2011-08-22 Meeting Minutes

The agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings

Old Business

  • Charlie to dig for the xscreensaver updates, and put in an SRU - Carried Forward
  • GridCube to put together the "TOP 10" for Xubuntu - In-work

  • madnick to look into building a lightdm greeter - Postponed until LTS
  • charlie-tca to start a release checklist page for Xubuntu - Carried Forward
  • drop ristretto if it can not do what we need to photos - Carried Forward to LTS
    • Consumes too much memory bug has been fixed

Team updates

Packaging & Development

  • xubuntu-default-settings was updated to set the default session & greeter for lightdm

  • some xubuntu-artwork uploads for the plymouth themes (more to come when madnick and knome are around at the same time)
  • mr_pouit fixed the build failure of abiword
  • micahg fixed some package conflicts (the gtk themes have been moved from xubuntu-artwork to murrine-themes).
  • dropped "de" language packs from i386 daily live to make it fit again in 700M (it wasn't in amd64, only in i386)
  • activate the "maybe-ubiquity" option for LTS - Carried Forward

Bug Triage & Testing

Website & Marketing


  • livecd menu logo - knome


  • We need someone that can go through the wiki documentation and update it.


  • The next meeting will be on Sunday, 2011-08-28 at 22:00 UTC
  • Important dates coming up:

Any Other Business

  • Blueprints
    • We should blueprint at least for default applications and have one uds session for default apps
    • it would eliminate the time gap we have now deciding what is going to stay and what is going to change
    • This could be a single blueprint; specifying goals for Xubuntu for the release cycle
  • Beta1 is next week! Let's get a good writeup with all the changes for it, please!
  • to subscribe to the xubuntu-devel mailing list, go to
  • Meeting log

Xubuntu Governance

Action items

  • No action items

2011-08-22 Meeting Log

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People present (lines said)

  • charlie-tca (187)
  • GridCube (62)

  • knome (54)
  • Olbi (49)
  • mr_pouit (35)
  • madnick (16)
  • xrdodrx (13)
  • meetingology (11)
  • pleia2 (10)
  • astraljava (6)
  • ubottu (4)
  • Unit193 (2)
  • beardygnome (1)

Full Log

#title #xubuntu-devel Meeting

  • 19:02:01 <charlie-tca> #startmeeting

    19:02:01 <meetingology> Meeting started Mon Aug 22 19:02:01 2011 UTC. The chair is charlie-tca. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.

    19:02:01 <meetingology> Useful Commands: #topic #action #link #idea #voters #vote #chair #action #agreed #help #info #endmeeting.

    19:02:40 <GridCube> Smile :)

    19:02:43 <GridCube> meeting time?

    19:02:54 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Agenda for today's meeting:

    19:02:54 <meetingology> TOPIC: Agenda for today's meeting:

    19:02:56 <charlie-tca> * Old business

    19:02:58 <charlie-tca> * Team updates

    19:03:00 <charlie-tca> * Packaging & Development

    19:03:02 <charlie-tca> * Bug Triage & Testing

    19:03:04 <charlie-tca> * Website & Marketing

    19:03:06 <charlie-tca> * Artwork

    19:03:08 <charlie-tca> * Documentation

    19:03:10 <charlie-tca> * Announcements

    19:03:12 <charlie-tca> * Governance structure

    19:03:14 <charlie-tca> * Any Other Business

    19:03:16 <charlie-tca> Reminder: please use ".." on separate line when you've finished typing. If someone wants to comment during the updates, please "o/", so we know to wait.

    19:03:30 <charlie-tca> The agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings

    19:03:32 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] === Old Business ===

    19:03:32 <meetingology> TOPIC: === Old Business ===

    19:03:45 <charlie-tca> geany has a delay when trying to use the right click menu

    19:04:12 <charlie-tca> GridCube to put together the "TOP 10" for Xubuntu - In-work

    19:04:29 <charlie-tca> If anyone has something in particular they think should be in the list, please tell GridCube

    19:04:39 <GridCube> hard week

    19:04:49 <charlie-tca> so, slow progress?

    19:04:50 <GridCube> no progress, hope to get it done this week

    19:04:58 <GridCube> ..

    19:05:15 <charlie-tca> Thank you, GridCube

    19:05:22 <charlie-tca> Your efforts are apreciated!

    19:05:25 <charlie-tca> madnick to look into building a lightdm greeter - In-work

    19:05:26 <GridCube> oh yes telling me its cool, its hard to see what its important to add

    19:05:32 <charlie-tca> madnick: how we doing?

