Wisconsin Meeting History - August 22, 2007

The meeting turned out to be a success! The meeting lasted about an 1.5 hours and the conclusions are below:

1. Regular Meeting Time Scheduling

  • Meetings will occur on Wednesday's at 8:00 PM.
  • Meetings will occur twice a month.
  • Next meeting will occur on September 5th, 2007.

2. Wisconsin Wiki Discussion

  • The consensus was that the Wiki layout was good.
  • Everyone seemed to like a clean and simple layout.
  • If you have suggestions or find areas that need fixing, please contact Ek0nomik or make the changes yourself.

3. Website & Launchpad Ideas

  • This topic is going to be discussed more at the next meeting.
    • Agreement that website should be easy to update and low maintenance.
    • Agreement that website can act as a Wisconsin Ubuntu Loco News Blog.

4. Project Ideas in Wisconsin

  • herteljt has created a forum discussion where we can share project ideas.

  • The group agreed that working with other Wisconsin LUGs would be beneficial.
  • Having a Wisconsin InstallFest was highly looked upon.

  • Please contribute to the discussion on the forum for project ideas, and also start contacting existing Wisconsin LUGs for project ideas/collaboration.

5. Mailing List Ideas & Group Management

  • uberushaximus will be handing the Mailing List and he has requested the administration information as of August 22nd, 2007.

  • Ek0nomik will be acting as another contact individual for the Ubuntu LoCo Group.

Next Meeting : September 5th, 2007 - 8:00 PM

Thanks to everyone who participated! Hope to see everyone (and more) at the next meeting!


