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Ubuntu Memberships

Major activities

Ubuntu and I

The beginning

I started using Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger in Dec 2005 after an hardware crash. Previously I had tryed both Red Hat and Mandrake but always in dual boot mode. Due to a great feeling with Ubuntu I don't have booted in the other OS working on my computer for 3 months after the installation and a few months later I have made Ubuntu the only OS in my desktop.

In my laptop I have left the pre-installed OS only for some compatibility reasons and pratically I don't use it as I run only my Ubuntu installed in encrypted partitions. As a result of this experience I have made the relative Wiki page linked above.

The Community and I

I begun to be involved in Ubuntu-it Community just after the first installation of Ubuntu with the subscription at the Forum (I intended to notify a little layout bug in the update manager and at that time I did not know of the existence of Launchpad). Subsequently, I started giving support to the Forum and also to Rosetta through some translations. After some months my work was appreciated by the Forum Staff so that I was nominated first Forum Moderator and, in May 2007, Forum Administrator. At present, my activities are focussed on Forum administration and maintenance (code and DB side in particular).

In June 2006 I have developed a Firefox extension that helped Forum's users to have all useful links grouped in a menu in Firefox. In March 2007 I revisited this Firefox extension by including all the resources of the Italian Ubuntu Community and also some resources of other Ubuntu communities including the International community. Actually the extension is hosted in the public section of Mozilla Addons site and is also available as an Ubuntu package through the universe repository starting from Hardy.

Future of Ubuntu

Ubuntu demonstrated in these years to possess all the prerequisites needed to become a real alternative to closed OSs. I think that the points of strength of Ubuntu are the stability, the regular and quick upgrade release, the very good hardware compatibility and the number of languages in which Ubuntu is translated and for which there is a localized support Community.

In my opinion there are two fields in which the chances of expanding the use of Ubuntu are most promising. The educational system in individual countries that could be converted to Ubuntu, thanks also to the action of local Ubuntu communities, and the business world, where the diffusion of Ubuntu support local services should be enhanced, in order to expand the use of Ubuntu in this context.

Cheers for Ubuntu Membership

I would like to sponsor Volans for his membership, he is a great admin of the Ubuntu Italian Forum. His work on the Italian forum is invaluable. -- PalmaSalvatore 2008-05-06 18:35:42

Volans is a great forum admin, he is behind the new layout of the forum, a very active user Big Grin :) -- Daniel Schwitzgebel 2021-09-19 19:16:46

Riccardo is one of our heroic administrators of Ubuntu-it forum. He did a great job so far by improving forum's infrastructure and to solve technical issues by helping sysadmins in #canonical-sysadmins on our server. He really deserves to join Ubuntu Member ranks -- LucaFalavigna

Volans did a great job in Ubuntu-it forum. He work very hard to make a new theme for the forum that link various board to the Ubuntu-it Wiki section, it's still in a beta test but it's very great! -- MaurizioMoriconi 2021-09-19 19:16:46

Volans is a pleasant treatment, ready to help, and he has done a great job and provide the community with the menu for firefox (Ubuntu-it Menu) -- Meisok 2021-09-19 19:16:46

I'm one of the other forum admins, and I can say that Riccardo is absolutely the main force behind our forum. He's doing a great and constant job, and he's a really kind person! -- LorenzoSfarra 2021-09-19 19:16:46


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