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## page was copied from TrustyTahr/Beta1/Kubuntu

Kubuntu 14.04 Beta 1

Kubuntu 14.04 Beta 1 is available for testing. Try it out now if you want to help debug before our release in April 2014.

Upgrading from 13.10

Upgrading from 12.04 LTS

Download a Disk Image

To upgrade to Kubuntu 14.04 pre-releases from 13.10, run kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade from a command line.
Full instructions to upgrade from 13.10.

To upgrade to Kubuntu 14.04 pre-releases from 12.04 LTS, run kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade from a command line.
Full instructions to upgrade from 12.04LTS.

Download a Bootable images and put it onto a DVD or USB. Burning ISO Guide.

Beta 1 Highlights

KDE Applications 4.12.2


The KDE Applications 4.12.2 suite release has dozens of bug fixes.

Mozilla Firefox 27


Kubuntu 14.04 introduces award winning Mozilla Firefox 27 as default web browser.

Muon Discover 2.2 Alpha 1


Muon 2.2 Alpha 1 is the first step towards a new version of Kubuntu's software store. While mostly retaining the familiar user interface, improvements now make Muon more robust.

All New Driver Manager


The previous Additional Drivers application is being replaced by the all new Driver Manager. The manager allows you to install and select the driver you want to use for software that has more than one supported driver, including proprietary drivers.

Gwenview Plugin Installation


Plugins in Gwenview can now be installed on-demand from inside the application.

New Touchpad Configuration


Our new touchpad configuration tools includes many configuration options to get your touchpad working just as you like.

KDE Instant Messaging 0.8 beta1


KDE Telepathy now has a meta contact support for grouping the same contact across different IM networks. The new release also includes more stability and polish than ever before.

Improved Localization Configuration


Language configuration has seen numerous changes, improving reliability and localization coverage beyond KDE technology.

Plasma Network Manager


The new Plasma Network Manager features a redesigned user interface, giving you more control while retaining its simple design.

KDE Software Development Kit


The newly available KDE software development kit equips new installations with everything necessary to write beautiful code using KDE and Qt technology, allowing everyone to quickly get started with writing code on Kubuntu 14.04.
Install kde-developer-sdk to get started.

USB Creator Improvements


USB Creator has seen some nice bugfixes. Disks are selected when you expect them to, widgets can't be shrunk to be too small, list sizing is done smartly.

KDE Connect 0.5


Install KDE Connect on your desktop and your Android mobile phone to integrate the two. Text messages will appear on your screen, files can be shared, your music can be controlled from your phone and your music will be turned off when you receive a phone call.

Automatic Crash Reporting


No software is perfect; Kubuntu 14.04 however makes it easier than ever before to inform developers when something has gone terribly wrong, using the all new automatic crash reporting.

Quassel 0.10 beta1


The IRC client Quassel 0.10 beta1 reduces network traffic while improving overall reliability.

New System Notifications


Kubuntu's built-in recommendation software now notifies you when better drivers for your hardware can be installed and when additional software can be installed to improve the language support of your installation.

Known Problems

Kubuntu Desktop

Bugs tagged Kubuntu 14.04

  • (1262779) KDE oem-config requires extra Continue click to prevent crash

  • (1259465) kde-nm-connection-editor is completely useless for setting up TLS connections

  • (988991) debconf does not working on KDE

  • (1182784) Install with German / Swiss Keyboard fails: "ubi-console-setup failed with exit code 141" or "Installer Crashed"

  • (1038522) [kde] manual partitioning in installer crashes when handling many partitions

  • (1285679) text of buttons unreadable on OEM installer

  • (1282087) driver-manager search does not update xapian after install

  • (1232156) oxygen-gtk3 does not work

  • (1283004) muon-discover does not show most apps

  • (1285705) ubiquity: read release notes not working

  • (1285707) Kubuntu Netbook OEM install does not create a 'prepare for shipping' icon

