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Indicator Weather


Launchpad project:


PPA: ppa:weather-indicator-team/ppa

Package Name: indicator-weather

cloudy screenshot


Natty Narwhal doesn't support the Gnome Weather applet, so an indicator replacement is required. Enter: indicator-weather.


  • Shows the current weather conditions and temperature in the panel
  • Shows more information about the current weather in the indicator's menu
  • Optionally shows weather conditions and temperatures at several other locations
  • Three levels of notification - none, on weather change, on severe condition weather change

Suggestions, Plans, TODO

Please use project blueprints at

Right now, we're working on moving from pure Python to a Python/Vala combination, which will allow the indicator to have a very swish menu.

When this lands, it will bring:

  • "Feels like" temperatures - Heat Index, Wind Chill, Humidex and Apparent Temperature
  • Guess your location
  • 3 day forecasts in the menu

In the long-term forecast:

  • Use Weather Underground data
  • Show radar maps


Weather Indicator uses the Indicator framework and Python. Weather data is obtained from Yahoo or Google, and the Google Weather API is used for forecasts.

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