About me

Lets see... My name is Cameron Childress. I started out with support at phpbb.com and was introduced to ubuntu by AlexLatchford sometime during the drapper release. I didn't really get to use my ubuntu partition until Edgy though because of wpa trouble. I finally have a wire now, and I've learned to use wpa on my laptop.

I'm very new to the ubuntu scene and to local programming in general (as opposed to php and web based scripts). I'm looking to become more involved in the ubuntu project though, I'd like to help manage the phpbb2 package (since I have some experiance there) and hopefully move up to something like the Mozilla team.

Contact me

Launchpad: http://launchpad.net/~who-cares/

Email: <who_cares AT SPAMFREE charter DOT net>

IRC: I go by who_cares on irc.freenode.net, irc.threepoorguys.org, and irc.mozilla.org


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