.

Tester: Gerry


The Platform team have a similar effort of basic functionality manual tests available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnityTests.


  • Mouse over a tile in the launcher (which displays tooltip).
  • Press Super+S

-> Tooltip disappears, spread appears (lp:881458)

  • Have Launcher hidden.
  • Bring mouse over panel
  • Move it directly to the left, so it stays over panel

-> Launcher stays hidden - it should not reveal (lp:891636)

  • RTL: Open Dash
  • perform a simple search
  • click on an application icon

-> Application launches - should not crash (lp:836498)

  • Press Alt-F1

-> Launcher revealed with Dash button focused - Pressing Alt-F1 again should toggle the focus between launcher and applications (lp:885304)

  • Launcher visible, scrolled down, hit Super

-> Launcher reposition to beginning - and its tooltips/menus should hide. (lp:876632)

  • Press Alt-F1, select the trash icon using the keyboard.

-> Trash icon gets highlighted - The highlight effect should not be truncated on top and bottom (lp:876589)

  • Launch an application. Open the context menu of the same application tile in launcher. Hit Alt-F4

-> The visible context is updated - closing the application should be notified in launcher menu(lp:784541)

  • Right-click on a non running application tile in the launcher. Click the "Remove from Launcher" option.

-> Launcher is still shown for a while - it should not close immediately (lp:884410)

  • Press Right Mouse Button over an application tile in the launcher. Do not release.

-> Menu is shown - it should not show on button release (lp:813036)

  • Press Right Mouse Button over an application tile in the launcher, do not release, move mouse up/down

-> Launcher does not scroll (lp:813041)

  • Press Left Mouse Button over an application tile in the launcher, do not release
  • Move mouse up/down, release Left Mouse Button
  • while the icons are going back to their original position press Right Mouse Button and try to continue the dragging

-> Launcher keeps going back to its original position - you should not be able to continue a dragging with Right Mouse Button

  • Have the Launcher hidden. Move the mouse over the panel. Move mouse to the left edge the panel.

-> Launcher is not revealed - moving the cursor in the top left corner of the panel shouldn't reveal launcher(lp:891636)

  • Start the launcher with a maximized window under it.
  • Watch the launcher autohide.
  • Alt+Tab to another maximized window.
  • Move the mouse to the leftmost part of the screen.
  • Watch launcher show.
  • Keeping the mouse at the leftmost part of the screen move to the top panel.
  • Wait one second

-> Launcher is hidden - The launcher should not still be visible when you have the mouse on the top panel (lp:892004)

  • Open an application & maximize the same

  • Hit show-desktop shortcut [Ctrl+Alt+D?] key to see the Desktop

--> Launcher is revealed - Showing the Desktop should reveal launcher (lp:898161)

  • Drag a file(example .txt) onto a tile(gedit) in the launcher

--> The application should be launched - Launch the application, if it can handle the file(s) dragged and Open the files. If the application can't handle the files then ignore the drag-n-drop action. (lp:676549)

  • Reveal launcher
  • Place mouse over a tile whose application is running

--> Tooltip appears - The tooltip should be displayed at the center of the tile. (lp:898349)

  • Show the desktop (Ctrl+Alt+D ?)

The panel title Ubuntu Desktop is shown - The desktop title is changed from 'Desktop to 'Ubuntu Desktop'(lp:869873)

  • Open dash

---> launcher revealed, tiles desaturated - Hovering a tile should remove the desaturation & tint effect. While the dash is not active the tiles remain unaffected. (lp:750358)


  • Hit super key to Open Dash.

--> Dash have window buttons to maximize/unmaximize - Clicking on maximize/unmaximize button should toggle the dash mode between full-screen and netbook mode. If display is small, Dash should be locked to full-screen mode. (lp:860400)

  • Press Alt+F2

--> Dash opens and "Run a command" is shown in the search field - (lp:883392)


Window Management

  • Hit Super+S key. Spread is launched.

-> 1) Mouse hovering and 2) Arrow, Enter and Esc keys - are enabled - Hitting arrow keys or mouse hovering should switch the highlighted workspaces. The Enter key should zoom the highlighted workspace while Esc key should simply exit from spread with no changes.(lp:744978)

Multi Monitor

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