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Victor Vargas Location

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About me

I am an Ubuntu user since 4 years (at least my first ubuntu cd was Hoary Hedgehog), going from several distributions like Redhat, Mandriva, Debian and finally opts for Ubuntu as desktop platform and these last few months trying to migrate the server platform (Ubuntu Server) of the company where I work (all the desktop platform was migrated with very good results). I Participate actively in my local team (Chile) from approximately 1 year, where spent much of my time connected to IRC, in response to the mailing lists and sometimes posting in the forum of ubuntuforums of course.

Additionally I have a degree in Computer Ingenier from Universidad Tecnológica de Chile (Copiapó) in 2006 and currently work at a company devoted to technology and the Internet (website monitoring). Today, as a hobby I'm working on an application called HUUF that mean "help ubuntu users in forums", which helps new users by delivering information needed to ask for support in any forum or Linux community but focus in ubuntu.

Community Participation and Contributions

  • ubuntu-cl forums
  • Bug days / triaging / Global Jams / Juntas Ubunteras / Meetings
  • ubuntu mail lists, forums.






JRSL 2009

Reporting Bugs


Gnome Day 2009

Bug Squad


IRC ubuntu-cl

How to Triage bugs


Ubuntu Global Jam

Triaging bugs


Junta Ubuntera

Junta Ubuntera


Future Goals

  • Be a ubuntu member -> Ubuntu Bug Control Team (Q&A) -> a Master of the Universe

  • Get more karma and addopt a interesting package (for packing or be a maintainer)
  • Go to an UDS and feel like a ubuntu rockstar
  • Improve huuf (help ubuntu users in forums)
  • Buy a better len for my camera and capture more nice pictures of the "Juntas Ubunteras"
  • Continue to "Evangelization" or promoting Ubuntu in his different ways
  • Improve and participate in entire process of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (or most of them)
  • Search and include new people to our Loco Team (Chilean)


please if you can write something about my apport to ubuntu community would be appreciated!

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