2007 Sept 8

  • Meeting Topic - Utah Open Source - The Convergence
  • Location: Novell Provo Campus, Open Source Training Center

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The following were present during this 3 day meeting:

  • Zelut
  • herlo
  • peno
  • cyclone
  • Yorokobi
  • Heartsbane
  • synic
  • Kemotaha
  • nearn
  • thaddeusq
  • undertakingyou
  • sontek
  • claudius
  • atoponce
  • jtanium
  • opapo
  • Gate


  • The conference began at Thursday Sept 6th, 2007 7:00pm

  • The conference ended at Saturday Sept 8th, 2007 5:00pm


The following subject were presented:

Thursday, September 6, 2007 - Day One

Keynote - Making Utah a center for open source innovation
Matt Asay, VP Business Development, Alfresco
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/matt-asay-OpenSourceinUtah.pdf

Utah Open Source Awards
Jason Hall, President, Provo Linux User Group

Keynote - Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open Source
Bruce Perens, Leader in the Free Software and Open Source community
Website: http://www.perens.com
Website: http://www.techp.org

Friday, September 7, 2007 - Day Two

Keynote - 5 Axioms of Community Collaboration
Tom Welch, Manager Technology Community, LDS Church
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/tom-welch-5AxiomsofCommunityCollaboration.pdf

Keynote - Digital Identity and Open Source
Phil Windley, Executive Producer, IT Conversations
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/phil-windley-LongTailsAndSoftware.pdf

Apache Open for Business, OFBiz
David E. Jones, Founder, HotWax Media
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/al-byers-GettingStartedWithOFBiz.pdf
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/brad-midgley-bt.pdf

What is Utah Open Source
Clint Savage, Founder, Utah Open Source
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/clint-savage-WhatIsUtahOpenSource.pdf

Using open source to create car entertainment for the future
Kevron Rees,
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/kevron-rees-Nextabyte.pdf

Perl continued - updates on Perl 6
Paul Seamons

Applying open source to more than the computer industry
Joseph Hall, computer geek gone chef and back again
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/joseph-hall-OpenSourceCooking.tar.gz

Understanding Apache 2.2 Configuration
Brad Nicholes, Senior Software Engineer, Novell

Virtualize your business with open source software
Lamont Peterson, Guru Labs
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/lamont-peterson-WhyVirtualizationMakesSenseforBusiness.pdf

Linux Performance Tuning: ‘noatime’ like the present
Michael Place, XMission Admin
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/michael-place-LinuxPerformanceTuning.pdf

Overview of the Dojo Toolkit
Victor Villa, President, Utah PHP User group

Building and leveraging an online open source community
Tom Welch, Manager Technology Community, LDS Church

Building voice applications using open source
Jared Smith, Community Relations Manager, Digium
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/jared_smith-VoiceApplications.pdf

The business advantage of using open source
Discussion lead by John Taber Participants include Richard Miller and Tom Welch, among others.

Using Django to drive internal development tools
Scott Paul Robertson,
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/scott-paul-robertson-django.pdf

Taming object-relational mapping with SQLAchemy
Jonathan Ellis,
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/jonathan-ellis-SQLAlchemyTutorial.pdf

Distribution throw down Open Discussion

Digital Identity and open source: Using OpenID
Phil Windley, Executive Producer, IT Conversations
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/phil-windley-UserCentricIdentityTutorials.pdf

Introduction to Python, a tutorial
Matt Harrison
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/matt-harrison-Python101.pdf

Mono/.NET in a mixed environment
John Anderson, Orchid Event Solutions

Bluetooth for fun and non-profit
Brad Midgley
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/brad-midgley-bt.pdf

Testing with Testopia
Greg Hendricks
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/gregary-hendricks-testopia.pdf

Dan Hanks
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/dan-hanks-RelationalModel.odp

Saturday, September 8, 2007 - Day Three

Keynote - Developement History & BZ Flag
Tim Riker, Maintainer, BZFlag
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/tim-riker-BZFlag.pdf

Keynote - XMission
Pete Ashdown, President and Founder, XMission

Ticketing and Business
Peter Bowen

Open source best practices and experiences from the Apache Software Foundation
Brad Nicholes, Senior Software Engineer, Novell

Building Community - The strength of open source
Christer Edwards, President, Ubuntu-Utah
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/christer-edwards-Community.pdf

Utilizing modules to enhance and scale Pligg
Jesse Stay, Founder, LDSOSS

Virtualization using Open Source Software (Xen)
Derek Carter, NeverBlock

Distributed source control
Jonathan Ellis, Ubuntu-Utah
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/jonathan-ellis-DistributedSourceControl-Hg.pdf

Embedded Linux business solutions
Tim Riker, Maintainer, BZFlag
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/tim-riker-Mobile.pdf

Perl templating; mishmash, mayhem and unity in document templates
Paul Seamons

Bringing Open Source Home - mythtv, xine and home automation
Brandon Beattie

Open Source at XMission
Pete Ashdown, President and Founder, XMission

Using open source philosophy to build passionate communities
Matthew Reinbold,

Advanced ASP billing with Freeside
Jason Hall, President, Provo Linux User Group

Open source business and .NET
Frank Rego
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/frank-rego-OpenSource.NET.pdf

Connecting remote users and offices through open source
Chris Cameron,

IntroPLAY LLC, starting a business with open source tools
Aaron Toponce,

Voice over IP in your office
Jared Smith
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/jared_smith-VoiceApplications.pdf

Pentaho / Kettle
Nate Handy

Open source programming language throw down
Open Discussion

Monitoring your data center using Apache Ganglia
Brad Nicholes, Senior Software Engineer, Novell

NetworkManager - Changing the way we connect
Doran Barton
Presentation Slides: http://www.utosc.com/downloads/presentations/doran-barton-NetworkManager.pdf

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