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=== Release Notes Beta 2 ~Vivid Vervet === === Release Notes Beta 2 Vivid Vervet ===

Release Notes Beta 2 Vivid Vervet

New features, applications and packages

Between the last milestone and this, there a major update of Xfce to Xfce 4.12 was released.

Many packages saw bug fixes amongst the release of Xfce 4.12.

Known issues

Ejecting the install medium after install is followed by hangs - regardless of whether installed to virtual or hardware. Power off and restart, the install will be available.

On hardware, option to eject install medium and restart leads to a hang. Power off and restart (see below)

(1307545) Power Manager settings are ignored when closing laptop lid

(1332931) "Display configure screen settings and layout" window opens automatically every view seconds

(1388922) xdg-open doesn't properly detect Xfce/Xubuntu

(1389400) wrapper-2.0 crashed with SIGSEGV in strrchr()

(1390933) Find and Replace Search Direction defaults to down

(1395720) authentication in livesession accepts any value as password

(1397095) dragging applications in the task bar causes repaint errors

(1426770) Run In Terminal from whiskermenu fails

(1436715) Vivid DVD fails to reboot or shutdown w/o hard reset

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