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About me

I am a computer ingenier graduated from Universidad Tecnológica de Chile in year 2006.

I really like and feel interesting in:

  • The Ubuntu Community
  • System Administration
  • Gamming (ps3, psp, xbox 360, guitar hero, rock band)
  • Free Software, Open Source and stuffs.
  • Traveling
  • Rock and Music in general

Community Participation and Contributions

  • ubuntu-cl forums
  • Bug days / triaging / Global Jams / Juntas Ubunteras / Meetings
  • ubuntu mail lists, forums.

Future Goals

  • Be a ubuntu member -> Ubuntu Bug Control Team (Q&A) -> a Master of the Universe

  • Get more karma and addopt a interesting package (for packing or be a maintainer)
  • Go to an UDS and feel like a ubuntu rockstar
  • Improve huuf (help ubuntu users in forums)
  • Buy a better lent for my camera and get more nice pictures in the "Juntas Ubunteras"
  • Continue to "Evangelizando" or promoting Ubuntu in the most farest land.
  • Improve and participate in entire process of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (or most of them)
  • Search and get new people to our LOCO Team (Chilean)


please if you can write something about my apport to ubuntu community would be appreciated!

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