    19:05:33 <GridCube> ..

    19:05:54 <madnick> Doing OK, the greeter itself works

    19:06:07 <madnick> Its not finished, but the problem i have is with --test-mode )

    19:06:18 <madnick> But I hope to be done by this week

    19:06:20 <charlie-tca> Maybe they broke that mode now?

    19:06:38 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: what's the latest date we have to be done by?

    19:06:39 <madnick> Maybe, It just twitches and dies and no logs on it

    19:06:58 <mr_pouit> UI freeze is on next thursday iirc

    19:07:09 <madnick> ..

    19:07:22 <charlie-tca> so, we need to get lightdm in by the 25th

    19:07:40 <charlie-tca> charlie-tca to start a release checklist page for Xubuntu

    19:07:42 <charlie-tca> I forgot

    19:07:59 <charlie-tca> will get this going this week

    19:08:06 <Olbi> Hello all Smile :)

    19:08:21 <charlie-tca> Hello, Olbi

    19:08:25 <GridCube> hello Olbi

    19:08:32 <charlie-tca> Welcome to the Xubuntu Community Meeting

    19:08:43 <charlie-tca> Any questions on old business?

    19:08:49 <charlie-tca> any old business we missed?

    19:08:58 <GridCube> not that i recall

    19:09:05 <knome> WWII

    19:09:16 <GridCube> thats pretty much done

    19:09:30 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] === Team updates ===

    19:09:30 <meetingology> TOPIC: === Team updates ===

    19:09:32 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] ==== Packaging & Development ====

    19:09:32 <meetingology> TOPIC: ==== Packaging & Development ====

    19:09:35 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: ??

    19:09:40 <GridCube> o/

    19:10:02 <mr_pouit> GridCube: question?

    19:10:14 <GridCube> what happened to mousepad and scrot

    19:10:15 <GridCube> ?

    19:10:26 <mr_pouit> mousepad has been replaced by leafpad

    19:10:33 <knome> \o/

    19:10:39 <xrdodrx> \o/

    19:10:41 <GridCube> oh.. i see. ok.

    19:10:44 <charlie-tca> They broke mousepad bad for us

    19:10:59 <charlie-tca> ..

    19:10:59 <xrdodrx> mousepad doesn't even function properly for me in natty :/

    19:11:08 <mr_pouit> (mousepad is supposed to be a better fork of leafpad, but mousepad isn't well maintained currently, and leafpad has some activity upstream, and uses teh gtk+ printing api)

    19:11:27 <GridCube> okay

    19:11:29 <GridCube> and scrot?

    19:11:48 <mr_pouit> was it in the default package set?

    19:11:51 <mr_pouit> I don't think so

    19:12:06 <GridCube> dunno, in today test install it wasnt there

    19:12:48 <charlie-tca> !info scrot

    19:12:54 <ubottu> scrot (source: scrot): command line screen capture utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-13 (natty), package size 15 kB, installed size 72 kB

    19:13:05 <charlie-tca> snapshot?

    19:13:25 <charlie-tca> screenshot

    19:13:41 <charlie-tca> was missing from Accessiories?

    19:13:42 <GridCube> the problem is that using print screen key doesnt work if you have the panels locked, so

    19:14:08 <GridCube> when you want to screenshot something that hangs the panels., like an error you have to launch it from a terminal

    19:14:23 <GridCube> and scrot is faster to write than xfce4-screenshoter

    19:15:10 <GridCube> ..

    19:15:24 <charlie-tca> oh

    19:15:35 <charlie-tca> we have never installed scrot by default

    19:16:04 <mr_pouit> GridCube: really? printscreen should call the xfce4-screenshooter binary, not the panel plugin, so it should work afaik

    19:16:10 <GridCube> no

    19:16:13 <mr_pouit> if it doesn't, please file a bug

    19:16:25 <GridCube> no keybinging work if a panel is open

    19:16:34 <GridCube> like configuration or something like that

    19:16:36 <GridCube> it never did

    19:16:39 <mr_pouit> ah, yeah, because it gets the focus

    19:17:07 <GridCube> if you launch the start menu, forget about keybindings

    19:17:15 <mr_pouit> (and grabs the keyboard, etc. like when a menu is opened)

    19:17:21 <GridCube> yes that

    19:17:22 <mr_pouit> yeah

    19:17:35 <Olbi> maybe shutter? http://shutter-project.org/

    19:17:42 <xrdodrx> what is the benefit of locking the panel?

