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At the January 3, 2010 meeting it was determined that the best structure for leadership would be a 3 person committee.

Election process

  • Call for nominations.
    • Each candidate will use the wiki template at WashingtonTeam/LeadershipNominations

    • Each candidate will place their nomination in a standard location WashingtonTeam/LeadershipNominations/<period>/<yourname>.

  • When the call for nominations deadline is complete, we will use http://www.cs.cornell.edu/andru/civs.html to perform a vote.

  • When the voting period has closed the top three candidates will become the Leadership Committee for our LoCo

Election Timescales:

  • Open Call For Nominations - 9th January
  • Nominations Deadline - 23rd January
  • Vote opens - 24th January
  • Voting closes - 31st January

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