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NextStep: glossy button;

Ubuntu Advertisements and Buttons for Websites

The buttons were put together by AaronWaite. Copy the images to your server and use them to link to (It is not advisable to link directly to images in a wiki, as they are likely to be moved around.

attachment:ubuntu_button_80x15.png 80x15 Steal this button!

attachment:ubuntu_button_88x31.png 88x31 Powered by Ubuntu

attachment:ubuntu_button_110x32.png 110x32 Powered by Ubuntu

attachment:ubuntu_button_120x60.png 120x60 Powered by Ubuntu

attachment:ubuntu_button_120x60_share.png 120x60 Share Ubuntu

attachment:ubuntu_button_120x60_human.png 120x60 Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings

attachment:ubuntu_button_120x60_ooh.png 120x60 Ooh! Ooh! Ubuntu!

attachment:ubuntu_button_180x60.png 180x60 Powered by Ubuntu

attachment:ubuntu_banner_468x60.png 468x60 Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings

A shaded 80x15: attachment:ubuntu_button_80x15_shaded.png

Here's a 80x15 button I made, thought I could as well share it: attachment:ubuntu80x15logo.png

JustinFlavin: i made this 80x15 button, in Ubuntu orange attachment:ubuntubuttonorange.png

Lizzeh: I have made one for Ubuntu Women Smile :) attachment:ubuntuwomenbutton.png

Michiel3: Another 80x15 button to those who want "get" in their buttons.

Диакон Николай Станошек: This is the 80x15 button I use on attachment:ubuntuu.png

xoaqin: Get Ubuntu button attachment:getubuntu.png

Ville Sokk (commodore): I did some too under creative-commons-share-alike attachment:1.png attachment:2.png attachment:3.PNG attachment:5.png

jperez: I decided to make one of my own. I emulated the ubuntu font in the bitmap format to make the text. attachment:getubuntu_80x15.png

attachment:Ubuntu-88x31.gif 88x31 Ubuntu Button

NextStep: glossy button; attachment:ubuntu-spread.png


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