So far, I've made a basic backend. There's no point it me writing a shell script, seeing as it'll have to be rewritten anyway, so heres a vague outline:

  • Ask the user if (s)he wants ubuntu, kubuntu or xubuntu and i386 or AMD64
  • Ask the user what version to use.
  • Ask which pen drive to use, and make sure it is at least 720MB.
  • Warn the user that the pen drive will be erased.
  • Download this, unzip it and write it to the pen drive. This contains the partition table (a single 720MB FAT16 partition) and the MBR.

  • Do the command: syslinux -s <first partition of the pen drive>

  • Mount the first partition on the pen drive.
  • Download (kubuntu/xubuntu, other archs and other versions will be there soon, just replace the appropriate parts of the filename) unzip it to the pen drive.

  • Copy the CD image to the pen drive (maybe offer to download it if the user does not have a copy?)
  • You're done!

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