    19:17:48 <mr_pouit> I think it's a problem (or call that a design choice) of gtk

    19:17:48 <Olbi> is better than scrot :]

    19:17:48 <charlie-tca> nah, it just takes installing scrot

    19:17:56 <GridCube> and launching scrot is faster, i could xfce4-sc[tab][tab] but is faster to scrot

    19:18:15 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: what about seeding scrot? Is it possible?

    19:18:22 <GridCube> nevermind i though it was on previous versions

    19:18:27 <xrdodrx> GridCube, xfce4-screenshotter is part of default xfce

    19:18:31 <xrdodrx> scrot is a command line application

    19:18:42 <xrdodrx> i don't think we want to replace something graphical with something command line

    19:18:43 <GridCube> i must have installed it back in the day on 10.04

    19:18:54 <Olbi> scrt will be very usfell, specially when u are tested livecd

    19:19:04 <xrdodrx> especially since new users aren't going to want to open a terminal just to take a screenshot Confused :\

    19:19:08 <mr_pouit> charlie-tca: daily alternate/i386 is already oversized by ~300k, I'd like to avoid that

    19:19:15 <charlie-tca> good enough

    19:19:21 <Olbi> so for graphical take shutter, and for cmd scrot

    19:19:27 <charlie-tca> if a user really wants it, they should install it then

    19:19:37 <xrdodrx> ^

    19:19:41 <GridCube> no, as i said, i though it was there back on 10.04 but i must have installed it myself

    19:19:45 <charlie-tca> It really is a matter of the number of letters needed to run the app

    19:19:51 <GridCube> yes

    19:19:57 <xrdodrx> GridCube, create an alias

    19:20:06 <Olbi> xubuntu is for devel or fo users?:P

    19:20:32 <charlie-tca> Xubuntu is for users. We do what is best for the user, almost all the time.

    19:20:41 <xrdodrx> echo 'alias sshot="xfce4-screenshotter"' >> ~/.bashrc

    19:20:43 <xrdodrx> Smile :)

    19:20:45 <GridCube> :P it would be faster to launch xfce4-screenshoter that create an alias and then launch it, so never mind

    19:21:12 <GridCube> ..

    19:21:15 <Olbi> maybe script for xfce4-screenshoter ?

    19:21:20 <charlie-tca> The point was, whether in live session or installed session, scrot is faster to type the xfce4-screenshooter

    19:21:27 <Olbi> which will be called screenshot?

    19:21:39 <xrdodrx> but just hitting the prntscrn key brings up xfce4-screenshotter

    19:21:44 <charlie-tca> It doesn't matter which one he uses, they both will do the same job for it.

    19:21:47 <xrdodrx> this wouldn't work with scrot since scrot is command line

    19:22:00 <beardygnome> i came in late so sorry if i'm back tracking here, but are keyboard shortcuts broken in oneric?

    19:22:01 <charlie-tca> okay, let's continue with the meeting.

    19:22:22 <GridCube> yes please

    19:22:22 <charlie-tca> no, you can't use them when a panel app is hung

    19:22:34 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: do you have a developer update today?

    19:22:39 <mr_pouit> yep

    19:22:46 <charlie-tca> floor is your's

    19:22:55 <mr_pouit> Okay, so, last week, xubuntu-default-settings was updated to set the default session & greeter for lightdm \o/; some xubuntu-artwork uploads for the plymouth themes (more to come when madnick and knome are around at the same time); I fixed the build failure of abiword, and micahg fixed some package conflicts (the gtk themes have been moved from xubuntu-artwork to murrine-themes).

    19:23:25 <mr_pouit> Yesterday I dropped "de" language packs from i386 daily live to make it fit again in 700M (it wasn't in amd64, only in i386 because "we're supposed to have much free space there" :/).

    19:23:30 <knome> mr_pouit, what do you need from us? Smile :)

    19:23:37 <mr_pouit> ..

    19:23:39 <Olbi> I think abiword isnt good ass default aplication for text writing

    19:23:46 <mr_pouit> knome: the 16b theme support :p

    19:24:05 <knome> mr_pouit, okay, i've provided the files for madnick

    19:24:13 <madnick> except the logo! :P

    19:24:16 <knome> hmm?

    19:24:23 <knome> wrong..

    19:24:33 <knome> http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/oneiric_plymouth/xubuntu_logo_lowdepth.png

    19:24:33 <Olbi> maybe install by default writer and calc only? they arent so hardly for systems :P

    19:24:34 <knome> there you go

    19:24:44 <madnick> oh okay Smile :)

    19:24:53 <charlie-tca> Olbi: can it wait until we get to Other?

