I am 17 year old from India. Computer has been my companion ever since Warty Warthog was took it's move poor graphics support I had to compile 915 resolution which actually didn't work so had to wait till the release of breezy badger, this was when I found where I belonged to, I know everyone here, even if I never heard of them they are ready to help me. This is where I started working out for community.

I am a student in a corporate college, Ecil which is few miles away from my adobe. Bug reporting and fixing is a bit old concept to me. Though I am a carafe of Ubuntu, SuSe, gentoo and fedora are my other distros and very rarely Free BSD.

I play games (mostly host multiplayer games) and programming is still what I am working on. I know C#, Python, HTML/CSS, PERL(especially when reproducing existing viruses);).

Things I do for Ubuntu Support

  • I am a carafe of Ubuntu forums.

    I am an active member in for our MoCo Forums. I was a co-founder of the India LoLo Team Member of Ubuntu Promoters in India Ubuntu Member


  • Have been a good friend for the A.P. team admin.

    Managing Ubuntu AP irc # Administrator of few school which run Ubuntu in all its computers. I also helped many of them getting a copy of Ubuntu for them. And I have also solved many problems problems in face to face. I am a member of Ubuntu bugsquad and try working around it in my free time. I plan to contribute and start off with customizing an Ubuntu distro for India this summer.

My future Plans and Goals

  • Come up with an entirely new kernel in the I.T world by 2017. To establish more and more sub communities with your support.


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