Aug 22 19:58:48 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Hey Doctor.  :)
Aug 22 19:58:49 <Th3_D0ct0R>    yea i read thro it all
Aug 22 19:58:59 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I figured we can give it 2 more minutes.
Aug 22 19:59:00 <herteljt>      are any of you near south western wi?
Aug 22 19:59:01 <Th3_D0ct0R>    hey ekonomic
Aug 22 19:59:09 <herteljt>      terrible with all the flooding
Aug 22 19:59:10 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I thought uber was going to make it so I want to give him a few minutes.
Aug 22 19:59:11 <Th3_D0ct0R>    na im up here in the northern part
Aug 22 19:59:18 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       hert:  Madison.
Aug 22 19:59:20 <Th3_D0ct0R>    its only 8
Aug 22 19:59:28 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       A lot of our neighbors have had flooding.
Aug 22 19:59:33 <herteljt>      I heard that a few people were killed in madison today
Aug 22 19:59:41 <herteljt>      lighting hitting water
Aug 22 19:59:43 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       yep.
Aug 22 19:59:49 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I think it was a poll actually.
Aug 22 19:59:52 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       that fell into the water.
Aug 22 20:00:05 <Th3_D0ct0R>    wow that sucks
Aug 22 20:00:10 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       uberushaximus:  you around?
Aug 22 20:00:18 <uberushaximus> yup
Aug 22 20:00:23 <uberushaximus> Greetings
Aug 22 20:00:25 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       excellent.
Aug 22 20:00:28 <uberushaximus> Welcome to our first meeting
Aug 22 20:00:38 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Anyone know who Mike Putnam is?  He added himself to the Wiki.
Aug 22 20:00:41 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I was just wondering who he was.
Aug 22 20:00:44 <herteljt>      Glad to be here
Aug 22 20:01:19 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Well, I have a rather lax agenda for us to discuss:
Aug 22 20:01:21 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       * Regular Meeting Time Scheduling
Aug 22 20:01:21 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       * Wisconsin Wiki Discussion
Aug 22 20:01:21 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       * Website & Launchpad Ideas
Aug 22 20:01:21 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       * Project Ideas in Wisconsin
Aug 22 20:01:21 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       * Mailing List Ideas/Management
Aug 22 20:01:36 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       So, we can begin withh 1:  Regular Meeting Time.
Aug 22 20:01:49 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Anyone think it will be possible for our group of people here?
Aug 22 20:01:49 <uberushaximus> I can't necessarily make /every/ meeting, as I have a job
Aug 22 20:01:58 <Th3_D0ct0R>    umm  a sec i gotta go nuke my food but ill be back
Aug 22 20:02:06 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       lol, alright d0ct0R.  :)
Aug 22 20:02:12 <Th3_D0ct0R>    jutalkin ill come back into the convo when im ready
Aug 22 20:02:30 <herteljt>      Evenings work best for me
Aug 22 20:02:35 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       uber:  That's fine, I was just thinking a regular time for at least 3 people to be present.
Aug 22 20:02:51 <herteljt>      Tuesday is the only evening that won't work regularly
Aug 22 20:02:52 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       herteljt:  Same here, I will have lectures starting September 4.
Aug 22 20:03:09 <uberushaximus> so that rules out tuesday
Aug 22 20:03:20 <herteljt>      Wednesday is good
Aug 22 20:03:30 <MethodOne>     that's good
Aug 22 20:03:37 <herteljt>      a nice middle of the week day
Aug 22 20:04:13 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Wednesday will work for me too.
Aug 22 20:04:21 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I have lab until 4:45, but that seems early enough anyways.
Aug 22 20:04:25 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Wedneday nights?
Aug 22 20:04:32 <uberushaximus> it worked this week
Aug 22 20:05:11 <herteljt>      When I was in college Wednesday evenings was the best day for meetings that is why I suggested it
Aug 22 20:05:34 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       It will definitely work for me.
Aug 22 20:05:43 <herteljt>      Let's say Wednesday 8pm
Aug 22 20:05:55 <MethodOne>     ok
Aug 22 20:05:56 <herteljt>      as our #1 choice
Aug 22 20:06:02 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I think that should be fine.  Let's just see what D0ct0R says.
Aug 22 20:06:05 <uberushaximus> any objections?
Aug 22 20:06:18 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Once more thing on the meeting topic... how many times a month?
Aug 22 20:06:22 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       once, twice?
Aug 22 20:06:42 <uberushaximus> why not bi or quadmonthly?
Aug 22 20:06:53 <herteljt>      it depends on what we are doing
Aug 22 20:07:36 <herteljt>      one advantage our little group has is that we have a message board which is checked regularly
Aug 22 20:07:54 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       definitely.