    19:24:58 <Olbi> ok

    19:25:03 <Olbi> charlie-tca: ok

    19:25:44 <charlie-tca> Thanks, mr_pouit. You guys stay pretty busy, I am glad you are on top of things

    19:26:21 <mr_pouit> no, thank you Wink ;-)

    19:26:25 <charlie-tca> knome, madnick : that is the last thing for lightdm, right?

    19:26:25 <mr_pouit> no more questions?

    19:26:26 <GridCube> o/

    19:26:39 <madnick> charlie-tca: for plymouth

    19:26:45 <GridCube> https://launchpad.net/bugs/831488

    19:26:46 <ubottu> Ubuntu bug 831488 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "gnome-control-center not found on xubuntu oneiric when launching bluetooth device" [Undecided,New]

    19:26:48 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: maybe-ubiquity is just the app that takes the cd menu away

    19:26:57 <charlie-tca> we still need to update the logo for the menu

    19:27:09 <knome> charlie-tca, this was for plymouth. if we have some time, i'd actually want to talk about a few minor issues in lightdm

    19:27:12 <charlie-tca> well, doesn't take it away, but hides it from the users

    19:27:35 <knome> charlie-tca, the UI freeze is on WED, so we need time until tomorrow noon to make absolutely last minute changes?

    19:27:46 <mr_pouit> charlie-tca: yeah, all other variants/derivatives/<whatever you call them> use it, don't they?

    19:27:47 <charlie-tca> It gives Ubuntu the "install now" and "try now" menu late in the boot process instead of the cd menu

    19:28:10 <charlie-tca> I don't remember if they all use it.

    19:28:16 <charlie-tca> You want the menu hidden?

    19:28:30 <charlie-tca> I will have it activated if we do want it.

    19:28:43 <charlie-tca> Shouldn't take effort here, installer does it all

    19:29:13 <charlie-tca> but I still need to get the logo on the menu updated, since pressing a key gives the user the same menu we have

    19:29:16 <mr_pouit> I recall it was a bit nicer, but I didn't use an ubuntu/kubuntu iso for a long time ;>

    19:29:25 <charlie-tca> Okay

    19:29:31 <charlie-tca> I will tell them do it to us

    19:29:43 <knome> o/ i'm just having a talk with NCommander on the livecd menu logo

    19:29:47 <mr_pouit> okay, if it's too risky, we can delay that for O+1

    19:29:48 <charlie-tca> knome: lightdm?

    19:29:53 <knome> no, before that

    19:30:05 <charlie-tca> yay

    19:30:53 <charlie-tca> UI freeze is at August 25, 2011 at 21:00 UTC

    19:31:13 <knome> oh, so aug 24 is the last day to submit things?

    19:31:34 <charlie-tca> So, Thursday about 1 and a half hours from now

    19:31:56 <knome> well, the wiki said last minute updates should be made 1 day earlier

    19:31:58 <charlie-tca> Preferred to get things in wednesday, yes

    19:32:06 <knome> yeah.

    19:32:12 <knome> madnick, do you have some time today?

    19:32:20 <madnick> I guess sleep will have to wait until friday :|

    19:32:23 <madnick> knome: yes

    19:32:30 <knome> madnick, takes maybe 15mins, or at most 30

    19:32:36 <charlie-tca> Any questions on development and packaging?

    19:32:51 <charlie-tca> knome: you got the logo update handled?

    19:33:09 <knome> charlie-tca, i'll try to do that, if at all possible, but i think yes'ish

    19:33:16 <charlie-tca> okay

    19:33:25 <GridCube> charlie-tca, today's bug?

    19:33:27 <charlie-tca> You had some lightdm things to discuss?

    19:33:34 <GridCube> isnt for packaging?

    19:33:46 <charlie-tca> GridCube: mr_pouit got a handle on that already

    19:33:50 <GridCube> oh

    19:33:52 <GridCube> okay

    19:33:55 <GridCube> Smile :)

    19:33:55 <mr_pouit> charlie-tca: knome: thank you for the boot menu and logo "investigations" Wink ;-)

    19:33:58 <knome> charlie-tca, with madnick, we'll handle those after the meeting, just some final tweaks for the artwork

    19:34:04 <knome> mr_pouit, no problem sir Wink ;)

    19:34:10 <charlie-tca> Thank you, knome

    19:34:12 <knome> mr_pouit, i'll let you do the technical part though

    19:34:18 <mr_pouit> eww :p

    19:34:23 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: you are most welcome. Glad we finally got one

    19:35:06 <charlie-tca> madnick, knome : ubuntustudio might want to discuss lightdm themes too

    19:35:20 <charlie-tca> They are trying to figure out how to do what you did!

