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 * ["Logs"] - Information on system, and application logs  * LinuxLogFiles - Information on system logs, application logs, and syslogd
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An index of the documentation in other languages can be found at the OtherLanguages. An index of the documentation in other languages can be found at LocalSupport.

Welcome to the Ubuntu Wiki. Here you can:

  • Find existing solutions to known issues
  • Learn how to use Ubuntu better and faster
  • Find links to other resources for Ubuntu, Linux and much more
  • Write documentation to help other Ubuntu Linux users

This page is the master index for documentation To find what you need you can:

  • Look at the Table of Contents
  • Search the page with your browser (press Ctrl + F and enter a search term, such as "mp3")
  • Use the SEARCH dialogue in the top right hand corner

This page is an index and links to a topic, not the actual guides. So if you know of a guide which doesn't fit - you'll need to make a new topic!

Before editing this page, please read the page WikiGuide. Thanks!

Start Here

  • Documentation - [ Official Documentation Website] - the website of the Ubuntu Documentation project, home to [ The Ubuntu Starter Guide] (among other things).

  • Other Resources - HowToGetHelp - This page lists resources for finding support for Ubuntu so you can choose the best method for you.

  • Installation - Guides to basic and advanced methods of installing Ubuntu, and the supported architectures and hardware are at [:Installation]. Also dual booting guides if you also have another operating system.

After you've installed Ubuntu

  • Multimedia support - for MP3, DVD and other formats, and Java support: RestrictedFormats

  • Super-user / Root - is done using 'sudo'. This page explains why: RootSudo

  • Adding/Removing/Updating Programs - SoftwareManagement

  • Glossary - See [ this page] for the meaning of words related to computers, linux, and Ubuntu.

  • Common Applications - [:WhatWindowsUsersWant:What Windows Users Want] has a list of common Windows applications and their Ubuntu counterparts.

Software - Installing and Running Software

Below are documents on how to install software

  • [:InstallingSoftware:Installing Software] - General information on software installation, Synaptic, apt-get and dpkg.

Multimedia & Graphics

  • RestrictedFormats lists how to get MP3, DVD and other formats to play.

  • MultimediaApplications - Introduction to most commonly used multimedia applications available on Ubuntu.

  • ["CDRipping"] - How to "rip" your audio CDs to your hard disk.
  • [:TheGimpHowto:The Gimp] - How to use the powerful image editor.

  • [:DVDAuthoring:DVDAuthoring] - Software for authoring DVDs

Networking & Internet

  • [:WiFiHowto:WiFi (802.11a/b/g) wireless networking] - how to set it up

  • [:XChatHowto:XChat] - connect to the Ubuntu IRC chatroom, complete with [:UbotuUsage:help robot].

  • [:GaimHowto:Gaim] - multi-protocol internet chat program (e.g. MSN)

  • [:SkypeHowto:Skype] - internet telephony software

  • [:Gizmo:Gizmo] - internet telephony software

  • ["OperaBrowser"] - an alternative web-browser.

  • [:CactiHowTo:Cacti] - This guide is for setting up a base install of Cacti on Ubuntu (Alternative to MRTG)

  • [:SSHHowto:SSH] - you can use this to log into other machines remotely. See ["AdvancedOpenSSH"] for enhanced security.

  • [:MountWindowsSharesPermanently:Mount Windows Shares Permanently] - How to mount a Windows Share permanently with Samba

  • [:EthernetOverFirewire:Ethernet Over Firewire] - How to enable Ethernet over Firewire

  • [:Building_iFolder] - Install and configure iFolder 3.0 with Simpleserver to share and synchronize files over the network

  • [:NFSClientHowTo:NFS Client How-To] - How to set up Ubuntu to connect to an NFS server

  • [:ADSLPPPoE:ADSL PPPoE connect] - How to set up Ubuntu to login to an ADSL modem using PPPoE

  • [:DynamicDNS:Dynamic DNS] - How to set up a free DNS and redirection service with No-IP

  • [:P2PHowTo:Peer-2-Peer How-To] - How to install p2p software, like Azureus (Bit Torrent), Limewire, DC++ and Amule.
  • FirefoxTipsAndTricks - How to tweak Firefox to make surfing the web faster, easier and more pleasant.

