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Team updates

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  • 12.04 docs SRU is getting sponsored
  • The documentation SRU for 12.04 was sponsored by Sebastien Bacher and is working its way through the various queues


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New ang emerging items

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  • Schedule next meeting (15:22)

    • Next Xubuntu community meeting on November 14, 16UTC (note the one-hour later time, we are now all non-DST)

Action items, by person

  • knome
    • knome to prepare the website for the desktop of the week
    • knome to send email about progressing with the SD review; we will need to approve current changes at some point; we can get back to revieweing the technicalities later
  • micahg
    • micahg to talk to barry about python2.7/3 situation
    • micahg to upload whiskermenu to xfce PPAs
  • ochosi
    • ochosi announces the community wallpapers project on the mailing list
  • team
    • (convert to work item) team to investigate patching xfce4-power-manager or finding alternatives
    • team members to go through the UDS schedule and schedule their schedule to be able to make the sessions per the schedule

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  • knome (67)
  • skellat (16)
  • meetingology (11)
  • GridCube (8)

  • ochosi (0)
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