    19:35:36 <knome> charlie-tca, probably better to ask madnick about the code

    19:35:57 <charlie-tca> I will tell them, if madnick is okay with that?

    19:36:02 <madnick> sure

    19:36:34 <charlie-tca> Great! 19:36:34 * astraljava hails charlie-tca re: studio - lightdm

    19:36:42 <charlie-tca> yup

    19:36:56 <charlie-tca> madnick will be happy to explain what he did

    19:37:03 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] ==== Bug Triage & Testing ====

    19:37:03 <meetingology> TOPIC: ==== Bug Triage & Testing ====

    19:37:33 <charlie-tca> Testing is slow. We need to get on top of it again. We do have a tracker for daily testing at:

    19:37:45 <charlie-tca> http://www.google.com/url?q=http://2tu.us/3dmh&usd=2&usg=ALhdy2__BW8olO1HKH4HdYEcAVhIv6zxCw

    19:38:05 <astraljava> Yep, thankfully, work slows down a bit, so I'll have more time for that.

    19:38:06 <astraljava> ..

    19:39:06 <charlie-tca> http://2tu.us/3gn1

    19:39:10 <charlie-tca> That's better

    19:40:06 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: Do we need a separate bug report for each application giving us fails with the stuff at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/77809901/Captura%20de%20pantalla%20-%20220811%20-%2012%3A22%3A14.png

    19:40:09 <Unit193> I have both images now for today

    19:40:29 <charlie-tca> We have several apps failing for the same things not updated?

    19:41:02 <Olbi> I will try to help with testing from tomorrow :]

    19:41:03 <mr_pouit> charlie-tca: it should be a transient issue

    19:41:23 <mr_pouit> I think they were updated tomorrow, so maybe they have not propagated to all mirrors?

    19:41:27 <charlie-tca> Okay, more reasons to keep up with the daily testing

    19:41:30 <mr_pouit> s/tomorrow/today/

    19:41:36 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: I get them from main

    19:41:48 <charlie-tca> oh, nm

    19:42:18 <charlie-tca> We just have to keep checking to see if they fixed this week

    19:42:29 <mr_pouit> e.g. https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/oneiric-changes/2011-August/007395.html

    19:42:30 <Olbi> where I can get daily images?

    19:42:46 <madnick> !topic

    19:42:46 <ubottu> Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic

    19:42:52 <GridCube> i've done tests today

    19:42:54 <charlie-tca> Olbi: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/

    19:43:06 <GridCube> this week i can do a few more, everyday hopefully

    19:43:09 <charlie-tca> GridCube: updated the spreadsheet?

    19:43:12 <GridCube> yes

    19:43:14 <Olbi> charlie-tca: thx very much

    19:43:15 <charlie-tca> Thanks

    19:43:23 <charlie-tca> Olbi: you are welcome

    19:43:29 <charlie-tca> Any other questions for testing?

    19:43:47 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] ==== Website & Marketing ====

    19:43:47 <meetingology> TOPIC: ==== Website & Marketing ====

    19:44:00 <charlie-tca> pleia2 and knome : your turn please

    19:44:04 <pleia2> website is looking good Smile :)

    19:44:08 <pleia2> knome has updates

    19:44:12 <knome> charlie-tca, we're forwarding the code to IS today

    19:44:15 <charlie-tca> I hear good things!

    19:44:18 <knome> charlie-tca, once i get there

    19:44:20 <charlie-tca> w00t!

    19:44:37 <pleia2> IS will need to do code review for the theme and plugin, hopefully it won't take long

    19:44:48 <charlie-tca> hopefully...

    19:44:55 <pleia2> once that's done we'll be able to work on the staging server, moving all content over

    19:45:14 <charlie-tca> People are expecting more news and information about Xubuntu. Any ideas?

    19:45:45 <Olbi> charlie-tca: agree

    19:45:48 <knome> try to make the blog more open to new contributors than it is now

    19:46:01 <charlie-tca> what blog?

    19:46:10 <charlie-tca> the news area?

    19:46:13 <knome> well, the xubuntu website "blog"/news

    19:46:16 <Olbi> site is good, but it need some local transaltions :]

    19:46:20 <knome> yes, as discussed earlier

    19:46:29 <knome> pleia2, crap, translations

    19:46:34 <knome> pleia2, let's add them later

    19:46:34 <charlie-tca> We need to be telling people they can submit articles anytime they want.