  • [:FirefoxStreamingVideo:Firefox Streaming Video] - To view movie clips embedded in web pages

  • [:FirefoxNewVersion] - How to install Firefox 1.5 from

  • [:FirefoxAMD64FlashJava] - How to install Firefox 1.5 with Flash and Java support in AMD64 bits computers


  • See the ["Games"] page for a list of great games on Ubuntu.

Windows Programs

  • ["Wine"] - a Windows compatibility layer
  • ["Cedega"] - a proprietary fork of Wine, supports more Windows games


  • ["OpenOffice2Beta"] - The latest beta version of OpenOffice

  • [:EvinceMozilla:Evince & Firefox] - Howto embed PDFs with Evince in Mozilla/Firefox


  • [:ApacheMySQLPHP:Apache] - web server with PHP and MySQL support

  • [:MYSQL5FromSource:MySQL5] - How to set up a MySQL5 server in ubuntu
  • [:NFSServerHowTo:NFS Server How-To] - How to set up Ubuntu as an NFS server

  • [:PHP5Installation:PHP5] - How to setup php5 with apache http server
  • [:MailServer:Email] - A collection of guides to setup an email server

  • [:Mailman:Mailman Mailing List Server] - How to set up your own mailing list server with Mailman (the software used on the Ubuntu mailing lists!)

  • [:Hula] - the mail and calendar server

See also [#Security Maintain and Administer your System/Security], below.

Mobile devices

  • [:MultisyncHowto:Multisync] - Syncronization Program for Smart Phones/PDA's

  • [:BluetoothSetup:Bluetooth] - Bluetooth Setup

  • [:BluetoothSkype:BluetoothSkype] - Setup Bluetooth connection to Mobile Phone and use Skype with a Bluetooth Headset

  • [:PocketPCHowto] - How to get your Pocket PC working (copy files to/from it, and synchronize the pim data with Evolution)


  • [:NanoHowto:Nano] - the simple text editor

  • DeveloperResources - building packages and other material for developers.

  • [:InstallingCompilers:Compilers] - get started for programming in C, C++, and Fortran

  • ["MATLAB"] - Matlab technical computing
  • ZopeOnUbuntu - Install Zope

X Window System (Graphical Environment)

  • ["UbuntuEyeCandy"] - Ubuntu eye candy/artwork index

  • [:CustomXSession:Custom X Session] - How to create custom X sessions


  • ["SwitchingToUbuntu"] - Already a Linux user? Learn about what makes Ubuntu special

  • ["AccessibilityHowto"] - Docs related to accessibility

  • SensorInstallHowto - Using lm-sensors to report CPU temp, fan speeds and other system data.

  • [:Expocity:Expocity] - Howto Expose like functionality from Apple’s OSX

  • [:Skippy:Skippy] - Howto for another Expose like functionality from Apple’s OSX

  • ["Unp"] - Extract any and multiple archive files
  • [:ManageDiscImages:Manage Disc Images] - How to convert CloneCD to ISO and mount ISO files

  • ["CdDvdBurning"] - How to burn CD-R and DVR/+-R/+-RW/DL

  • ["FileCompression"] - dealing with .tar.gz, .zip, .rar and other files

  • ["Filer"] - Filer is a small, fast and efficient Norton Commander clone
  • [:EjectCDLauncher:Eject CD] - How to add a launcher on your panel to eject your cdrom

  • [:GnomeTranslate:Gnome Translate] - Translate a text or web page between several natural languages

  • [:InstallingVMWare:Installing VMWare] - Install VMWare in Breezy

  • [:InstallingVmPlayer:Installing VMPlayer] - Install VMPlayer in Breezy

  • [:Oracle10g:Installing Oracle 10g] - Install Oracle 10g Enterprise Database in Hoary
  • [:FoldingAtHome:Folding@Home] - Do some good with your idle CPU cycles.

  • [:TransparentTerminals:Transparent Terminals] - Howto for transparent borderless terminals

  • [:RotateWallpapers:Rotating Wallpapers] - Small program to rotate wallpapers over specified amount of time.

  • ["32bit and 64bit"] - running 32 bit programs in a 64 bit environment and other 64 bit issues.
  • ["Nautilus Scripts"] - Using nautilus scripts to extend the funtionality of nautilus.

