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Welcome to the home of community documentation for Ubuntu! Before editing this page, please read the WikiGuide page. Thanks!

Start Here

After you've installed Ubuntu

  • [:SwitchingToUbuntu:Switching to Ubuntu] - What sets Ubuntu apart from other Linux distributions.

  • [:RestrictedFormats:Multimedia Support] - For MP3, DVD and other formats, and Java support.

  • [:RootSudo:Administrator privileges] - In Ubuntu, the root user is replaced by sudo, find out more here.

  • [:SoftwareManagement:Adding, Removing and Updating Programs] - How to manage software in Ubuntu.

Software - Installing and Running Software

Guide to the following topics are available:

  • [:Multimedia] - Multimedia and Graphics.
  • [:InternetAndNetworking:Internet & Networking] - Internet and Networking.

  • [:Accessibility/doc/Guide:Accessibility] - Making Ubuntu easier to use for those with physical or visual challenges.

  • ["Games"] - A list of great games for Ubuntu.
  • [:UbuntuEyeCandy:Eye Candy] - Ubuntu themes and artwork.

  • [:CorporateUbuntu:Business Environment] - Configuring Ubuntu for use in business environments.

  • [:Servers] - Configuring various servers.
  • [:Programming] - Programming related.
  • [:OSEmulation:OS Emulation] - Running other Operating Systems inside Ubuntu.

Maintain and Administer your System

Guides to the following topics are available:

  • [:SystemAdministration:System Administration] - Performing system administration, configuration & maintenance tasks within Ubuntu.

  • [:Security] - Security tools and best-practices.
  • [:UpgradeNotes:Upgrading Ubuntu] - Upgrading from one Ubuntu release to another (from Breezy 5.10 to Dapper 6.06 LTS for example).

Hardware & Drivers

Guides to the following topics are available:

  • [:HardwareSupport:Ubuntu Hardware Support] - Main hardware support page.

  • [:DrivesAndPartitions:Drives and Partitions] - Drives and partitions.

  • [:Peripherals:Keyboard and Mouse] - Keyboard and mouse.

  • [:LaptopTestingTeam:Laptops] - Laptop hardware.

  • [:NetworkDevices:Network, wireless & internet devices] - network & internet devices.

  • [:Printers] - Installing and using printers.
  • [:Sound] - Installing and using sound devices.
  • [:ThinClients] - Setting up and using thin client architectures.

  • [:Video] - Installing and using video-related hardware.

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