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 * Security Workflow - Who to contact for security questions  * [[/SecurityTeam/UpdateProcedures|Preparing Security Updates]] for your software, see also the general [[Security|security]] section for more details.

Ubuntu for Upstream Developers

This page is for upstream software authors that will hopefully answer your questions on how to work Ubuntu. Work in progress, dive in or contact me. -- jorge 2009-08-05 15:09:50

Getting Your Software in Ubuntu

  • Packaging Guide - This guide teaches you how to package your software for Ubuntu.

  • Working with Ubuntu Developers - Follow the MOTU page to learn about the Ubuntu development process.

  • Things you need to know about Ubuntu

Maintaining Your Software in Ubuntu

Resources Available to You

  • Personal Package Archives - PPAs are a delivery mechanism you can use to get your software out to users.

  • Contacting Ubuntu Developers
  • I have a question!

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