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Countdown banners for Ubuntu 10.04

Post your ideas for a countdown banner here. Guidelines are:

  • width: 180px
  • height: 150px
  • optimized png, gif or jpg, or
  • iframe containing interactive content (using static html, css, js and images - no PHP)
  • no flash - must work perfectly with only free software

A successful implementation will countdown the days from the Beta to final release. This means 28 images numbered 28 - 1 plus one for day 0 that says "coming soon" and one more that says "it's here" (30 images total).

For reference see the JauntyCountdownBanners

Post your drafts and mock-ups here along with any extra information you feel is useful then send a message to the web presence team mailing list so we can discuss it.

A few of the best will be selected to be syndicated from and one of the best that harmonizes well with the Ubuntu website colors and look will be shown on the homepage.


Florian Hubers's Design

I used the new Ubuntu bootscreen logo and "progressdots" for this banners. (Note: Please click the Full Size' link to see the original)

Full Size (Overview) Banner info page

Andrew Higginson's Design


Brandon Ferringer's Design

I will have the rest of them ready if anyone likes the design.

ubuntuisherefinal.png ubuntuonedayleft.png ubuntutwodayleft.png ubuntuthirtydaysleft.png ubuntuiscomingsoon.png

Sorry, I feel these designs look cheap, good idea but I don't like the background effect, the colours are also unrelated to ubuntu's new branding Sad :(

Muscovy's Design

I'll make the rest if anyone likes the design. I think the banner should show off the new wallpaper.

muscovy_counter_30.png muscovy_counter_29.png muscovy_counter_1.png muscovy_counter_soon.png muscovy_counter_here.png


Silviu Radu's Design

I just wanted to keep it simple and in the same contrast as the new brand graphic. I also can do the rest ;).

lucid_lynx_cd_banner_v1_28d.jpg lucid_lynx_cd_banner_v1_27d.jpg lucid_lynx_cd_banner_v1_26d.jpg lucid_lynx_cd_banner_v1_25d.jpg lucid_lynx_cd_banner_v1_3d.jpg lucid_lynx_cd_banner_v1_2d.jpg lucid_lynx_cd_banner_v1_1d.jpg lucid_lynx_cd_banner_v1_ics.jpg lucid_lynx_cd_banner_v1_ih_gb.jpg

MTeck: This is my personal favorite. It mixes into the new design very well. The only thing I'm not sure about is the big IS the day it's coming out.

Jeff Stone's Design

Building on Muscovy's design, I used the official logo and added a tiny gnome-terminal. I've included the GIMP .XCF for easy changes

ubuntu-countdown-30.jpg ubuntu-countdown-29.jpg ubuntu-countdown-1.jpg

Marc Stewart's design

Also uses the new aubergine/orange/white palette, together with the open font Titillium—to reflect this release's emphasis on light, and for its wonderful legibility—for everything except the new logotype.

lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_28.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_15.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_03.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_01.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_coming_soon.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_its_here.png

Alternate forms with the URL and aubergine background:

lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_its_here_url.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_coming_soon_alternate.png

The .xcf file for GIMP (including all the days and alternate colours) is also attached.

Here's a simple modification I made to use the wallpaper.

lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_1g_muscovymod-example.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_1g_muscovymod.xcf

  Thanks, Muscovy. That's definitely a way to add to the aubergine version. To make it more consistent with the light source being at the top left (with 'ubuntu'), I've flipped and slightly cropped the wallpaper:

lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_29h.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_1h.xcf

MTeck: This is my second favorite. I think the link when it's out is out of place and the numbers seem very narrow and out of place. I think wider numbers would look much nicer.

Inspired by the new site mockups

Having looked again at the brand wiki pages, I've created these based on the post-it images used for the fridge The "10.04" is copied from the same mockup ("Announcing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: The Lucid Lynx") for type matching.

lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_3k_26.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_3k_17.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_3k_04.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_3k_01.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_3k_00b_coming_soon.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_3k_00a_its_here.png

A mockup of this countdown banner in use on the new-look fridge is attached, along with the .xcf for GIMP.

lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_3k_fridge_mockup.png lucid_countdown_marc_stewart_3k.xcf

Ty VandeZande's Design

I have the rest of them ready and can upload them if anyone likes them. I was not sure which "it's here" to use so i uploaded them both and you can pick which one looks better.

ty_lucid_countdown_1.png ty_lucid_countdown_28.png ty_lucid_countdown_comingsoon.png ty_lucid_countdown_itshere.png or ty_lucid_countdown_itsherealternate.png

MrAndrezejak's Design

Hi all! Ubuntu user for 3+ years and looking for more ways to contribute to the community. Here is my first banner set, and working on one more.

ubuntu-banner30.png ubuntu-banner29.png ubuntu-banner28.png ubuntu-banner27.png ubuntu-banner26.png ubuntu-banner25.png ubuntu-banner24.png ubuntu-banner-soon.png ubuntu-banner-here.png

ALT version with orange "Ubuntu"... ubuntu-banner26ALT.png

I have used several of the new pictograms which could have a different one each day as I did above, or change every 4 days from one to the next.

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