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Persistent live drive with Ubuntu 19.10 and newer versions

You can edit the binary iso file of Ubuntu 19.10, the corresponding community family flavours, (Kubuntu, Lubuntu ... Xubuntu) and newer versions, so that a USB drive, when cloned, will become a persistent live drive.

The first time, that the drive is booted, a partition with the ext4 file system and the label casper-rw will be created automatically in the unallocated drive space 'behind' the cloned system.

Please notice that this does not work with older versions of Ubuntu.

Edit the iso file with a binary editor

You can download and install the binary editor HxD, that works well with iso files at This tool is free but not open source.

  • Open a downloaded iso file
  • Select the pull-down menu 'Search' and then 'Replace...'
  • Check that you replace 'quiet splash' with 'persistent  '. It is important that you replace 12 characters with 12 characters. Otherwise the edited file cannot be used to create a working live system.


  • Press the button 'Replace all' and let the binary editor work. In the current 19.10 version, there should be 12 instances of 'quiet splash' to be replaced with 'persistent '.


  • You may want to keep the original iso file in order to create standard live-only drives or use other tools. In this case you should save the edited file as another file, so select the pull-down menu 'File' and then 'Save as...'. If there is enough drive space, it is a good idea to keep the original iso file.
  • Otherwise, you can save the file with the same name, overwrite the original iso file.


Now you are ready to return to the iso2usb page

Simple, isn't it! This is the only extra step in order to create a persistent live USB drive instead of a standard live (live-only) USB drive.

So now you can return to the iso2usb page and clone the edited and saved iso file, which now contains the boot option persistent in correct locations for booting both in BIOS mode and UEFI mode.

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