Provide a preview Unity 8 on Mir session for Ubuntu 14.10 for evaluation and testing.


The goal is to ramp up the quality of the unity8 desktop, without destabilizing our current environmenent. For that we are going to keep an unity7 image and add a new one for unity8 on the desktop, that new iso should become the default one by 16.04.

User stories

* designers need to see how apps and widgets interact with the larger form factor and varying input devices available on the desktop

* developers need to review how their apps and libraries work with the larger form factor and varying input devices available on the desktop

* the adventurous and curious want to get a preview of what's coming on their desktops soon

Where to get it

The daily iso is available on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-desktop-next/daily-live/

Creating the image

This details how to use the disks application on the ubuntu desktop to create a bootable usb image to boot. Feel free to create bootable media anyway you wish.

  1. Download the ISO
  2. Insert your USB stick in the knowledge that it’s going to get wiped
  3. Open the “Disks” application
  4. Choose your USB stick and click on the cog icon on the righthand side
  5. Choose “Restore Disk Image”
  6. Browse to and select the ISO you downloaded in #1
  7. Click “Start restoring”
  8. Wait
  9. Boot and select “Try Ubuntu….”

What to expect

  • You are NOT able to login due to a bug affecting the greeter.

To log in you need to:
    Switch to vt1 (ctrl-alt-f1)
    type “passwd” and press enter
    press enter again to set the current password to blank
    enter a new password twice
    Check that the password has been successfully changed
    Switch back to vt7 (ctrl-alt-f7)
    Enter the new password to login
  • The current iso boots to a working session
  • The install mode is working, but there is no installer in the live session
  • Unity 8 fails to start without 3d graphics drivers. This means VMs like virtualbox is unlikely to work (vmware might work with the 3d driver)

Known issues

  • Autologin not working
  • Check bugs on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8-desktop-session and the blueprint

  • If the image boots to a greeter login, it's likely that the unity8 session fails to start (that's the case in VMs for example)
  • Click packages should install (once an u1 account is configured) but then fail to run, install qt5-default as a workaround

Reporting issues

Issues should be reported on launchpad, using the appropriate component. In doubt of what component is to blame, you can use "unity8-desktop-session".


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