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## page was copied from VenezuelaTeam/Re-validationApplication2017


Ubuntu Venezuela

Welcome to the Ubuntu Venezuela LoCo Team Approval Application!

Key details

Team Contact:

David Rondón


Official site


Ubuntu Venezuela Team

IRC Channel:


Mailing List:

Team Mailing List


Team Wiki


Telegram Ubuntu-ve

Facebook Page:

Facebook Page

Facebook Group:

Facebook Group



Geographic Information

Zona horaria América/Caracas




  • There are 63 direct members of the Ubuntu Venezuela Team and 78 members in total, directly and indirectly through other team memberships. Member Count

Structure and Governance

Regional & Works teams /Organization

ubuntu-ve all members have equal privileges and opportunities, but for best results we created groups in geographical areas for the organization and participation in team activities. thus users and novices can get a list of members and equipment available in your area of coexistence and have quick access to support and participation

Team Leaders/Contacts

Members with a significant and sustained contribution to the community are awarded official membership.



  • aniversario_opt.jpg

Anniversaries, as the word implies, are events in which we celebrate the years of existence of the Venezuelan LoCo Team. It usually consists of a full day of conferences and workshops on Ubuntu and an Install-Fest, and is organized by regional enthusiasts and team members from all the states, but most of all, it's an oportunity to have a gathering of ubunteros and have a good time... and of course, everybody can join the celebration!




July 2017

El Tigre

XII Anniversary


Local, National and International


Events Year 2017


Event Name


January 28

"Seminario Migración de Software Libre en la APN"

Puerto Ayacucho

March 30

"#DFD2017 Día del Documento Libre - Amazonas"

Puerto Ayacucho

April 22

"FLISoL Mérida"


April 22

"FLISOL Amazonas 2017"

Puerto Ayacucho

April 22

"FLISoL Calabozo 2017"


June 16


El Tigre - Anzoategui

July 16

"11 Aniversario de la Comunidad "Ubuntu Venezuela" ( El Tigre - Anz)"

El Tigre - Anzoategui

July 16

"11 Aniversario de la Comunidad "Ubuntu Venezuela" ( El Tigre - Anz)"

El Tigre - Anzoategui

August 18,19


Lima - Peru

  • 33_opt.jpg

Events Year 2016


Event Name


January 12

"PyTatuy 2016"


January 13

"Ubuntu Hour Amazonas"

Puerto Ayacucho

January 30

"Ubuntu Hour "


February 15

"CURSO UBUNTU: QCAD – Dibujo y Diseño 2D Asistido por Computadora"

Puerto Ayacucho

February 22


Puerto Ordaz

March 19

"Document Freedom Day 2016 en Puerto Ordaz

Puerto Ordaz

March 29

"Reunión FLISOL Amazonas 2016"

Puerto Ayacucho

March 31

"Reunión cierre de Trimestre Ubuntu Amazonas "

Puerto Ayacucho

April 8

"Ubuntu Amazonas: Curso Animaciones 3D con Blender"

Puerto Ayacucho

April 8

"Ubuntu Amazonas: Curso Manejador de Base de Datos MySQL"

Puerto Ayacucho

April 8

"Ubuntu Amazonas: Curso Soporte Técnico Linux y Redes Cableadas "

Puerto Ayacucho

April 16

"Taller Mantenimiento y reparación de PCs y laptops

Puerto Ayacucho

April 21

"Entrega de Certificados Cursos Ubuntu / UT Fundacite Amazonas"

Puerto Ayacucho

April 23

"Flisol Maturìn 2016s "


April 23

"Flisol Amazonas 2016

Puerto Ayacucho

May 5

"Charla SENIAT Tecnologías Libres y Ley de InfoGobierno

Puerto Ayacucho

May 14

"Taller de Mantenimiento y Reparación de PCs y laptops"

Puerto Ayacucho

June 16

"10mo Aniversario de la Comunidad "Ubuntu Venezuela" ( El Tigre - Anz)

El Tigre - Anzoategui

June 16

"10mo Aniversario ubuntu Venezuela

Puerto Ayacucho

June 16

InstallFest Amazonas 2016

Puerto Ayacucho

June 25

Taller Interpretación de Imágenes Satélitales con QGis

Puerto Ayacucho

July 15

Festival de creación e intercambio de llaves

Puerto Ayacucho

Sept 17

Día Mundial de la Libertad del Software

Puerto Ayacucho

Oct 12

Lanzamiento Iwariwë

Puerto Ayacucho

Nov 01

Curso Programación de Aplicaciones con Blender

Puerto Ayacucho

  • photo_2016-01-16_16-31-18.jpg

Events Year 2015


Event Name


Dec 16

Almuerzo Ubuntero - El Tigre, Anz - Diciembre 2015

El Tigre- Anz

Dec 19

Almuerzo Ubuntero - Monagas


Dec. 19

Ubuntu Hour Valencia - Vzla

Valencia - Venezuela

Ubuntu Members

The Ubuntu Members are recognized for the great work they have done and are doing for the Ubuntu project. These Ubunteros are subject to a very thourough inspection by the Council of Regional Membership - Americas.

  • UM.jpg

Ubuntu Rolando Blanco

Ubuntu Efraín Valles

Ubuntu Santiago Zarate

Ubuntu César Sevilla

Ubuntu David Rondon

Ubuntu Wuilmer Bolívar

Ubuntu Naudy Vilarroel

Ubuntu Alfieri Morillo

Ubuntu Emanuel Torres Clemente

Ubuntu Jhuliana Delgado

Ubuntu Hernán Guzmán

* Documentation - Continue working and improving the community screencast and producing Ubuntu marketing material in Spanish. POP Material

* Local groups - Work more closely with local user groups in the universities and regional LUG's.

Our Pride

Without doubt our greatest pride is to be part of the satisfaction of the people that with a big smile in their face walk out of one of our Install-Fests happy with their shinny and new Ubuntu OS! ... and we do our best to make them feel that as Ubuntu users, they are not alone in this road to freedom ... they belong now to a bigger family... the Ubuntu-ve family!

But this is only possible with the participation and collaboration of a community, team work, and the will to fight against adversity and differences that often exist in any group of people and organizations. Only in this way we can conquer goals and achieve what has been achieved by Ubuntu-ve.

Throughout this time, all ubuntu-ve members that have passed through our growing family have left their footprints captured in this community. All those that have provided many good ideas and hard work, those who have given a little less but with with the best of faith, goodwill and hope, and absolutely all members who have worked for our LoCo Team, are valuable, and we trully thank them.

There is no greater pride than being valued and recognized positively for our work and effort.

Ubuntu-ve: "We now are many... we will be many more"

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