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 * (Bug:1451728) [master] kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error
 * (Bug:1451728) [master] kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error
 * (Bug:1451728) [master] kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error


We are preparing Kubuntu Xenial Xerus (16.04 LTS) for distribution on April 21, 2016. With this Beta 2 pre-release, you can see what we are trying out in preparation for our next (stable) version.


This is Beta 2 Release. Kubuntu Beta Releases are NOT recommended for:

  • Regular users who are not aware of pre-release issues
  • Anyone who needs a stable system
  • Anyone uncomfortable running a possibly frequently broken system
  • Anyone in a production environment with data or workflows that need to be reliable

Kubuntu Beta Releases are recommended for:

  • Regular users who want to help us test by finding, reporting, and/or fixing bugs
  • Kubuntu, KDE, and Qt developers

Getting Kubuntu 16.04 Beta 2

Upgrading from 15.10

Download a Disk Image

To upgrade to Kubuntu 16.04 pre-releases from 15.10, run kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade from a command line.

Download a Bootable image, here are some tips to put the image onto a DVD or USB Drive

Designed to be a Breeze, Plasma 5 is now the default


Plasma 5, the next generation of KDE's desktop has been rewritten to make it smoother to use while retaining the familiar setup. The fifth set of updates to Plasma 5 (current release and current bugfixes for January) is the default in this version of Kubuntu.

KDE Applications 15.12


Kubuntu comes with KDE Applications 15.12 containing all your favorite apps from KDE, including Dolphin. Even more applications have been ported to KDE Frameworks 5 but those which aren't should fit in seamlessly.

Non-KDE applications include LibreOffice 5.1 and Firefox 45.

Known Problems

Bugs tagged Kubuntu 16.04

  • (1513151) [meta] Drop python2.7, port all to python3

  • (1514491) kubuntu desktop inconsistency and integration issues: scrollbars. gtk3 button placement also not integrated

  • (1529450) [master] AttributeError: 'PageKde' object has no attribute 'get_secureboot_key'

  • (1530523) kcm_driver_manager: Infinitely shows Collecting information

  • (1560404) Live session desktop uses to small folder view widget


Development of Kubuntu 16.04, the Xenial Xerus, is ongoing and bugs are fixed every day. Before reporting bugs, please ensure your system is up to date. For verifying installation related bugs, updated disk images are available from Daily bootable images for standard PCs and laptops.

You can give us feedback on Google +https://plus.google.com/u/0/107577785796696065138/posts or Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/kubuntu.org or Twitterhttps://twitter.com/kubuntu or Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/kubuntu.

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