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 * [:OSEmulation:OS Emulation] - Guides on setting up various OS Emulation tools.  * [:OSEmulation:OS Emulation] - Guides to running other Operating Systems inside Ubuntu.

Welcome to the home of community documentation for Ubuntu! Before editing this page, please read the WikiGuide page. Thanks!

Start Here

After you've installed Ubuntu

  • [:SwitchingToUbuntu:Switching to Ubuntu] - what sets Ubuntu apart from other Linux distributions.

  • [:RestrictedFormats:Multimedia Support] - For MP3, DVD and other formats, and Java support.

  • [:RootSudo:Administrator privileges] - In Ubuntu, the root user is replaced by sudo, find out more here.

  • [:SoftwareManagement:Adding/Removing/Updating Programs] - how to manage software in Ubuntu.

Software - Installing and Running Software

  • [:Multimedia] - Multimedia and Graphics related guides.
  • [:InternetAndNetworking:Internet & Networking] - Internet and Networking related guides.

  • [:Accessibility/doc/Guide:Accessibility] - A comprehensive guide to making Ubuntu easier to use for those with special physical or visual challenges.

  • ["Games"] - Contains a list of great games for Ubuntu.
  • [:UbuntuEyeCandy:EyeCandy] - Ubuntu eye candy/artwork index.

  • [:CorporateUbuntu:Business Environment] - Guides on configuring Ubuntu for use in Business Environments.

  • [:Servers] - Guides on configuring various Servers.
  • [:Programming] - Programming related guides.
  • [:OSEmulation:OS Emulation] - Guides to running other Operating Systems inside Ubuntu.

Maintain and Administer your System

  • SystemAdministration - Guides on performing System Administration, Configuration & Maintenance tasks within Ubuntu.

  • [:Security] - Guides related to Security tools and best-practices.

Hardware & Drivers

  • [:HardwareSupport:Ubuntu Hardware Support] - Main hardware support page.

  • [:DrivesAndPartitions:Drives and Partitions] - Drive and Partition related guides.

  • [:Peripherals:Keyboard and Mouse] - Keyboard and Mouse related guides.

  • [:LaptopTestingTeam:Laptops] - Laptop hardware guides.

  • [:NetworkDevices:Network, Wireless & Internet Devices] - Network & Internet Device related guides.

  • [:Printers] - Guides on installing and managing Printers.
  • [:Sound] - Guides on installing and managing Sound devices.
  • ThinClients - Guides on setting up and managing Thin Client architectures.

  • [:Video] - Guides on installing and managing Video-related hardware.

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