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= Introduction =
Chuck West is the leader of the Olympia Washington Ubuntu LoCo and leader of the Olympia Linux Users Group. Both the Olympia LoCo and OLUG exist only to help others use Linux. We provide all software and sevices free of charge. Copies of Ubuntu Linux are distributed at all meetings at no cost. We assist with installation and everyday use. Our group acts as a hub for the Olympia Linux community and more.

You might be interested in sharing what you know about Linux or learning from many other helpful Linux users in Olympia. Simply showing up at one of our meetings makes you a member of the group and we are always willing to help new users.

= Meetings =

Our meetings are always free and held every first Tuesday of the month at the Olympia Free School (http://olympiafreeschool.org/) at 610 Columbia St. SW from 7-9PM and the third Tuesday at Mud Bay Coffee http://www.mudbaycoffeeco.com/ at 1600 Cooper Point Road SW from 7-9PM. Maps are linked from the top of http://olylug.com/.

All meetings and software are free!

= Contact =

Our web discussion forum is located at http://olylug.com/ and we can be reached at 360-292-7777 most hours of the day.

= How to Contribute =

Contributions are accepted but not required or suggested. Again all meetings, software, searvice and sometimes even equipment is free of charge.

= Projects =

Our current projects include:

 * Help as many people start using Linux as possible.

 * Establish a community hub of Linux activity in the Washington state capitol.

 * Demostrate superior computing techniques using existing hardware.

 * Provide computers and internet access for anyone that requires them; free of charge.

 * Our Ubuntu LoCo Page.




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