    19:46:35 <knome> Smile :)

    19:46:53 <charlie-tca> but we won't ever have everyone entitled to upload, I don't think

    19:47:03 <Olbi> maybe news about new programs from xfce mailing lists?

    19:47:04 <pleia2> we'll need to talk to someone who knows more about translations, I don't know best practices for this

    19:47:16 <charlie-tca> Olbi: any idea how to do the translations?

    19:47:35 <Olbi> charlie-tca: thinking Smile :)

    19:47:51 <Olbi> charlie-tca: what framework is used for site?

    19:47:55 <pleia2> wordpress

    19:48:01 <knome> pleia2, there is a good plugin for WP for translations

    19:48:08 <Olbi> knome: good :]

    19:48:09 <pleia2> knome: ah, nice

    19:48:14 <charlie-tca> Obvious, I guess... ML should have reminders about articles and where to submit them ?

    19:48:17 <Olbi> so we are at home

    19:48:56 <knome> pleia2, http://wpml.org/

    19:49:01 <Olbi> we need testing page for transaltions

    19:49:11 <pleia2> the translations bug report is here, so if people have thoughts: https://bugs.launchpad.net/xubuntu-website/+bug/797600

    19:49:12 <ubottu> Ubuntu bug 797600 in Xubuntu Website "Impossible to translate the Xubuntu website" [Undecided,Confirmed]

    19:49:23 <knome> oh wait, that says "purchase" ? hmm, need to investigate :|

    19:49:56 <knome> pleia2, http://wpml.org/purchase/non-profits/ too

    19:49:59 <Olbi> xD

    19:50:12 <charlie-tca> ..

    19:50:23 <charlie-tca> Continuing on then,

    19:50:26 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] ==== Artwork ====

    19:50:26 <meetingology> TOPIC: ==== Artwork ====

    19:50:34 <charlie-tca> I don't see ochosi back yet.

    19:50:40 <charlie-tca> knome: any update?

    19:50:47 <knome> about what exactly?

    19:50:57 <charlie-tca> do you know what happened to the greybird updates for Oneiric?

    19:51:01 <knome> no

    19:51:09 <pleia2> knome: can you add the nonprofit link to the bug report so we remember it?

    19:51:12 <charlie-tca> There were some being done, but we seem to have lost them

    19:51:20 <knome> pleia2, sure

    19:51:30 <pleia2> ty

    19:51:32 <charlie-tca> When will ochosi be back?

    19:51:33 <Olbi> artwork is great, but I think theme from official Ubuntu is so good :]

    19:51:56 <knome> charlie-tca, probably tomorrow for a while. he doesn't have a shell right now, but email works

    19:52:02 <charlie-tca> okay

    19:52:16 <charlie-tca> worries me that we lost those upgrades to greybird

    19:52:53 <knome> they are most probably in github anyway

    19:52:56 <charlie-tca> Okay, any other questions / comments for website, marketing, artwork?

    19:53:15 <Olbi> I saw in some themes that characters are seen after changing

    19:53:22 <Olbi> arent

    19:53:27 <charlie-tca> right, knome. I think that is where those of us that got them went

    19:53:43 <knome> i'll get the livecd menu image changed

    19:53:43 <charlie-tca> anything specific, Olbi ?

    19:53:50 <charlie-tca> Smile :)

    19:54:15 <Olbi> charlie-tca: I have to check it one more time to say which

    19:54:26 <Olbi> charlie-tca: and what

    19:54:27 <charlie-tca> file bugs on the themes that it happens in?

    19:54:44 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] === Announcements ===

    19:54:44 <meetingology> TOPIC: === Announcements ===

    19:55:03 <charlie-tca> * The next meeting will be on Sunday, 2011-08-28 at 22:00 UTC

    19:55:05 <charlie-tca> * Important dates coming up:

    19:55:07 <charlie-tca> * 11.10 BetaFreeze: Aug 25, 2011 at 21:00 UTC

    19:55:09 <charlie-tca> * User Interface Freeze : August 25, 2011 at 21:00 UTC

    19:55:11 <charlie-tca> * 11.10 Beta1: September 1

    19:55:13 <charlie-tca> * 11.10 Release Date: October 13, 2011

    19:55:15 <charlie-tca> * UDS-P will be in Orlando, Florida the week of October 31 - Nov 4. Please apply for sponsorship by August 24.

    19:55:17 <charlie-tca> * UDS-P information at http://ubuntu-news.org/2011/07/15/ubuntu-developer-summit-sponsorship-now-open-2/

    19:55:19 <charlie-tca> two days left to apply for UDS sponsorship

    19:55:41 <charlie-tca> Note the UI freeze and beta1 freeze!

