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 * ["Opera"] - How to install '''Opera'''
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 * [:ACPIBattery:Getting laptop battery state] - How to add a fixed DSDT to initrd to fix battery problems.


This page is the master index for documentation on the Ubuntu wiki. To find documentation, look at the Table of Contents below and go to the relevant part of the page. Alternatively:

  • Just browse the page Smile :)

  • Use firefox to search the page (press Ctrl + F and enter a search term, such as "mp3")
  • Use the SEARCH dialogue in the top right hand corner to search the whole wiki, either by page titles or by text.
  • This wiki uses Categories which can be attached to pages. To see a list of all the pages in the category "Documentation", see this page: CategoryDocumentation.

New Ubuntu Users - Start Here!

If you are new to Ubuntu or Linux in general, in this category you'll find basic information and things that make your linux journey easier and more fun.

Ubuntu, getting and installing it

After Installation

Installing Ubuntu

Basic Installation

  • HardwareSupport and SupportedArchitectures - Check if your hardware works with Ubuntu

  • GettingUbuntu - How to obtain the Install CD

  • BurningIsoHowto - Once you've obtained the CD image, burn it to CD with this guide

  • ["Installation/I386"] - Guide to the install process on Intel based computers
  • ["Installation/AMD64"] - Guide to the install process on AMD 64-bit computers
  • ["Installation/PowerPC"] - Guide to the install process of Power-PC (MAC) computers

Advanced Installation Methods

  • BootFromFirewireHardDisk - How to boot linux from a firewire hard disk.

  • ["Installation/FromKnoppix"] - If the Ubuntu installer lets you down
  • ["Installation/LowMemorySystems"] - Install Ubuntu on older computers with low memory
  • ["Installation/FromWindows"] - Installing Ubuntu from Windows without using floppies, a CD, or any other removeable media.
  • ["Installation/Netboot"]- Installing over the net, e.g. with no CDROM or non-bootable SCSI CDROM
  • [:forum/Partitioning:Partitioning] Safely split your hard drive into smaller parts

  • SmartBootManagerHowto - Installing from PC which will not boot from CD

  • VirtualMachines - Using Ubuntu with VMware and XEN

  • WartyUpgradeNotes - upgrading from pre-Release or Debian Woody to Warty Warthog

Software - Installing and Running Software

Here you'll find documentation about how to install software.

Multimedia & Graphics

  • ["MultimediaApplications"] - General intro to multimedia applications in Ubuntu

  • [:RestrictedFormats:Non-free multimedia formats] - Ubuntu does not come with support for mp3/dvd/flash/java. This page tells you how to install it

  • [:DMA:Improve CD/DVD drive performance] - activate Direct Memory Access

  • ["BeepMediaPlayer"] - Install Beep Media Player and configure plugins

  • [:MplayerInstallHowto:Install Mplayer] - the popular and powerful media player

  • [:AudioCDCreation:Create audio cds]

  • [:AcrobatHowTo:Adobe Acrobat] - pdf viewer

  • [:EvinceMozilla:Evince & Firefox] - Howto embed PDFs with Evince in Mozilla/Firefox

  • [:OperaBrowser:Opera Web Browser] - if you want an alternative to Firefox.

  • [:TheGimpHowto:The Gimp] - powerful graphic design program

  • ["GJay"] - Playlist generator which chooses appropriate songs to follow the previous one
  • ["Amarok"] - a KDE media player
  • ["BMPInvalidUTF8"] - Fix the error "Invalid UTF-8" in Beep Media Player

  • [:GXMMS:gxmms] - GNOME panel applet that lets you control the basic functions of XMMS or BMP.

  • ["MythTV"] - a digital video recorder

Networking & Internet

  • [:XChatHowto:Xchat] - connect to the Ubuntu chatroom!

  • ["UbotuUsage"] - the IRC robot

  • [:GaimHowto:Gaim] - multi-protocol internet chat program (e.g. MSN)

  • [:SkypeHowto:Skype] - internet telephony software

  • [:WiFiHowto:Wireless Internet] - how to set it up

  • [:SSHHowto:SSH] - you can use this to log into other machines remotely

  • [:ApacheMySQLPHP:Apache] - web server with PHP and MySQL support

  • [:HulaHowTo:Hula] - the mail and calendar server

  • [:MountWindowsSharesPermanently:Mount Windows Shares Permanently] - How to mount a Windows Share permanently with Samba

  • [:EthernetOverFirewire:Ethernet Over Firewire] - How to enable Ethernet over Firewire

  • [:iFolderHowto] - Install and configure iFolder 3.0 with Simpleserver to share and synchronize files over the network

  • ["Opera"] - How to install Opera


  • [:LokiInstaller:Loki-Installer] - Information about games with the Loki-Installer

  • [:RushingBender:Rushing Bender] - a futuristic single and a multiplayer racing game.

