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Please enjoy the Ubuntu Washington Team page facilitated by Chuck West. contact 360-292-7777 or chuck@olylug.org for additional information. All we are here to do is help you use Ubuntu Linux and it's associated Open-Source applications. There are no dues or fees of any type and all services are provided free of charge. Please also see the general Linux discussion on the Olympia Linux Users Group forum at http://olylug.org. We will do whatever it takes to help you start using Ubuntu including giving you all the software, installing it for you, showing you how to use it and fixing it if it ever breaks. We don't know how to make it easier tohelp you start using what we think is the finest computer operating system available at any price.

Thank You For Using Ubuntu!


Our meetings are always free and held in the Washington State capitol of Olympia every first Tuesday of the month at the Olympia Free School (http://olympiafreeschool.org/) at 610 Columbia St. SW from 7-9PM:


Another meeting is held the third Tuesday at the Clubside Cafe on 4th Avenue North downtown from 7-9PM:


All meetings and software are free!


Our temporary web discussion forum is located at http://olylug.org/ and we can be reached at 360-292-7777 most hours of the day (team contact Chuck West 360-292-7777 - chuck@olylug.org).

Mailing list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-wa

IRC Channel: #ubuntu-us-wa on irc.freenode.net:6667

How to Contribute

Contributions are accepted but not required or suggested. All meetings, software, service and sometimes even equipment is free.

The best thing you can do is use Linux and help others do the same. Please consider teaching what you know at the our Olympia Free School meetings. Also please bring people to the meetings! Get them the software they need and the help they require to get started. It will make the world better, it will save the planet, and they will like you more for turning them on to the best software in the world!


Our current projects include:

  • Helping as many people start using Ubuntu as possible.
  • Establishing a community hub of Ubuntu activity in Washington state.
  • Demostrating superior computing techniques using existing hardware.
  • Providing computers and internet access for anyone that requires them; free of charge.
  • Building our Ubuntu LoCo Page.

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