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##Please discuss major/structural changes to this page on the Documentation team mailing list at:
##If you want to get involved with editing and organising the Wiki please visit DocumentationTeam.
## This page is designed to remain mostly static - make and propose changes to the pages that are linked-to from this page

||<tablestyle="float:right; font-size: 0.9em; width:40%; background:#F1F1ED; margin: 0 0 1em 1em;" style="padding:0.5em;">'''Contents'''[[BR]][[TableOfContents(1)]]||

Welcome to the home of community documentation for Ubuntu! Before editing this page, please read the WikiGuide page. Thanks!

= Start Here =

 * [ Official Documentation Website] - Including the [ Ubuntu], [ Kubuntu] and [ Xubuntu] Desktop Guides and the [ Server Guide].
 * [:HowToGetHelp:Other Resources] - Lists support resources for Ubuntu.
 * [:LocalSupport:Other Languages] - Index of the documentation in other languages.
 * ["Installation"] - Guides to basic and advanced methods of installing Ubuntu, and the supported architectures and hardware.

== After you've installed Ubuntu ==

 * [:SwitchingToUbuntu:Switching to Ubuntu] - what sets Ubuntu apart from other Linux distributions.
 * [:RestrictedFormats:Multimedia Support] - For MP3, DVD and other formats, and Java support.
 * [:RootSudo:Administrator privileges] - In Ubuntu, the ''root'' user is replaced by ''sudo'', find out more here.
 * [:SoftwareManagement:Adding/Removing/Updating Programs] - how to manage software in Ubuntu.

= Software - Installing and Running Software =

 * [:Multimedia] - Multimedia and Graphics related guides.
 * [:InternetAndNetworking:Internet & Networking] - Internet and Networking related guides.
 * [:Accessibility/doc/Guide:Accessibility] - A comprehensive guide to making Ubuntu easier to use for those with special physical or visual challenges.
 * ["Games"] - Contains a list of great games for Ubuntu.
 * [:UbuntuEyeCandy:EyeCandy] - Ubuntu eye candy/artwork index.
 * [:CorporateUbuntu:Business Environment] - Guides on configuring Ubuntu for use in Business Environments.
 * [:Servers] - Guides on configuring various Servers.
 * [:Programming] - Programming related guides.
 * [:OSEmulation:OS Emulation] - Guides to running other Operating Systems inside Ubuntu.

= Maintain and Administer your System =

 * SystemAdministration - Guides on performing System Administration, Configuration & Maintenance tasks within Ubuntu.
 * [:Security] - Guides related to Security tools and best-practices.

= Hardware & Drivers =

 * [:HardwareSupport:Ubuntu Hardware Support] - Main hardware support page.
 * [:DrivesAndPartitions:Drives and Partitions] - Drive and Partition related guides.
 * [:Peripherals:Keyboard and Mouse] - Keyboard and Mouse related guides.
 * [:LaptopTestingTeam:Laptops] - Laptop hardware guides.
 * [:NetworkDevices:Network, Wireless & Internet Devices] - Network & Internet Device related guides.
 * [:Printers] - Guides on installing and managing Printers.
 * [:Sound] - Guides on installing and managing Sound devices.
 * ThinClients - Guides on setting up and managing Thin Client architectures.
 * [:Video] - Guides on installing and managing Video-related hardware.

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