About Me

My name is Victor Palau. I work at Canonical (since Sept'10) leading the team that is responsible for the Ubuntu Certified programme and also for the enablement of new hardware such as Sandybridge in Ubuntu.

I started using Linux distros back when I was a student in Barcelona, Spain (where I come from). At work, I was really getting tired of windows as a working environment but I needed it for the Symbian toolchain, my employer at the time. After battling with cygwin, I started to run Ubuntu inside virtualbox with seamless mode. Now - that made me happier Smile :)

Back at Symbian was also when I decided that I wanted to work with open source software. My favourite open source apps running in Ubuntu are GIMP and Thunderbird.

Contact details

Contributions to Ubuntu

In general you can see what I am up to on my launchpad activity/karma.

Natty Cycle

Here is a list of a few things that I have been working on:

If you are interested, we are adopting SCRUM as work practice to ensure we deliver improvements frequently.I am sharing our process and tool with anyone that is interested to read my blog

Coming up in Oneiric

The Certification Team Backlog is now published.

We are launching a new community initiative called UbuntuFriendly.

  • Here is me and AraPulido talking about it.

  • Here is me talking to the UUPC folks about it.

What other people say

  • Victor is an awesome person to work with. His enthusiasm is contagious and he has quickly become a key member of the Ubuntu team. He has some visionary ideas that will help improve not only the Hardware Certification program, but also the way the quality in Ubuntu is understood. Through his blog, he's trying to spread the word about how important it is for the community to have a certification program that works well and efficiently and he is also helping the Kernel team to test better their SRUs before hitting the broader Ubuntu user base. He is going to be an excellent addition to the Ubuntu members group. -- AraPulido

  • Victor joined my team at Canonical a little over two months ago, to manage the teams responsible for Ubuntu hardware certification and hardware enablement. His contribution to Ubuntu, together with his team, includes providing the Ubuntu community with a list of certified systems which are known to work with Ubuntu. He is already bringing a lot of energy and good ideas to this part of the Ubuntu project, and I find him to be great to work with. -- MattZimmerman

  • Victor and I have worked together for over six months and he's been an outstanding addition to the team. His understanding of the Ubuntu community is amazing and here are a few reasons why: he frequently blogs about his experience with Ubuntu, he is responsible for enabling the community to ask questions about the Hardware Certification programme and he recently spearheaded the Ubuntu Friendly initiative to enable the community even further to participate in testing Ubuntu. So, even though Victor happens to work for Canonical, I can attest that he certainly goes beyond his day job to contribute in the Ubuntu community. -- MarcTardif

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