  • [:EnemyTerritory: Enemy Territory] - How to install Enemy Territory

  • [:AmericasArmy: Americas Army] - How to install Americas Army

  • [:Doom3: Doom 3] - How to install Doom 3

  • [:VegaStrike: Vega Strike] - an OpenSource 3d Space Simulator.

  • ["Cube"] - an opensource first person online shooter
  • ["Nexuiz"] - an opensource first person online shooter
  • ["Frenesia"] - an addictive retro arcade Linux game.
  • ["Tutris"] - a simple Tetris clone
  • ["Cedega"] - to run Windows games on linux.


Mobile devices


  • [:NanoHowto:Nano] - the simple text editor

  • DeveloperResources - building packages and other material for developers.

  • [:InstallingCompilers:Compilers] - get started for programming in C, C++, and Fortran

  • ["MATLAB"] - Matlab technical computing
  • ZopeOnUbuntu - Install Zope


  • ["AccessibilityHowto"] - Docs related to accessibility

  • [:WallpaperTray:Wallpaper Tray] - GNOME Applet for random wallpaper

  • [:GnomeLaunchBox:Gnome Launch Box] - Eyecandy GNOME Application Launcher

  • [:Expocity:Expocity] - Howto Expose like functionality from Apple’s OSX

  • [:Skippy:Skippy] - Howto for another Expose like functionality from Apple’s OSX

  • ["Unp"] - Extract any and multiple archive files
  • BasicCommands - Basic Shell/command line/console commands for Newbies

  • [:ManageDiscImages:Manage Disc Images] - How to convert CloneCD to ISO and mount ISO files

  • CdDvdBurning - How to burn CD-R and DVR/+-R/+-RW/DL

  • FileCompression - dealing with .tar.gz, .zip, .rar and other files

  • ["Filer"] - Filer is a small, fast and efficient Norton Commander clone
  • GnomeFoot - Replace the foot on the Applications menu

  • [:EjectCDLauncher:Eject CD] - How to add a launcher on your panel to eject your cdrom

Maintain and Administer your System

  • AddUsersHowto - add users to your system

  • [:forum/community/BugReports:Bug Reports] When and how to report a bug

  • LowEndSystemSupport - Making the desktop interface snappier on machines without much memory

  • AddingRepositoriesHowto - Increase the number of packages available to install on your system

  • SynapticHowto - How to use the Synaptic package manager (graphical tool for apt-get)

  • AptGetHowTo - How to use apt-get package management system

  • GnomeMenuEditingHowTo - various ways to add items to your Gnome menu

  • GrubHowto - learn about the grub boot manager

  • BackupYourSystem - this page describes how to backup your system

  • KernelHowto - make a custom kernel for your system

  • ChangeTimezoneHowto - change your timezone

  • NautilusScriptsHowto - enhance nautilus by adding scripts

  • CronHowto - guide to cron, to schedule commands

  • [:BootText:Boot Text] - Spice up your boot text (font resolution and color)

  • [:UPower:upower] - is a next generation bootsplash for linux systems

  • [:GnomeComputerMenu:Gnome Computer Menu] - How to add missing disks in computer:///


  • [:PandaAntivirus:Panda Antivirus] - How to install Panda Antivirus for Linux

  • ["BitDefender"] - How to install Bit Defender Linux Edition

  • ["ProactiveSecurity"] - An overview of security options and thoughts

  • ["InstallingSecurityTools"] - A guide to installing several security applications in Ubuntu

  • ["IptablesHowTo"] - An introduction to the powerful Linux IPTables firewall

  • ["UnsafeDefaults"] - Default settings that you should change if you run any services

  • ["EncryptedFilesystemHowto"] - How to transparently encrypt hard discs.

Hardware & Drivers - Setting up and Configuring Hardware

Here you'll find documentation about how to setup different hardware and drivers.

  • KernelCompileHowto - How to compile kernels

  • BinaryDriverHowto - install support for your new ATI or NVIDIA graphics card

  • HowToSetUpNdiswrapper - install and setup ndiswrapper to make difficult wifi cards work

  • [:zd1211wifi:ZD1211-based WiFi] - Ubuntu-specific instructions for installing a ZD1211-based WiFi device

  • MacOnLinuxHowto - install Mac-On-Linux

  • [:OptimizingNvidia:Optimizing Nvidia] - How to tweak your Nvidia Drivers

  • [:NvidiaTroubleshooting:Nvidia Troubleshooting] - How to solve OpenGL Problems with Nvidia Drivers

  • [:NvidiaTVOut:Nvidia TV Out] - View X simultaneously on your monitor and TV.

  • [:NvidiaManual:Nvidia manual drivers installation] - How to install the Nvidia accelerated drivers without apt.

  • [:ACPIBattery:Getting laptop battery state] - How to add a fixed DSDT to initrd to fix battery problems.

Other Resources

HINT: Many of the below applications come with extensive Help Sections-check these first!!!


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