  • (1268931) kickoff settings need to replace rekonq with firefox

Software Common to all Ubuntu flavours

Boot, installation and post-install

  • Automatic install is broken on drives that contain partitions that either do not have an operating system installed (eg. a user data partition like /home on Linux or D: on Windows), or partitions that have Windows 8 installed. Selecting automatic install (or upgrade) on these systems will result in the whole drive being wiped and all existing data will be lost. There are also problems dealing with systems with multiple drives. This bug is present in released media of 14.04 and 14.04.1, but is fixed for 14.04.2 and later. If you have a drive with any pre-existing partitions, or multiple drives, then you should use manual partitioning. Ensure you have backups. (1265192)

  • The desktop image installer cannot unlock existing encrypted (LUKS) volumes. If you need to make use of existing encrypted volumes during partitioning, then use the "Try Ubuntu without installing" boot option to start a live session, open the encrypted volumes (for example, by clicking on their icons in the Unity launcher), enter your password when prompted to unlock them, close them again, and run ubiquity to start the installer. (1066480)

  • When using installer to upgrade or reinstall an existing installation with encrypted swap, the installer may fail to reuse the partition. A warning will be shown, however the installation can be completed. The installed system will not have swap activated and users are advised to recreate swap on their systems. Please see advice about adding and activating swap at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq (1066342)

  • Installs on very small memory systems may fail to start or exit without completing with no error. It is recommended that swap be created before install for such systems. Please see advice about adding and activating swap at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq (1172161)

  • In rare circumstances the 'Next' button on the installer 'Install Type' screen is non-functional. This is intermittent and may be resolved by hitting 'Back' and retrying. (1172572)

  • On some systems, after installation, pressing 'Enter' doesn't reboot the system and a hard reset is required (1297851)

  • Live session starts with keyboard set to English US and time zone as UTC even if non-english languages are selected (1297234)

  • In OEM mode, language packs are not installed when the end user selects a non-english language and there is no notification (1307983) To install additional languages, open "System Settings -> Language Support", the language support tool will the propose to install missing language packs.


  • Automatic upgrade on drives containing user data partitions, including from other operating systems, and all Windows 8 systems, will result in the whole drive being wiped and all existing data will be lost. This bug is present in released media of 14.04 and 14.04.1, but is fixed for 14.04.2 and later. If you have a drive with any pre-existing partitions, or multiple drives, then you should use manual partitioning. Ensure you have backups. (1265192)

  • When the system is upgraded from a previous release via the installer, the user has to re-enter their credentials. If the user's home directory is encrypted and the password differs from the password on the pre-upgrade system, the upgrade succeeds but the user cannot login (1308530)

  • Configuration of the package tex-common fails when 12.04 LTS is upgraded to 14.04 LTS (1304972)

  • Configuration of flightgear fails during upgrade from 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS (1308338)

Power Management

  • On some systems, when opening lid, there is a kerneloops with a suspend/resume failure message seen. (1054732)


  • On rare occasions Unity's Dash doesn't display (nor search for) any applications (1308037)


Graphics and Display


  • In order to improve compatibility with other local nameserver packages, NetworkManager now assigns IP address to the local nameserver process that it controls instead of If the system's /etc/resolv.conf is absent or is a static file instead of the symbolic link to ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf installed by default then this static file will have to be updated by the administrator in order to continue using the NetworkManager-controlled nameserver.


  • The major tools in apparmor-utils AppArmor 2.8.95 have been rewritten to improve maintainability. While this allows us to better support them and add fixes going forward, currently the aa-genprof and aa-logprof CLI tools contain several bugs (1294797, 1296218) that affect their utility. These bugs should be fixed before release or in an SRU. It is recommended that people develop policy manually at this time. Update: these and other bugs with the python tools have been fixed and the new tools are expected to work better than tools in previous releases.


  • 1292467 - Some laptops (particularly netbook class) with older graphics can experience poor graphical performance when starting with a high resolution external monitor attached. The reason for this is that some graphics cards (like the Intel 945GSE) cannot support accelerated 3D graphics when the combined width of both screens exceeds a certain threshold (typically 2048 pixels). See the bug for appropriate workarounds.


Development of Kubuntu 14.04, the Trusty Tahr is ongoing and bugs are fixed every day. Before reporting bugs, please ensure your system is up to date. For verifying installation related bugs, updated disk images are available from Daily bootable images for standard PCs/laptops/netbooks.

You can give us feedback on the Kubuntu Google+ page.

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