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   1 [10:30] <pleia2> Hello everyone, and welcome to our second Ubuntu User Day!
   2 [10:30] <pleia2> To get things started, who is here for this and where are you from?
   3 [10:30] <ech0tk> Hello
   4 [10:31] <ech0tk> I'm here and I'm from Sweden
   5 [10:31] <AlanBell> hello, I am from the UK
   6 [10:31] <oneDoRa> I am from Sri Lanka
   7 [10:31]  * pleia2 waves to everyone from middle-of-the-night California ;)
   8 [10:31] <zkriesse> Hi ya'll and I'm from the US/Illinois
   9 [10:32] <nigelb> \o from india
  10 [10:32] <_marx_> north carolina
  11 [10:32] <setac> Hi from Fiji
  12 [10:32] <kbmonkey> Hi from South Africa :)
  13 [10:32] <Pendulum> hiya from Connecticut
  14 [10:32] <dwidge> howzit! South Africa
  15 [10:32] <Lilspanyol> I'm from Belgium
  16 [10:32] <kermiac> Hi from Australia :)
  17 [10:33] <pleia2> great, sounds like we have quite a diverse crowd :)
  18 [10:33]  * cjohnston wants to go to kermiac's house
  19 [10:33] <Marceau> Belgian as well
  20 [10:33] <pleia2> cjohnston: for the kangaroos?
  21 [10:33] <Lilspanyol> Marceau : cool :)
  22 [10:33] <cjohnston> sure
  23 [10:33] <zkriesse> lol
  24 [10:33] <kermiac> cjohnston: feel free to come over & have a beer mate.. yeah pleia2, we've got roo's out the back (but they're asleep right now)
  25 [10:34] <pleia2> hehe
  26 [10:34] <pleia2> Alrighty, So, what is this day all about anyway?
  27 [10:34] <sebsebseb> I am from England
  28 [10:34] <pleia2> User Days was created to be a set of classes offered during a one day period to teach the beginning or intermediate Ubuntu user the basics to get them started with Ubuntu, including:
  29 [10:34] <zkriesse> kermiac: I don't drink but i'll take some coffee if ya got it
  30 [10:34] <moorthykmd> Chennai, India
  31 [10:34] <MichealH> pleia2: It is about getting users encouraged into ubuntu
  32 [10:34] <MichealH> ???
  33 [10:34] <pleia2> Basic Ubuntu Installation and Setup, Partitioning 101, Package Management Basics, Getting involved in the Ubuntu Community, Command Line Basics...
  34 [10:35] <pleia2> MichealH: that too!
  35 [10:35] <pleia2> ...and more! For our full schedule head over to
  36 [10:35] <ClassBot> There are are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
  37 [10:35] <nigelb> The User Days Team has worked with Local Community Teams (LoCos), the Ubuntu Beginners Team, Ubuntu Classroom and the Ubuntu Community Learning Project and others within the wider community to bring this day to you.
  38 [10:35] <nigelb> User Days was born out of a discussion at the Ubuntu Developers Summit in November 2009 regarding Ubuntu Open Week not being targeted enough at users.
  39 [10:36] <Pendulum> Now, we will give you a quick rundown of how today will work:
  40 [10:36] <Pendulum> Each hour, a presenter will be giving a class in this channel, #ubuntu-classroom
  41 [10:36] <MichealH> Pendulum: Can we have a link for classroom schedule
  42 [10:36] <ech0tk>
  43 [10:36] <Pendulum> During the classes, #ubuntu-classroom will be moderated (+m), meaning that only the instructor and hosts will be able to speak in that channel.
  44 [10:36] <MichealH> Thanks ech0tk
  45 [10:36] <Pendulum> Please hold all discussion about the class in #ubuntu-classroom-chat
  46 [10:37] <cjohnston> If you have a question during the class, please ask in #ubuntu-classroom-chat with the prefix QUESTION: for instance you may say:
  47 [10:37] <cjohnston> QUESTION: How do you uninstall a program?
  48 [10:37] <cjohnston> After each session (as soon as our volunteers can), we'll be posting logs on the wiki, so be sure to check back to if you missed anything.