    19:55:59 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] === Any Other Business ===

    19:55:59 <meetingology> TOPIC: === Any Other Business ===

    19:56:01 <charlie-tca> * Blueprints

    19:56:03 <charlie-tca> * We should blueprint at least for default applications

    19:56:24 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: I think we should at least blueprint and have one uds session for default apps

    19:57:02 <charlie-tca> it would eliminate the time gap we have now deciding what is going to stay and what is going to change

    19:58:03 <GridCube> interesting

    19:58:08 <Olbi> so when will be official blueprint for 11.10?

    19:58:21 <charlie-tca> already

    19:58:34 <Olbi> my bad, sorry :P

    19:58:35 <charlie-tca> 11.10 will be released in October.

    19:58:35 <mr_pouit> if you think so (I'm not sure we've _that_ many apps we want to change, so maybe blueprints are overkill Wink ;-)

    19:58:42 <astraljava> I'm guessing charlie-tca referred to next devel cycle.

    19:59:12 <charlie-tca> Let's think on it, anyway. It would help get us some recognition from the Ubuntu side of things, too.

    19:59:14 <GridCube> oh o/

    19:59:27 <GridCube> greybird isnt updated

    19:59:33 <GridCube> in oeneric

    19:59:37 <charlie-tca> right

    19:59:54 <charlie-tca> ochosi will be back tomorrow, hopefully, and can push the updates in to mr_pouit

    20:00:19 <charlie-tca> Olbi: you wanted to discuss abiword?

    20:00:22 <GridCube> he might have to check whats happening whit gtk3

    20:00:35 <charlie-tca> This is the time for it

    20:00:52 <GridCube> i get warnings from it all the time in oneiric

    20:01:00 <knome> afaik, the freybird gtk3 theme is still WIP :|

    20:01:01 <mr_pouit> (for thursday, we've got to sort out the plymouth 16bit theme fallback, the lightdm greeter, and the greybird update ;p)

    20:01:10 <GridCube> I, for one, support abiword

    20:01:18 <knome> plymouth and lightdm are ready today

    20:01:43 <charlie-tca> madnick: gonna get a new tar file to mr_pouit today?

    20:03:14 * GridCube thinks we shouldnt even pack ristretto

    20:03:20 <madnick> charlie-tca: yes

    20:03:41 <knome> i don't agree with GridCube. there was a discussion about this earlier, and we decided to keep ristretto.

    20:03:45 <madnick> however, since mr_pouit already packaged it, perhaps its better to use send the affected files?

    20:03:51 <charlie-tca> ristretto's memory consumption has been fixed now

    20:04:07 <GridCube> but it doesnt add up nothing gThumb doesnt do better

    20:04:09 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: new complete tar or just the changes?

    20:04:22 <GridCube> anyway, thats my opinion

    20:04:32 <mr_pouit> madnick: what you prefer

    20:04:58 <charlie-tca> Olbi: Why do you think abiword is not good?

    20:05:14 <madnick> mr_pouit: okay

    20:05:37 <knome> GridCube, there is going to be lots of updates to ristretto soonish, and as it's an "xfce" app, i'd like to prefer it ti gthumb. the improvements won't make it into oneiric, but it's more consistent to keep ristretto for this release too, if we're going to drop gthumb in the next.

    20:05:57 <GridCube> okay

    20:06:02 <GridCube> i understand that

    20:06:04 <GridCube> Smile :)

    20:06:16 <knome> good. that was pretty much the only reason to keep ristretto

    20:06:18 <charlie-tca> remains to be seen if we want ristretto or gthumb in the lts, I guess

    20:06:25 <knome> yes, exactly

    20:06:28 <mr_pouit> I've a patch ready to plug some memleaks

    20:06:32 <knome> but ristretto should be good Smile :)

    20:06:57 <GridCube> if ristretto could add text yes i would choose it over anyother

    20:06:59 <charlie-tca> yes, that ristretto developer worked hard to patch the leaks.

    20:07:08 <mr_pouit> (I committed it to the debian packaging, but I haven't uploaded yet)

    20:07:12 <charlie-tca> GridCube: put in a wishlist for it?

    20:07:30 <GridCube> (if it would actually figure out that im opening a folder whit lots of fimages too, it doesnt do that now on oneric)

    20:07:31 <charlie-tca> okay, anything else we need / want to discuss?

    20:07:42 <GridCube> not from me

    20:07:48 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: will those patches make oneiric?

