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Clear message

This is a placeholder for an upcoming guide for upstream authors.

random thoughts

This list will contain things to check as an upstream author. At the time of writing this list is informal and just there to collect thoughts. It will be converted to a real page later on. Feel free to add anything you have to tell upstream authors or you have already learned as an upstream author.

  • Always have a complete license with your package. Don't just refer, GPL states a copy should be given along with the code. Name that file COPYING and put it in the packages root directory.
  • Make sure that licensing of each and every file is clear, and of course open. Closed licenses won't make it into universe.
  • Packaging will require copyright notes, so make a packager's life easier by adding these information in a clearly stated file. Add all contributers, as well as translators, artworkers, etc.
  • If your package includes a globally executable file it should have a man page. Your package should have documentation anyway but a missing man page is a no-go for debian package policies. Documentation is good!
  • Don't release non script/binary files with the execution bit set
  • Release the source as a tar.gz with the root folder been foo-1.2 for a source release download of foo-1.2.tar.gz