Aug 22 20:08:07 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I check it once a day at least.
Aug 22 20:08:25 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       uberushaximus:  You think twice a month?
Aug 22 20:08:50 <uberushaximus> twice does seem more than enough for our priorities
Aug 22 20:08:53 <uberushaximus> so sure
Aug 22 20:09:00 <Th3_D0ct0R>    i have church choir till 730-ish and then theres always socializing til like 745 so i should be able to make it at 8 maybe a lil later
Aug 22 20:09:01 <herteljt>      I would agree
Aug 22 20:09:16 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I agree, I think twice could possibly even be more than enough for us.
Aug 22 20:09:28 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I don't think our agenda would always be as large as this one.
Aug 22 20:09:42 <herteljt>      if anything regular meetings will keep us honest
Aug 22 20:09:54 <herteljt>      and on top of our resonsibilities
Aug 22 20:09:59 <Th3_D0ct0R>    yea something to chekc up on our prgress
Aug 22 20:10:01 <herteljt>      responsibilities
Aug 22 20:10:11 <sgtd>  Wednesday @ 8:00pm works for me too.
Aug 22 20:10:18 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       hey sgtd.  :)
Aug 22 20:10:28 <sgtd>  howdy Ek0nomik|Laptop , all.
Aug 22 20:10:30 <herteljt>      is someone acting as a recorder?
Aug 22 20:10:33 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       yeah.
Aug 22 20:10:35 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I am logging.
Aug 22 20:10:38 <herteljt>      k
Aug 22 20:10:41 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I will update the Wiki later tonight too.
Aug 22 20:10:57 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       So, twice a month seems good for everyone?
Aug 22 20:11:05 <Th3_D0ct0R>    yea
Aug 22 20:11:10 <MethodOne>     ok
Aug 22 20:11:15 <herteljt>      sounds good
Aug 22 20:11:46 *       hoosfoos checks in
Aug 22 20:11:50 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       alright.
Aug 22 20:12:01 <herteljt>      so the next scheduled meeting will be September 5th
Aug 22 20:12:16 <herteljt>      at 8pm
Aug 22 20:12:19 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I'll put a reminder in my phone.  :)
Aug 22 20:12:23 <Th3_D0ct0R>    second day of school fo me
Aug 22 20:12:34 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Second day for everyone in Wisconsin I think.
Aug 22 20:12:45 <herteljt>      yes, our legislature made sure of that
Aug 22 20:12:51 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       so our kids can work at the Dells.
Aug 22 20:12:54 <herteljt>      the private schools can start early
Aug 22 20:12:58 <Th3_D0ct0R>    oh yea :)
Aug 22 20:13:25 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I wish I could get the Soup Nazi to say "Next!" after we finish every item on our agenda.
Aug 22 20:13:32 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       * Wisconsin Wiki Discussion *
Aug 22 20:13:42 <uberushaximus> good episode
Aug 22 20:13:59 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I reworked the Wiki page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WisconsinTeam - if you haven't seen it)
Aug 22 20:14:20 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I have uberushaximus and myself on the Member list.  Any of you can add yourself at any time if you wish.
Aug 22 20:15:20 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I don't know if any of you thought additional pages should be create, or something changed.
Aug 22 20:15:23 <Th3_D0ct0R>    it lookes good
Aug 22 20:15:48 <herteljt>      clean and simple
Aug 22 20:15:51 <uberushaximus> that it does
Aug 22 20:16:07 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       If anything comes to mind, just shoot me a message or clean up any messy errors I made.  :)
Aug 22 20:16:13 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       or just create a page if you wish.
Aug 22 20:16:19 <Th3_D0ct0R>    yea alrighty
Aug 22 20:16:53 <uberushaximus> NEXT!
Aug 22 20:16:58 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       lol.
Aug 22 20:16:59 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       * Website & Launchpad Ideas *
Aug 22 20:17:13 *       Ek0nomik|Laptop personally doesn't use Launchpad very often at all.
Aug 22 20:17:24 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       A website could be worthwhile though.
Aug 22 20:17:30 *       uberushaximus used to but has been drawn away from it
Aug 22 20:17:37 *       uberushaximus realizes he has a hat on
Aug 22 20:17:52 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       life aquatic style?
Aug 22 20:17:54 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       :P
Aug 22 20:17:58 <herteljt>      My questions would be:
Aug 22 20:17:59 *       uberushaximus is easily distracted
Aug 22 20:18:05 <herteljt>      1) what is on the site?
Aug 22 20:18:11 <herteljt>      2) who maintains the site?
Aug 22 20:18:27 <uberushaximus> Ek0nomik already suggested to maintain
Aug 22 20:18:41 <uberushaximus> did you not?
Aug 22 20:19:04 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       herteljt:  Honestly, I think #1 would be very similar to the Wiki.  It would just look nicer.
Aug 22 20:19:18 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       2:  I am looking for VERY low maintenance if we were to have one.
