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To do some preparation before we will actually get our hands dirty, we're going to survey your specific areas of interest in documentation. We've listed four different groups below, which all require different qualities from the contributor.

Please add your name and Launchpad nick to one or two of the following groups:


The writers focus on covering all aspects of documentation and producing content to be processed further. To be a writer, you need to have relatively good English skills and some knowledge about Xubuntu, but you don't need technical skills.

  • Jack Fromm (jjfrv8-gmail)
  • Chris (racerx-makeworld)

Grammar editor

The grammar editors proof-read others' text to make it more understandable and easy-to-read. To be an editor, you need good English skills but no technical skills.

  • Luca Manlio De Lisi (FiltroMan)

  • Jack Fromm (jjfrv8-gmail)
  • Ryan Gauger (rtgkid)

Technical editor

The technical editors make sure that the documentation is technically correct. This includes making sure the right default applications are covered and that all the technical details are correct and work as expected. To be a technical editor, you need good knowledge of Xubuntu and technical skills to understand what different things do.

  • Name (Launchpad nick)

Docbook editor

The Docbook editors convert the written documentation into the Docbook syntax. You don't need any writing skills, but you need to have some technical skills. We're also hoping that the Docbook editors are willing to contribute for a longer period of time than just the Quantal cycle, but it's not a hard requirement.

  • Chris (racerx-makeworld)

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