    20:08:25 <Olbi> sorry for afk

    20:08:43 <charlie-tca> Beta1 is next week! Let's get a good writeup with all the changes for it, please!

    20:08:44 <mr_pouit> charlie-tca: yeah, I'll try to upload soon

    20:08:48 <Olbi> charlie-tca: Abiword isnt so popular

    20:08:53 <charlie-tca> why?

    20:09:16 <charlie-tca> Abiword has most of the functionality of openoffice / libreoffice writer

    20:09:25 <knome> do we want the glowy logo, or the logo with white and blue on the bootmenu (remember the BG is just pure black)

    20:09:36 <charlie-tca> It just takes a lot less memory and drive space

    20:09:42 <Olbi> in my work when we print in one year we have only 2 documents good that I know format of this word processor

    20:10:00 <Olbi> my mates doesnt know that :P

    20:10:03 <knome> white+blue is better for 16bit, because there we don't have the possibility to probe for bitdepth

    20:10:13 <Olbi> they know only odf formats

    20:10:32 <charlie-tca> knome: probable white+blue then?

    20:10:35 <GridCube> Olbi, you can choose to save documents in other formats beside abw

    20:10:42 <knome> charlie-tca, okay, good

    20:10:55 <Olbi> but it isnt 100% compatybility with ODF :

    20:11:01 <charlie-tca> You should be able to save as .odf, can't you?

    20:11:13 <charlie-tca> oh, and libreoffice is?

    20:11:17 <Olbi> i was checking formating 10 times and allways have problems with it

    20:11:45 <knome> if you definitely need to have better support for ODF, it's not too hard to install libreoffice from the repositories

    20:11:51 <Olbi> especially when trying edit documents from Writer Smile :)

    20:11:57 <charlie-tca> The abiword developers will try to fix those things, if they know about them

    20:12:09 <Olbi> but marketing is crap :]

    20:13:17 <charlie-tca> marketing is difficult, but that has nothing to do with quality of use

    20:13:53 <Olbi> I know that they want better and better, but users prefer app which is more popular and they were teached in school

    20:14:01 <charlie-tca> Well, I think we should end the meeting, anyway. We can discuss the pros and cons of abiword outside the meeting

    20:14:11 <Olbi> ok, we close taht

    20:14:34 <charlie-tca> Um, do they teach anything except microsoft applications in school?

    20:14:41 <Unit193>

    20:14:48 <Olbi> they teach both MS and LO Big Grin :)

    20:15:11 <charlie-tca> So, a simple "sudo apt-get install libreoffice-writer" should take care of it

    20:15:18 <Olbi> no Smile :)

    20:15:23 <charlie-tca> why?

    20:15:29 <Olbi> you only take english version of it :]

    20:15:38 <charlie-tca> Whether we install it or you install it, it is installed

    20:15:52 <Olbi> and others plugins and translates u have to search :]

    20:16:05 <Olbi> it isnt like Windows version :]

    20:16:11 <charlie-tca> so, if it is installed instead of abiword, it is the same, right?

    20:16:45 <charlie-tca> This isn't windows, but if you file bugs, things get fixed. Nothing happens if a bug didn't get filed.

    20:17:20 <charlie-tca> Thanks, everybody, for participating in the meeting.

    20:17:30 <Olbi> do as you want, staying with abiword doesnt help LO be more popular in schools and houses

    20:17:32 <charlie-tca> madnick: astraljava wants to talk about lightdm coding

    20:17:52 <charlie-tca> Sorry, we are here to market libreoffice.

    20:18:14 <knome> are we?

    20:18:17 <knome> /part

    20:18:18 <knome> Smile :)

    20:18:31 <astraljava> Yep, madnick, if you have time, could you skip over to #ubuntustudio-devel, please?

    20:18:33 <charlie-tca> That is not for us to do. We would prefer users just use Xubuntu, and if they desire libreoffice, they should install it.

    20:18:41 <charlie-tca> yes, knome

    20:18:43 <charlie-tca> thanks

    20:18:49 <madnick> astraljava: could i please do it after i fix the plymouth theme? it only take a lil bit

    20:18:50 <Olbi> we want all less popular of MS programs Big Grin :)

    20:19:17 <astraljava> madnick: I'm in no hurry. Don't know how falktx has time, but by all means. Thanks!

    20:19:28 <charlie-tca> and abiword is not MS. But we are not going to switch applications just to market something else. That is for libreoffice to do, not Xubuntu.

    20:19:51 <charlie-tca> #endmeeting

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