Aug 22 20:19:20 <Th3_D0ct0R>    yea and we could and a bunch of nifty little touches
Aug 22 20:19:38 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I can maintain it, but keeping that in mind, I would keep everything VERY simple.
Aug 22 20:19:43 <herteljt>      Would it be for communication with people outside the group?
Aug 22 20:19:51 <Th3_D0ct0R>    yes and no
Aug 22 20:19:53 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I would use Wordpress for "blogging" (updated), and then just throw a design together.
Aug 22 20:19:58 <sgtd>  could it be stated that wiki is for LoCo Team stuffs and Lanchpad site is primarily to attract/engage new Ubuntu users?
Aug 22 20:20:00 <uberushaximus> why not be a portal newsblog?
Aug 22 20:20:35 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       uberushaximus:  You are saying the website could be a news blog?
Aug 22 20:20:50 <uberushaximus> mhmm
Aug 22 20:20:53 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       sgtd:  Do you think Launchpad makes for a good initial greeting to the group?
Aug 22 20:20:57 *       zombiechick wonders why there is a need for a distro-specific advocacy group...
Aug 22 20:21:02 <uberushaximus> similar to planet.pidgin.im
Aug 22 20:21:11 <sgtd>  With Forums/Wiki/and Lanchpad, I forsee an unhealthy spread of un-updated resources.
Aug 22 20:21:24 <sgtd>  zombiechick: why not?
Aug 22 20:21:47 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       zombiechick:  You have an odd channel choice then.  :)
Aug 22 20:21:52 <zombiechick>   sgtd: I have been an avocate of most distro's at one time or another...
Aug 22 20:21:53 <sgtd>  Linux! With a bias!
Aug 22 20:21:55 <herteljt>      zombiechick: Everyone has to start somewhere
Aug 22 20:22:07 <herteljt>      what a strange comment
Aug 22 20:22:09 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       sgtd:  I absolutely agree, and that's why I am saying very low maintenance.
Aug 22 20:22:25 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       The website would need to be *easy* to update.
Aug 22 20:22:46 <herteljt>      a blog would work nicely
Aug 22 20:22:55 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I have setup my own blog w/ Wordpress.
Aug 22 20:22:55 <zombiechick>   I just wonder if all this energy would be better put into a distro-neutral Linux advocacy group
Aug 22 20:23:15 <sgtd>  Perhaps we could step back and assert what this LoCo is all about.  Evangelize? Socialize? etc?
Aug 22 20:23:16 *       zombiechick will shut up now..
Aug 22 20:23:20 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       zombiechick:  Getting someone interested in a single distro is enough to push them to another.
Aug 22 20:23:33 <herteljt>      I agree that is the point of the group
Aug 22 20:23:44 <herteljt>      try ubuntu and if you like it try something else
Aug 22 20:24:22 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       sgtd:  The purpose of the LoCo is advocation and socialization imo.
Aug 22 20:24:31 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Advocate while having fun.
Aug 22 20:24:40 <herteljt>      I think advocate
Aug 22 20:25:14 *       zombiechick is now known as zombiechick-here
Aug 22 20:25:24 *       zombiechick-here is now known as hereti1
Aug 22 20:25:35 <sgtd>  i see my "membership" as an evangelical one, the social part will follow anyway.
Aug 22 20:25:36 <hereti1>       rofl...
Aug 22 20:25:54 <herteljt>      I also think evangelical
Aug 22 20:26:04 <herteljt>      but I don't see myself "pushing" others into it
Aug 22 20:26:08 <uberushaximus> I think pushing ease of use and easy migration is a must
Aug 22 20:26:12 *       hereti1 is now known as zombiechick
Aug 22 20:26:16 *       Ek0nomik|Laptop agrees with uber.
Aug 22 20:26:16 <Th3_D0ct0R>    yea
Aug 22 20:26:20 <herteljt>      although I did change my mother's pc over
Aug 22 20:26:24 <sgtd>  !pushing, rather "making aware"
Aug 22 20:26:33 <sgtd>  My wife runs Ubuntu.
Aug 22 20:26:50 <sgtd>  My kids run Ubuntu (when they don't want to play Win-only games)
Aug 22 20:26:56 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       My roomates now run Ubuntu, and my girlfriend will soon as well.
Aug 22 20:27:05 <sgtd>  I run Ubuntu for casual-use laptops
Aug 22 20:27:44 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       primary distro?
Aug 22 20:27:54 <herteljt>      what were were talking about?
Aug 22 20:27:56 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Ok, so, shall we put the website discussion off for another time?
Aug 22 20:28:11 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       let the idea get chewed on a bit for the next meeting?
Aug 22 20:28:18 <MethodOne>     ok
Aug 22 20:28:19 <sgtd>  Whether or not advocacy is the primary goal of the LoCo, I would vote that the Launchpad be used primarily for that.
Aug 22 20:28:52 <herteljt>      yes, let's put it off for the next meeting
Aug 22 20:29:16 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       * Project Ideas in Wisconsin *
Aug 22 20:29:23 <sgtd>  and the wiki for "Team" stuff.  a la "point gramma to Launchpad, point techno-buddies interested in participating to wiki"
Aug 22 20:30:15 <Th3_D0ct0R>    what have other loco groups done?
Aug 22 20:30:25 <sgtd>  <shrug>
