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About Me

I am a Linux administrator from India. I have completed 4 years in my professional life and at present I am working in IBM india. I started using Linux in my college days. It is a real fun to setup or solve the issues in Linux.

I am interested in OS level programming, web designing and photography. I am an occasional gamer and a big fan of movies ( both Hollywood and local ). I am learning device driver development and my long term goal is to move in to OS level development from system administrator side.

Ubuntu Participation

I started using Linux in my college days. Ubuntu was the first distro that I started to use. The ease of installation helped me at that time. But later in my life I moved to Arch Linux to get more exposure to linux, because Ubuntu become too much user friendly :-). Now I am running both Ubuntu and Arch in my netbook and Laptop respectively.

I am a member of Ubuntu India local groups and used to help students and other people coming to Linux and Ubuntu. Helping other people educates myself and helps to build relationships. I am interested to help people in Ubuntu forums and also to do technical things like packaging etc to gain more technical knowledge.

Long-Term (computing) Plans

As I mentioned my long term goal is to become more active in OS level development and system/application coding. My interest includes C, Python, bash and perl programming. I am developing my coding skills and I believe I can participate in opensource application/OS development in near future.

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