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Temp. Note: Welcome. Sorry, your email address? Will you be Marketing Contact for Japan? :) Mail me: LloydHardy tyia. wapowell ''at'' gmail.com

Bill Powell

This is my Ubuntu homepage. I am new to Ubuntu, but trying very hard to learn and to spread the word to others.

Who am I...

My name is Bill and I am an American living in Japan. While living in Japan I do what most foreigners do here... I teach English. Not a bad job, but not all that challenging either. Certainly not a career, but so far this is serving as a great educational experience for me and a MUCH needed break in my career.

I am interested to meet others that are living near me that share some common interests.

If you are in Japan (especially in Kanagawa-ken, or Kanto) feel free to drop me an email. Even if you aren't in Japan I would love to hear from you.



EMail me...

wapowell at gmail.com

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