Aug 22 20:30:31 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       many have websites if I am not mistaken.
Aug 22 20:30:34 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       and launchpad as well.
Aug 22 20:30:59 <Th3_D0ct0R>    so they just encourage ppl to use ubuntu/linux?
Aug 22 20:31:00 <sgtd>  I can offer a subdomain of wisconsinlinux.org to the group.
Aug 22 20:31:20 <sgtd>  Th3_D0ct0R: but with Local relavence.
Aug 22 20:31:20 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       sgtd:  Thanks for the offer.  :)  I think we should just chew on the idea for now.
Aug 22 20:31:46 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       we can discuss the website more at the next meeting.
Aug 22 20:31:52 <sgtd>  <tabled>
Aug 22 20:32:10 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       uberushaximus has control over the Launchpad.
Aug 22 20:32:15 <herteljt>      I agree with the gentlemen from wisconsin
Aug 22 20:32:24 <uberushaximus> is there any changes needed?
Aug 22 20:32:59 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Just a photo I think.
Aug 22 20:33:05 <uberushaximus> of?
Aug 22 20:33:07 <uberushaximus> the logo?
Aug 22 20:33:19 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       sure.
Aug 22 20:33:30 <sgtd>  herteljt: olz
Aug 22 20:34:02 <herteljt>      olz?
Aug 22 20:34:11 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Does anyone have any initial project ideas for us to think about?
Aug 22 20:34:15 <sgtd>  multiple lol's perhaps
Aug 22 20:34:24 <herteljt>      oh :)
Aug 22 20:34:51 <herteljt>      here is one I had
Aug 22 20:34:58 <herteljt>      a setup day of some sort
Aug 22 20:35:09 <sgtd>  an installfest?
Aug 22 20:35:13 <herteljt>      yep
Aug 22 20:35:26 <MethodOne>     that would be good
Aug 22 20:35:32 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       yes, yes it would.
Aug 22 20:35:47 <sgtd>  could we leverage any regional LUG's?
Aug 22 20:35:48 <herteljt>      maybe we could advertise at different places and help people setup systems
Aug 22 20:35:51 <uberushaximus> sgtd: would you be interested in seeing if we can work that into the wilug installfest?
Aug 22 20:36:14 <sgtd>  !wilug!! is having an installfest?!
Aug 22 20:36:31 <uberushaximus> I assumed they would?
Aug 22 20:36:33 <uberushaximus> :/
Aug 22 20:37:06 <sgtd>  #wilug is very geographically diverse.
Aug 22 20:37:15 <uberushaximus> are we not?
Aug 22 20:37:35 <sgtd>  yes.  but #wilug hasn't done an installfest either
Aug 22 20:37:59 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I don't think we can get any conclusions out of this yet.  We need to communicate more with other LUG's in WI to set this up.
Aug 22 20:38:04 <herteljt>      should we contact wilug and maybe a few other lugs in wisconsin?
Aug 22 20:38:23 <sgtd>  yes.
Aug 22 20:38:41 <herteljt>      http://www.newlug.org/index.php/Main_Page#Linux_Links
Aug 22 20:38:46 <herteljt>      that is newlug
Aug 22 20:38:53 <sgtd>  I think existing LUGS may think it a bit of a waste of time.
Aug 22 20:38:55 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       yeah, we need to discuss with other LUG's more.
Aug 22 20:38:57 <herteljt>      north eastern wisconsin
Aug 22 20:39:08 <sgtd>  it would be tricky to get buy-in without being dismissed.
Aug 22 20:39:26 <uberushaximus> launchpad logo'd
Aug 22 20:39:28 <sgtd>  http://wisconsinlinux.org has pretty full list of the groups in WI.
Aug 22 20:39:35 <uberushaximus> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-wisconsin
Aug 22 20:40:23 <herteljt>      well, how about this
Aug 22 20:40:23 <sgtd>  regardless, a healthy relationship with local LUG's can only be good.
Aug 22 20:40:32 <herteljt>      we plan an install fest
Aug 22 20:40:33 <uberushaximus> sgtd: Indeed
Aug 22 20:40:36 *       Ek0nomik|Laptop agrees with sgtd.
Aug 22 20:40:45 <herteljt>      and invite them to participate
Aug 22 20:41:21 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Ideally the install fest would be not in the Winter.  :/
Aug 22 20:41:25 <uberushaximus> but, please, don't elt it become a my distro is better than yours
Aug 22 20:41:29 <sgtd>  and don't take it personally when you encounter skepticism
Aug 22 20:41:32 <uberushaximus> *let
Aug 22 20:41:39 <MethodOne>     that would be good, but i don't want to drive an hour or two to get to the nearest lug.  i live in howards grove (near sheboygan)
Aug 22 20:42:07 <herteljt>      I think we need to approach this from the standpoint that any linux is better than no linux
Aug 22 20:42:12 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       yep.
Aug 22 20:42:33 <sgtd>  yes.
Aug 22 20:42:46 <uberushaximus> and not to get into any flamewars with other distro users
Aug 22 20:42:56 <herteljt>      from our conversation here and on the forum i don't think any of us feels that Ubuntu is the one, the only distro
Aug 22 20:43:28 <uberushaximus> that's a good sentiment
Aug 22 20:43:35 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       yep.
Aug 22 20:44:14 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Alright, another item to be chewed on and discussed later.
Aug 22 20:44:21 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       We need to communicate with LUG's more.
Aug 22 20:44:26 <herteljt>      I don't think the install fest has to be in only one place (though it would be helpful to have more than one person for trouble shooting)