  49 [10:38] <cjohnston> Logs will also be automatically posted at at the end of each hour
  50 [10:38] <_marx_> Since you're already here, you know how to participate, but in case you have a friend you'd like to invite, you can find some help on the Joining In wiki page:
  51 [10:38] <_marx_> You may have seen articles about the Lernid application which is designed for learning events such as this, you can certainly try out Lernid for User Days:
  52 [10:39] <_marx_> In Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid, to use lernid you just want to install the "lernid" package.
  53 [10:39] <_marx_> Finally, before we get to some general Q&A in this introduction session, a big thanks to everyone who made this day possible :)
  54 [10:39] <_marx_> So, does anyone have any general questions about the day?
  55 [10:39] <Lilspanyol> Yes, I do
  56 [10:40] <_marx_> ask away Lilspanyol
  57 [10:41] <Lilspanyol> The next session will be quite hard to follow, ah?
  58 [10:41] <Lilspanyol> Installing Ubuntu
  59 [10:42] <Lilspanyol> But during the installation, I can't look at the IRC chat because I only have acces to my laptop at the moment
  60 [10:42] <Lilspanyol> access
  61 [10:42] <zkriesse> Lilspanyol: You wont' be installing at the time of the session. It's a basic guide
  62 [10:42] <AlanBell> Lilspanyol: do you have virtualbox or vmware?
  63 [10:43] <Lilspanyol> yup, thanks, I didn't consider that
  64 [10:44] <Lilspanyol> Just for the sake of the class I'll be following it, because back when I installed Ubuntu Hardy, I messed up because of installing on the wrong partition
  65 [10:45] <pleia2> any other questions about the day?
  66 [10:48] <MichealH> pleia2: I dont think so
  67 [10:48] <Lilspanyol> I don't. I hope to be able to follow some classes, but I'm having a busy day and it's so hot in belgium today
  68 [10:49] <sebsebseb> Lilspanyol: You can read stuff later on, there will be logs as well.
  69 [10:49] <sebsebseb> Lilspanyol: Its rather hot here as well
  70 [10:49] <oneDoRa> its always hot in here :D
  71 [10:51] <cjohnston> At the end of your day, please take the time to fill out our survey!
  72 [10:52] <sometimesworks> is there a schedule somewhere - was expecting to see it in the topic
  73 [10:52] <Lilspanyol>
  74 [10:52] <pleia2> sometimesworks:
  75 [10:53] <Lilspanyol> got that link in the weekly Ubuntu Newsletter
  76 [10:53] <pleia2> the schedule in the topic works too
  77 [10:53] <sebsebseb> Lilspanyol: Maybe you missed my reply to installing in classroom chat, so i'll do it in here as well.
  78 [10:53] <zkriesse> sometimesworks:
  79 [10:53] <sebsebseb> Lilspanyol: Theres also a basic install guide in the Ubuntu Manual by the way and i'll sometimes help people get set up with an install with a seperate /home from #ubuntu
  80 [10:53] <_marx_> you can just type /topic to see the topic
  81 [10:53] <sebsebseb> !manual
  82 [10:53] <ubot2> The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience.
  83 [10:53] <sometimesworks> pleia2: didn't see the odd link - was expecting a wiki one :)
  84 [10:54] <sometimesworks> _marx_: I know ;)
  85 [10:54] <Lilspanyol> i'll go to the classroom-chat channel ,see ya there guys
  86 [10:54] <sebsebseb> Lilspanyol: You are already in there, but yeah see you there :)
  87 [10:55] <ClassBot> There are are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
  88 [10:56] <ech0tk> Quick Question: How 'basic' is this user day? For the users who hasn't seen Ubuntu before or for the guys who used it for a couple months
  89 [10:56] <cjohnston> ech0tk: yes...
  90 [10:56] <pleia2> ech0tk: we start off with installation :) so it covers both
  91 [10:56] <_marx_> both would fit i think
  92 [10:56] <ech0tk> Alright
  93 [10:56] <sebsebseb> ech0tk: For newbies mainly, but some of it could be still quite interesting for us more expereinced users.
  94 [10:57] <MichealH> ech0tk: Of for peeps like me who have been here for 4 years, refreshing on basics
  95 [10:58] <sebsebseb> ech0tk: (Well I don't know if you have used it for a while)