Findings Bugs with Upstream needs

  • Please add the 'upstream' tag to all bugs that need forwarding.


  • You may subscribe 'upstream-bugs' team, to such bugs.


  • You may also assign 'Triaged' Bugs that needs forwarding to 'upstream-bugs', they'll handle it then assign it back to 'Nobody' after Forwarding.


  • Please take a while to analyze a bug report to understand the real cause, then collect enough data.

Preparing for Upstreaming

  • Going with a bug till it gets 'Triaged'.
    • Make sure to get the bug to Confirmed status, before forwarding, this will preserve consistency.

  • Finding Upstream Links.

Forwarding Bug upstream

  • Reporting Bugs Upstream.
  • Dealing with attachments.
  • Adding upstream bug report's URL to downstream bug report.

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