Aug 22 20:44:33 <uberushaximus> mhmm
Aug 22 20:44:47 <uberushaximus> multiple simultaneous installs
Aug 22 20:44:54 <uberushaximus> in different locations
Aug 22 20:45:55 <MethodOne>     how can i advertise the install fest to current and new linux users in my area?
Aug 22 20:46:09 <uberushaximus> We'll get to that
Aug 22 20:46:11 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       yeah.
Aug 22 20:46:14 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       We can design posters.
Aug 22 20:46:23 <uberushaximus> when it gets planned
Aug 22 20:46:32 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       yeah, we will get to it.  :)
Aug 22 20:46:33 <herteljt>      I would talk to friends, put up things at the library, etc
Aug 22 20:46:43 <uberushaximus> hopefully it won't be "Soon(tm)"
Aug 22 20:46:51 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       lol
Aug 22 20:47:09 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       * Mailing List Ideas/Management *
Aug 22 20:47:11 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       is the last item.
Aug 22 20:47:15 <herteljt>      Another idea I had for a project
Aug 22 20:47:25 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       er.  sorry herteljt, go ahead.  :)
Aug 22 20:47:35 <herteljt>      was to send letters to newspapers
Aug 22 20:47:43 <herteljt>      like letters to the editor
Aug 22 20:47:51 <uberushaximus> well, that's possible
Aug 22 20:47:59 <herteljt>      we could draft up something together and submit it to papers
Aug 22 20:48:18 <herteljt>      it would include our group and links so that interested people can contact us
Aug 22 20:48:49 *       zombiechick thinks WiLoCo could make a boxed Ubuntu version available free through local retailers...
Aug 22 20:48:56 <uberushaximus> that's plausible, however. it wouldn't reach a large audience
Aug 22 20:49:12 <herteljt>      I think that is a neat idea zombiechick
Aug 22 20:49:17 <uberushaximus> and maybe localize it a bit
Aug 22 20:49:22 <Th3_D0ct0R>    yea that would be cool
Aug 22 20:49:42 <zombiechick>   maybe allow the retailer to make some profit... a handling charge...
Aug 22 20:49:54 <herteljt>      I guess I want to find other ways to contact people and let them know about linux
Aug 22 20:50:00 <uberushaximus> we could ask canonical to fund that if it came to that
Aug 22 20:50:22 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Myself and a few close friends at Eau Claire would help me advertise Ubuntu on the EC Campus.
Aug 22 20:50:24 <herteljt>      Whether through install fests or letters or whatever
Aug 22 20:50:32 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I plan on doing something like that later this year.
Aug 22 20:50:36 <herteljt>      I miss EC
Aug 22 20:50:47 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       heh.
Aug 22 20:50:57 <herteljt>      could we put an "ideas board" on the forum
Aug 22 20:51:01 <MethodOne>     shre
Aug 22 20:51:03 <MethodOne>     sure*
Aug 22 20:51:10 <uberushaximus> herteljt: make one ;)
Aug 22 20:51:14 <herteljt>      and throw out possible ideas for getting the word out?
Aug 22 20:51:17 <herteljt>      done and done
Aug 22 20:51:23 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       sounds good.
Aug 22 20:52:22 <Th3_D0ct0R>    hahaha sorry funny story here....but my windoes machine wont start :) it freezes on start up :P
Aug 22 20:52:35 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       it's a sign d0ct0R.
Aug 22 20:52:36 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       :P
Aug 22 20:52:36 <uberushaximus> We could order large amounts of CDs to place in public libraries
Aug 22 20:52:45 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       uberu:  That would require funding.
Aug 22 20:52:55 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I don't think Canonical will fund that until we become recognized.
Aug 22 20:53:00 <uberushaximus> right
Aug 22 20:53:16 <uberushaximus> throwing it out there
Aug 22 20:53:26 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       yeah I know, it's a good idea too.  :)
Aug 22 20:54:24 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Shall we move onto the next item?
Aug 22 20:54:53 <herteljt>      yes
Aug 22 20:54:59 <herteljt>      I made a thread
Aug 22 20:56:28 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       * Mailing List/Management *
Aug 22 20:56:50 <herteljt>      Do you mean management of the list?
Aug 22 20:56:57 <herteljt>      or management of this group?
Aug 22 20:57:09 <herteljt>      both should be discussed
Aug 22 20:57:26 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       both.
Aug 22 20:57:40 <uberushaximus> I never got the adminship for it
Aug 22 20:58:17 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       dang.
Aug 22 20:58:23 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       well, that's a problem.
Aug 22 20:58:48 <herteljt>      what does that mean?
Aug 22 20:58:56 <herteljt>      who is technically the admin?
Aug 22 20:59:03 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       well, uberu should be.
Aug 22 20:59:10 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       but apparently never got it when he created the group.
