It would also be great if there was some notification through usplash when resuming. Currently (Dapper) there is just a long delay at "Mounting root filesystem" before the system suddenly is up and showing the screen lock password dialog. Update: This is bug #41137 which has already gotten some love.

Use Cases

Sussie hears about this great new feature called "hibernate": her computer kinda turns off, but resumes exactly where she left off. She goes to try it out, but upon seeing nothing but her computer disk light churn, and her monitor go black, she thinks her computer crashed (never a good thing). So she just pulls the plug and does a hard-restart.


I have an implementation of this using the hibernate scripts. I enumerated and reimplemented (or simply added the configuration for) each action in the dapper acpi-support scripts. I then added a module using usplash to provide a status screen. However, the use of usplash created some compatibility issues in the form of video corruption from resume on some machines I tested -- ScottRobinson

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