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I'll sometimes chime in and try and help while on IRC as well as the forums. I'll regularly try and help while on IRC as well as the forums.

About Me

I'm a University Senior Computing Support Officer in Brisbane, Australia. My first interest in Linux came about around 2006, when I first found Ubuntu, Fedora, and FreeBSD. I never installed Ubuntu to a production machine (I have 3 production machines and half a dozen testing machines) until one of my co-workers left and there was no one left who could manage our lab environments in July 2007. Before this I had all three of the previously mentioned operating systems on testing machines. I was also partially responsible for the conversion of the Linux computing lab environments from Fedora to Ubuntu.

A few links to find me around:

LaunchPad - Vantrax

UbuntuForums - Vantrax

IRC - Vantrax on

If all else fails: vantrax at gmail dot com



I promote Ubuntu within my community at the university and work on developing computing lab images in Ubuntu. I contribute to the Ubuntu Forums whenever possible and try to help new users on IRC.

Ubuntu Forums

As above, I am a member of the Ubuntu Forums. My participation on the forums varies widely based on what im working on at the time, but usually focused on the Desktop Environments, Desktop Effects, and Security Discussions section.

If you ever PM me on the forums, I'll get back to you ASAP. Just be patient and polite.

Im currently working with a Securing Ubuntu/Ubuntu Hardening Guide found Here and working on a guide for building Ubuntu images for school and university computing lab environments.


I'm often found on IRC on - Channels I'm usually in when I'm on are:

  • #ubuntuforums-beginners
  • #ubuntu

I can also sometimes be found in:

  • #ubuntuforums
  • #ubuntuforums-unanswered

I'll regularly try and help while on IRC as well as the forums.

Future Hopes

  • Become an Ubuntu Member
  • Join the Ubuntu Beginners Team
  • Contribute to the development of Ubuntu


As I learn more about coding C/C++ (then python and perl), I would like to contribute more to the development of Ubuntu, and other Open-Source projects (I'm particularly interested with the release of chromium and addons/extensions integration).


None, im reasonably new here. Give it time:P


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