Aug 22 20:59:23 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       so, nobody can approve subscribers or send out e-mails as far as I know.
Aug 22 20:59:26 <herteljt>      who has it then?
Aug 22 20:59:37 <herteljt>      does it default to someone?
Aug 22 20:59:54 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I think we just need to get it
Aug 22 21:00:01 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       from whoever created them for the groups.
Aug 22 21:00:14 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I didn't know uberu didn't have acess to it.
Aug 22 21:00:16 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       *access
Aug 22 21:00:44 <herteljt>      how do we know who has it?
Aug 22 21:00:57 <herteljt>      uberushaximus: name is green when I log in
Aug 22 21:01:10 <herteljt>      I guess I thought that meant he was the admin on the forum
Aug 22 21:01:19 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       he is a moderator of the forum.
Aug 22 21:01:34 <Th3_D0ct0R>    not of the mailing list tho
Aug 22 21:01:40 <herteljt>      opps, my mistake
Aug 22 21:02:59 <uberushaximus> This I suppose would be an opportune time to ask the loco a question
Aug 22 21:03:08 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       uberushaximus:  Have you contacted the supposed administrators of it?
Aug 22 21:03:09 <Th3_D0ct0R>    k
Aug 22 21:03:13 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-wi
Aug 22 21:03:24 <uberushaximus> do you have any objections to a co-leadership by Ek0nomik?
Aug 22 21:03:33 <herteljt>      ubuntu-us-wi-owner@lists.ubuntu.com
Aug 22 21:03:36 <Th3_D0ct0R>    no
Aug 22 21:03:57 <herteljt>      it says that the list is run by
Aug 22 21:04:07 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       scott something.
Aug 22 21:04:10 <herteljt>      scott@thunderpunch.net
Aug 22 21:04:16 <uberushaximus> I think he runs all of the reserved ones
Aug 22 21:04:26 <uberushaximus> it defaults to him
Aug 22 21:04:34 <herteljt>      so I guess we need to contact him and ask him for access
Aug 22 21:04:34 <uberushaximus> I could be wrong
Aug 22 21:04:43 <herteljt>      has anyone subscribed to the mailing list?
Aug 22 21:04:55 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I did.
Aug 22 21:04:57 <uberushaximus> I have
Aug 22 21:05:07 <herteljt>      when I click on the archives it says nothing has been posted
Aug 22 21:05:09 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       but who knows if any confirmations have been made.
Aug 22 21:05:35 <MethodOne>     i'm on the list
Aug 22 21:06:23 <herteljt>      well this is a pickle
Aug 22 21:06:39 <herteljt>      ok,
Aug 22 21:06:50 <uberushaximus> not like anyone is mailing it
Aug 22 21:06:52 <uberushaximus> ;)
Aug 22 21:06:54 <Th3_D0ct0R>    i believe its a cucumber give it sum time and sum vinegar and then ull get a pickle
Aug 22 21:06:54 <herteljt>      I propose that one of us send an email to scott and ask for admin rights
Aug 22 21:07:14 *       Ek0nomik|Laptop agrees.
Aug 22 21:07:18 <uberushaximus> I'll get on it, I guess
Aug 22 21:07:45 <herteljt>      sounds good to me
Aug 22 21:08:12 <herteljt>      speaking of management....
Aug 22 21:08:38 <herteljt>      I think that we should appoint some contact people
Aug 22 21:09:08 <uberushaximus> "I'd like to request the posistion of mailing list manager for ubuntu-wi-us so that the wisconsin loco can start using it."
Aug 22 21:09:15 <uberushaximus> sufficient?
Aug 22 21:09:34 <herteljt>      yes
Aug 22 21:09:39 <uberushaximus> Ek0?
Aug 22 21:09:55 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I'll volunteer.  Although i must say I would be more comfortable as a contact person after talking to some LUG's in WI.
Aug 22 21:10:03 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       uberu:  Sounds great.  :)
Aug 22 21:10:20 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       mostly incase an install fest question arrises.
Aug 22 21:10:37 <herteljt>      I nominate Ek0nomik for contact person
Aug 22 21:10:48 <uberushaximus> herteljt: for what?
Aug 22 21:11:13 <herteljt>      wait, I might have gotten ahead of myself :o
Aug 22 21:12:08 <herteljt>      uberushaximus: I thought you were volunteering for mailing list manager
Aug 22 21:12:19 <herteljt>      was I wrong?
Aug 22 21:12:30 <uberushaximus> nono, I just sent the request
Aug 22 21:12:47 <herteljt>      ahh, the joys of text communication :)
Aug 22 21:12:49 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       lol.
Aug 22 21:13:03 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Alright, we need a mailing list manager and an "icon" for contact.
Aug 22 21:14:05 <herteljt>      if uberushaximus wants the job my vote is behind him
Aug 22 21:14:36 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       for both?
Aug 22 21:14:37 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       one?
Aug 22 21:14:45 <herteljt>      for mailing list manager
Aug 22 21:15:20 <herteljt>      here I'll make it an "official" nomination
Aug 22 21:15:34 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I am fine w/ that.
Aug 22 21:15:34 <herteljt>      I hereby nominate uberushaximus for the position of mailing list manager
Aug 22 21:15:37 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       lol.
Aug 22 21:15:47 <uberushaximus> ahah
Aug 22 21:15:50 <uberushaximus> okay