Maintain and Administer your System



  • LowEndSystemSupport - Making the desktop interface snappier on machines without much memory

  • GnomeMenuEditingHowTo - various ways to add items to your Gnome menu

  • NautilusScriptsHowto - enhance nautilus by adding scripts

  • [:BootServices:Boot Services] - Disable start of unnecessary services during boot.

  • [:BootText:Boot Text] - Spice up your boot text (font resolution and color)

  • [:Upower:Upower] - is a next generation bootsplash for linux systems

  • HowToReadline - Add some extra editing keys to the shell


  • KernelHowto - make a custom kernel for your system

  • GrubHowto - learn about the grub boot manager

  • BackupYourSystem - this page describes how to backup your system

  • CronHowto - guide to cron, to schedule commands

  • [:HowtoPartition] - Partion your HD for other OS's and swap space.

  • [:DiskSpace] - How to setup disk space for your HD needs.

  • [:AptMoveHowto:Create a Packages CD] - How to easily move downloaded packages from one machine to another one which is not connected to the internet.

  • [:GnomeComputerMenu:Gnome Computer Menu] - How to add missing disks in computer:///

  • [:MigrateEvolutionToNewComputer: Migrate Evolution] - How to migrate your email in Evolution to another Ubuntu computer

  • FakeRaidHowto - Information on setting up hardware fakeRAID, such as Promise or Via SATA RAID controllers



  • StrongPasswords - How to generate and use strong passwords in Ubuntu

  • [:PandaAntivirus:Panda Antivirus] - How to install Panda Antivirus for Linux

  • [:GPGKey:GPG Key] - How to create/manage a GPG key and use it in your favorite E-Mail client

  • ["GPGKeyOnUSBDrive"] - How to store your GPG key securely on an encrypted USB flash drive
  • ["BitDefender"] - How to install Bit Defender Linux Edition

  • ["ProactiveSecurity"] - An overview of security options and thoughts

  • ["InstallingSecurityTools"] - A guide to installing several security applications in Ubuntu

  • ["AutomaticSecurityUpdates"] - How to set up Ubuntu to install security updates automatically

  • ["IptablesHowTo"] - An introduction to the powerful Linux IPTables firewall

  • ["UnsafeDefaults"] - Default settings that you should change if you run any services

  • ["EncryptedFilesystemHowto"] - How to transparently encrypt hard discs

  • [:ClamAV] - How to install ClamAV on your HD
  • ["BastilleLinux"] - The Bastille Linux Security Hardening Tool

  • ["FileIntegrityAIDE"] - File integrity monitoring and verification with AIDE
  • ["AdvancedOpenSSH"] - Advanced OpenSSH configuration for enhanced security
  • ["OpenSSL"] - OpenSSL Secure Sockets Layer implementation information

Hardware & Drivers - Setting up and Configuring Hardware

Here you'll find documentation about how to setup different hardware and drivers

  • [:HardwareSupport: Ubuntu Hardware Support] - index of the wiki's main hardware support pages

  • [:HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters:Printers in Ubuntu] - reports of printer functionality in Ubuntu

  • [:InstallingANewHardDrive:Installing a new harddrive]

Mouse & Keyboard

  • [:MultimediaKeys:Multimedia Keyboard Help] - how to get your button-festooned keyboard working in Ubuntu

  • [:ManyButtonsMouseHowto:Multi-buttoned Mouse] - getting the fourth, fifth or other extra buttons on your mouse working

  • NumLock - enabling Num Lock during startup.

Network, Wireless & Modem


  • BinaryDriverHowto - install support for your new ATI or NVIDIA graphics card

  • [:NvidiaTroubleshooting:Nvidia Troubleshooting] - How to solve OpenGL Problems with Nvidia Drivers

  • [:NvidiaTVOut:Nvidia TV Out] - View X simultaneously on your monitor and TV

  • [:NvidiaManual:Nvidia manual drivers installation] - How to install the Nvidia accelerated drivers without apt

  • [:i915Driver:i915G video cards] - 845G/855G/865G/915G/945G chipset installation workaround on Breezy preview
  • [:Webcam:Webcam] - Automated installation of your webcam

Sound & Misc

Related pages

Other Resources

If you can't find what you are looking for on this Wiki, you may have more success on one of the [:HowToGetHelp:other resources of information].

Other Languages

An index of the documentation in other languages can be found at LocalSupport.


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