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Enable a save state of X running all applications and of tehir opened files when restarting X by pressing ctrl+alt+backspace to prompt the user to recover the applications/files he wants to when he logs back.

Allow this tool to monitor certains applications to perform auto save state at an user specified frequency to prevent data loss upon crashes

Release Note

This package should provide the end-user the ability to restore the state of any application that were launched before an X restart (ctrl+alt+backspace) and the files opended by the application. It should also enable a temporary save of user selected applications so that he might be able to recover his work after crash


Sometimes, there are bugs that force you to restart X and you may not be able to properly close all the applications you were running. This could result in unacceptable data loss.

So utililty should provide two things :

  • The insurrance for the user to be able to recover everything if he has to restart X but the computer is still responding enough (save state of all X running apps while pressing ctrl+alt+backspace before actually sending the restart signal)
  • The insurrance of proper monitoring of certain 'vital application' that the user may sepcify (such as word processors, data sheets or anythingthing the user is working with and cannot afford data loss), that would perform a regular savestate at an user specified frequency to save the work in case of a crash.

In both cases, on reloggin to the session, the user should get a list of the recoverable applications and files, and be able to choose those he wants to recover.

Use Cases

This utility should run as a daemon that prevent data loss on crashes


  • Saving the files openened by applications shoul not be a big matter, but properly saving the state of each application might be quite impossible.


The differents part should be :

  • A background daemon that performing the save states at specified intervall and waits for the save state in case of restart X signal.
  • A control pannel that allow the user to select the applications he wants to be monitored and the frequency of the states.
  • Maybe an applet to give some useful information about the monitored applications, and that prompt the user to recover the recoverable thing at session startup


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  • how users will be pointed to the new way of doing things, if necessary.

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