Aug 22 21:15:51 <herteljt>      does anyone else want to chime in?
Aug 22 21:15:54 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I think an e-mail once a week could be good.  :)
Aug 22 21:16:02 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       or every other along with the meeting.
Aug 22 21:16:13 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I think we three may be the only survivors.  :/
Aug 22 21:16:24 <herteljt>      Th3_D0ct0R?
Aug 22 21:16:29 <uberushaximus> Ek0nomik|Laptop: maybe with a transcript attached?
Aug 22 21:16:30 <Th3_D0ct0R>    yesuh?
Aug 22 21:16:37 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       uber:  sounds good.
Aug 22 21:16:47 <herteljt>      just checking to see if you were monitoring
Aug 22 21:16:56 <Th3_D0ct0R>    sorry the batery in my keyboard died:(
Aug 22 21:17:02 <hoosfoos>      I've been reading along too
Aug 22 21:17:14 <herteljt>      why don't you just use your sonic screwdriver :)
Aug 22 21:17:20 <uberushaximus> well, is there any more official business that needs to be taken care of?
Aug 22 21:17:26 <Th3_D0ct0R>    oh well its in the shop being repaired
Aug 22 21:17:38 <Th3_D0ct0R>    and its great to meet a nother doctor fan :)
Aug 22 21:18:16 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       uberu:  forum co-moderation?
Aug 22 21:18:19 <herteljt>      I think we need a contact person
Aug 22 21:18:44 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       herteljt:  I agree, we won't need it until we start advertising though.
Aug 22 21:18:55 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I will nominate myself for the time being if nobody minds.
Aug 22 21:19:10 <herteljt>      I second your nomination :)
Aug 22 21:19:19 <Th3_D0ct0R>    haha ill trhow in a third
Aug 22 21:19:20 <uberushaximus> well the "team contact" officially is me
Aug 22 21:19:23 <uberushaximus> but sure
Aug 22 21:19:29 <herteljt>      oppsss
Aug 22 21:19:37 <herteljt>      I don't want to step on anyone's toes
Aug 22 21:19:41 <uberushaximus> I don't see the harm
Aug 22 21:19:52 <uberushaximus> just change it accordingly
Aug 22 21:19:59 <uberushaximus> in the loco list
Aug 22 21:20:43 <herteljt>      great
Aug 22 21:21:14 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       Change what?
Aug 22 21:21:28 <uberushaximus> the team contact email
Aug 22 21:21:32 <uberushaximus> and name
Aug 22 21:21:34 <herteljt>      with a group this small I don't think we need to worry about other positions (like a president or head hanco)
Aug 22 21:21:44 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       uberushaximus:  You will ask (is it matthew - the admin) of the ubuntu forums?
Aug 22 21:21:51 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       yeah, we are fine herteljt.
Aug 22 21:22:00 <herteljt>      but it may be something we need to consider in the future
Aug 22 21:22:11 <uberushaximus> Ek0nomik|Laptop: in reguards to what? ... oh
Aug 22 21:22:13 <uberushaximus> it's ryan
Aug 22 21:22:17 <uberushaximus> ubuntgeek
Aug 22 21:22:21 <uberushaximus> er
Aug 22 21:22:23 <uberushaximus> ubuntugeek
Aug 22 21:23:37 <herteljt>      ok
Aug 22 21:23:55 <herteljt>      is there anything we should try and brainstorm/workon/thinkabout for the next meeting?
Aug 22 21:24:06 <uberushaximus> anything you have in mind?
Aug 22 21:24:08 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       you'll send one uberu?
Aug 22 21:24:15 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I think working with LUG's will be something.
Aug 22 21:24:17 <uberushaximus> yeah I'll do it this time ;)
Aug 22 21:24:18 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       website may also be something.
Aug 22 21:24:22 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       and project ideas.
Aug 22 21:25:19 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I will post the conclusions and the transcript later this evening.
Aug 22 21:25:50 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       and let me know what ubuntugeek says Uber.
Aug 22 21:26:02 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       I will create a conclusions thread as well.
Aug 22 21:26:19 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       But, I need to run.  So, have a good evening everyone.   :)  It was good to finally discuss some ideas.
Aug 22 21:26:22 <Th3_D0ct0R>    alrighty
Aug 22 21:26:32 <herteljt>      have a nice evening
Aug 22 21:26:37 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       And I hope I get to talk to all of you on Sept 5th.  :)
Aug 22 21:26:39 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       and before then.
Aug 22 21:26:40 <herteljt>      type you on the 5th
Aug 22 21:27:07 <uberushaximus> Ek0nomik|Laptop: sent, finally
Aug 22 21:27:09 <uberushaximus> ;)
Aug 22 21:27:10 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       if any of you want to reach me just shoot me a PM on IRC or the forum.
Aug 22 21:27:14 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       haha, alright.  :)
Aug 22 21:27:19 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       or send me an e-mail.
Aug 22 21:27:27 <Th3_D0ct0R>    ok
Aug 22 21:28:46 <Ek0nomik|Laptop>       gn.
Aug 22 21:28:53 <herteljt>      later all
Aug 22 21:29:30 <Th3_D0ct0R>    later

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