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This page is to serve as a gathering point for various X-related specs, howtos, todo lists, and other assorted resources. #title Ubuntu-X Team
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== Driver Info == === Basic Troubleshooting Resources ===
 * [[http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=326|Absolute Beginner Talk Forum]]
 * [[X/Reporting|X Reporting]] - How to create good X bug reports
 * [[http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=332|Hardware & Laptops Support Forum]]
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 * [http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ nouveau] === Common Problems ===
<<Include(X/Troubleshooting, , from="=== Common Problems ===", to="=== Troubleshooting Techniques ===")>>
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== Teams == === Troubleshooting Techniques ===
<<Include(X/Troubleshooting, , from="=== Troubleshooting Techniques ===", to="^----')>>
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 * ["XSwat"] - Xorg bug triage team === Configuration Tips ===
<<Include(X/Config, , from="== Configuration Recipes ==", to="^=")>>
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== Blueprints == === Development Foundations ===
 * [[X/SwatTeam]] - Joining the Ubuntu X.org team
 * [[X/Triaging|X Triaging]] - How to ensure new X bug reports have enough info to troubleshoot
 * [[X/Architecture]] - High level architectural overview of X.org
 * [[X/DriverDevelopment]] - Developing new Xorg drivers for Ubuntu
 * [[X/DriverBuilding]] - Building debs of upstream drivers
 * [[X/Glossary|X Glossary]] - Explanations for confusing terms often seen in logs and error messages
 * [[X/Blueprints]] - Specifications of interest for X
 * [[X/GitUsage]] - Instructions for using git
 * [[X/DesktopWishlist]] - Pending Xorg changes that would benefit Ubuntu Desktop
 * [[X/KernelWishlist]] - Pending/desired kernel changes that would benefit Xorg
 * [[https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/?field.tag=xorg-needs-kernel-fix]] - Kernel fixes needed for xorg issues
 * [[X/BetaReviewChecklist]] - Things to do / stuff to consider reverting around -beta
 * [[http://www.bryceharrington.org/X/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/versions-current.html|Current Package Merge Status]]
 * [[X/Tagging]] - Bug tagging
 * [[X/PackageNotes]] - One of our packaging tools makes use of this
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=== Current Specifications ===

These specifications are likely to be included in an upcoming Ubuntu release.

 * ["Xorg7.3Integration"] - Integrate Xorg 7.3 components, adopt config autodetection
 * ["DisplayConfigGTK"] - New GUI utility for configuring Xorg
 * ["BulletProofX"] - Failsafe mode when X doesn't start, with displayconfig-gtk to configure
 * ["CompositeByDefault"] - Switch default window manager from Metacity to Compiz, use Beryl effects
 * ["XorgCtrlAltBackspace"] - Disable the Ctrl-Alt-Bksp shortcut

=== Pending Specifications ===

These specifications need further discussion and drafting, but are likely to be accepted for future Ubuntu releases if this work is done.

 * ["MouseExtraButtons"] - Enable extra buttons present on Microsoft Explorer mice

=== Historical Specifications ===

 * ["XRoadmap"] - Xorg 7.0, discusses the X modularization and XKB work (for Warty?)
 * ["XRoadmapDapper"] - Plans for continuing maintenance of X, Mesa packaging in Dapper


Basic Troubleshooting Resources

Common Problems

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Identifying if the issue is a bug or not

If you aren't sure if you have encountered a software bug in Ubuntu, then you would want to seek help in determining if the issue is a bug or not from here.

If you have confirmed the issue is a bug, please read on.

Determining which type of bug you have

Not all bugs where X seems to be the root cause are in fact an X related bug. Hence, here is documentation on potential root causes:


Display Issues

General Issues

Input Issues

Reporting a confirmed X bug to Launchpad

Initial filing of the report

First, please install the package xdiagnose.

Next, ensure you click the Yes button for attaching additional debugging information after running the following via a terminal:

ubuntu-bug xorg

Include developer information in your report

One will want to answer the following questions in order for a developer to address the issue:

  • Does the report include debugging information from the relevant article relating to the reported issue?
  • Is this a regression?
  • Does this happen in the latest version of Ubuntu?
  • Does this happen in the latest version available from upstream?

Debugging techniques

Crashes and Freezes

Other Techniques

Triaging and tagging X bugs

Please see here for more on triaging X bugs, and here for tagging.

Fixing an X crash

  • For more on this, please see here.

  • X Quirks - Fixes for some common hardware-specific issues.

Other Resources


Troubleshooting Techniques

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Configuration Tips

General Configuration

Display Configuration

Development Foundations

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