In Attendance

  • mr_pouit
  • jeromeg
  • charlie-tca
  • cody-somerville
  • j1mc
  • JPohlmann
  • knome


  • Packaging
    • Xfce 4.5.99 (aka 4.6rc1) is now in the repositories for Xubuntu 9.04. Smile :)

  • Team Reports
    • Cody Somerville will investigate use of a team calendar
    • Team leads should post project status on the wiki by the 22nd of each month
  • Recruiting and integrating new contributors / Building the Xubuntu community
    • Cody Somerville will send an email to the xubuntu-devel mailing list regarding how we can better welcome and integrate new contributors into the Xubuntu team.
    • Jim Campbell (j1mc) mentioned that there's already an identi.ca group for Xubuntu.
    • There is already an active Facebook group for Xubuntu with over 400 members.
    • Cody will touch base with TheSheep and Myrtti about setting up regular helpers in #xubuntu

    • Jim will work with knome to update the website and wiki get-involved pages.
  • Bug triage
    • Charlie-TCA is going to set up a xubuntu 5-a-day team.
  • Documentation
    • Jim will organize a hug day for xubuntu docs closer to string freeze.
    • Jannis Pohlman will file bugs against packages in Xfce to indicate out-of-date documentation
  • Other items
    • Cody will speak with Charlie and Luke about audio issues in Xubuntu.

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